Godmothers of BillsMafia: Bills at Cowboys Postgame Report

Photo of ‘Crying Jerry’ from youtube.com.

Most of the Godmothers are probably still drunk. I could only get two of them to file a report. Can’t imagine what it will be like when the Bills make the playoffs. They are hard enough to corral now.

So it’s next Godmother up. Y’all will just have to suffer through more of my babble. And oh… I can babble about this game. The Bills went into Dallas’ Palace and pulled off the biggest heist of all… they made Jerry cry at his own party.

Photo of QB Josh Allen from observertoday.com and the Associated Press.

The only party I saw on ‘Spanksgiving’ was the one on the Bills’ sideline when the clock ticked down and Josh Allen (and Tre White) took a big bite out of a turkey leg and walked toward the visitor’s locker room with the sweet taste of victory.

On a day when not ONE national pundit was willing to pick the Buffalo Bills to defeat the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving day in front of 32 million Americans, the Bills decided it was time for their coming out party. And they brought along a guy to lead the team who knows a thing or 30 about doubters.

At some point I’ll bore BillsMafia with the ‘wyobabble’ on why Josh Allen’s “coming out party” was prototypical Josh, but for now I’ll just bask in the bliss that is winning three games in a row and a team beginning to pull it all together. Making Jerry Jones cry and Cowboy fans miserable is unBILLievable. To do it on Thanksgiving in Jerry’s house? Priceless.

The most important piece of blabber I have to offer today is for those members of BillsMafia who were not around during the late 1980s… when the Bills were rising out of the ashes and about to embark on the best decade in franchise history.

This is what it felt like, folks. Those of you clinging to the pit of misery we’ve experienced over the last 20 years instead of celebrating every single moment of this climb out of despair are missing the best part of what happens when a team begins to show early signs of greatness. Don’t miss this joyous experience filling yourselves with doubt and misbelief.

Make no mistake, the Bills will fall down along the way. The path upward is not in a straight line. But to miss these glimmers of hope, these green shoots of joy is to miss one of the best parts of the whole process. Depending on your age, you may remember the great Super Bowl years as a child, or like some of us… after decades of futility.

Those of you who don’t remember the dark days when the Bills had back to back 2-14 seasons and the future looked as gray as the November sky on Lake Erie didn’t have the experience of watching a team rise out of the ashes. It’s astonishing how it happened in the 80s, and I believe we might just be getting our first glimpse of it again nearly 30 years later.

So my message to all of you who weren’t there at that time is to savor this moment. Don’t let the opportunity for a moment of joy pass you by because you’re afraid it’s not for real. We’ve waited a long time to have grace and the commitment to winning all the way from ownership to coaches, front office and players who all get it.

They understand our pain and want to bring a championship to a city so deserving, so starved for validation. The most amusing thing these days compared to the late 80s is how the national media ignores the Bills now in such startlingly similar fashion.

Did they learn NOTHING from their predecessors covering the Buffalo Bills?

Unlike teams in other cities, even places like Green Bay, the Bills are THE emblem of the entire community in a way that virtually defies description. Where else do players like Jordan Poyer get a tank of gas paid for by a grateful fan who might struggle to pay their electric bill?

This particular version of the Bills is by far one of my favorite because most of these players truly embrace BillsMafia. They understand our painful past and dedicate themselves to replacing it with raucous joy.

The national media is just beginning to pay attention to what’s going on in Western New York. But the rest of us who know better have a big case of ‘perma-grin’ going… and it’s all because we’re sniffing the first signs of a ‘Bison Spring’ around the corner.

So sit back, enjoy the moment and know that this is NOT the “same old Bills”.

Poor Jason Garrett didn’t know what hit him. Photo from dallasnews.com.

Now, on to the Godmothers. Thankfully we can always count on @BILLieve88 and @celestealbone to file a timely report.

You know the victory song by our sweet Godmother of music @BILLieve88 would rock the house. Here’s her beautiful self and her report.

We love you like crazy.

The Buffalo Bills went to Dallas and brought home BIG DUBS on Turkey Day! The stage was not too big for Josh Allen or Ed Oliver; and our Star “Lotulelei” shined the brightest as the Buffalo Bills went on to shock the world, finally getting a little respect put on their name by defeating the Dallas Cowboys 26-15.

The Bills defense had another great performance racking up four sacks, an interception and three forced fumbles. Micah Hyde led the team with 10 tackles and while Taron Johnson was all over the field making plays, and Tremaine Edmunds wasn’t far behind him.

On offense the day belonged to Josh Allen, Cole Beasley and John Brown who was the first wide receiver in franchise history to throw a touchdown pass. 

Cole Beasley just would not be denied back in Dallas and Josh Allen showed everyone on a fourth down play that the Bills just wanted the win more when he turned a botched snap into a few mowed down Cowboys and a first down which ultimately led to another scoring drive. 

Up next is what may be the biggest challenge of the season…stopping Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens.  I think our ‘boyz’ are ready though!


Bills might force Jerry Jones back to the plastic surgeon. Photo from totalprosports.com.

And our Godmother @celestealbone whose upcoming nuptials are carefully coming together had filed this report. Pay attention to her public service reminder that fans are allowed to celebrate for as long as they dang well wish without shame or judgment.

I’m still reveling in yesterday. It was unbelievable. The Bills haven’t won on Thanksgiving since 1975 and haven’t played on Thanksgiving in 25 years!

The Bills showed up and showed out! The sweet sweet sight of Jerry Jones putting his hands over his face and walking away early. Probably was running to cancel some of those checks he wrote to the refs with the way the game started. Geesh!

The Bills played an all around 100% game on all sides of the ball and all four quarters. It was nothing short of impressive. I am so proud. I absolutely love what they’re building.

The way they welcomed Cole Beasley back into the locker room. Incredible. I can’t stop being on twitter because it’s never been such a wonderful place. And we get to be here for 10 days.

Let the players have their 24 hours but let us fans have all 10 days.

I went to the airport with a bunch of other people to welcome the team home because, why not. It’s fun. And we are 9-3. A 95% chance to make the playoffs.

What a beautiful Thanksgiving it was. 

Editor’s babble: And that it was. I’m still pinching myself in between helpings of leftover mashed potatoes and gravy. Embrace the possibilities, BillsMafia. Maybe, just maybe, our time is coming sooner than later. Dare yourselves to dream. If it becomes a nightmare you can blame me on Twitter @RobynMundyWYO. That’s what Bills_Chick does.

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