Winning causing ‘Disequalibrium Syndrome’ for BillsMafia

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They say “act like you’ve been there before”, but they don’t give you an instruction booklet about how to do so… especially after a couple of decades of loving a largely irrelevant NFL franchise. It’s intriguing to watch how BillsMafia members negotiate their way through adapting to the concept of realistic hope and optimism for their beloved football team.

I may have to start collecting data, it’s THAT interesting. Many Bills fans will admit they have no idea how to respond to their teams’ recent spate of success. The Bills win three games in a row and some are ready for the Super Bowl run.

However, the more interesting group are the fans saying they have no idea how to respond to the fact their beleaguered-for-decades franchise might actually be good. We behave like we have Disequalibrium Syndrome (yes it’s a thing).

At least those of us oldies have the rise out of the 80s as a reference point. I’ve had to drag those feelings out of the cobwebs which occupy an increasingly large portion of my brain these days.

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So what are we to think about this young and rising Bills team? Even if they lost the rest of their games, the Bills will finish with a winning season and a quarterback clearly on the rise. But that goal has already been achieved after the 12th game… so where do we go from here?

We have been so bludgeoned as a fan base for so long, many of us (myself included) aren’t really quite sure what to make of this team or how to respond at this particular moment in time.

Please allow me to babble about why it’s so important not to miss the gravity of the moment when you look back upon this time later in life.

The WORST thing that can happen if this isn’t (finally) the sustained success we’ve yearned for … for over 20 years… is that we suck it up and be grateful for the love we show one another as BillsMafia.

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Instead of badgering us old folks with OK, Boomer crap (I hate generational warfare, it’s good for no one IMO)… how about we oldies share what we remember about when we recognized the Bills were truly becoming a special team during the late 1980s?

Some of us were not only alive, but middle-aged or older when the Super Bowl Bills came together. Now in our advancing years we can reflect on the entire enchilada of Bills’ history to pull up those (too few) moments when you sensed greatness.

Yea, go ahead and put me on continuous play Cold Takes for the rest of my life if I’m wrong about this team, this season. Like many Bills fans, I have so much scar tissue I’m immune to getting my feelings hurt if the team is a bust.

If we’ve learned nothing from all the abject misery being Bills fans over the last 20 years… it’s how to deal with failure and move on.

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The tree of competence the Bills and Sean McDermott planted is beginning to bear fruit. Savor this moment in time, regardless of what happens on Sunday when the Bills host the Ravens at New Era Field. Has there ever been a more appropriate stadium name for the Bills in the history of the franchise (with all due respect to RWS)?

The world is full of reasons for worry. Thankfully, for BillsMafia, right now the Bills are not one of them.

We’ve got this. We know the depths of despair like no other NFL fan base. We’ve lived the worst case scenarios for decades. We are made of 90% scar tissue so wrenching pain is something we know we can survive because we already have done so for up to six decades.

Win or lose on Sunday against the Ravens, the Bills are growing into a sustainable model for success right before our eyes. What a great time it is to be a Bills fan. Huzzah.

Editor’s babble: No one can take away the most memorable Thanksgiving week for BillsMafia in over 20 years. Don’t let anyone tell you how to be a fan. You do you. And if that doesn’t work you can yell at me on Twitter @RobynMundyWYO.

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