Godmothers of BillsMafia: Broncos at Bills Postgame Report

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It’s a shame we only have three days to celebrate the Bills stomping the Broncos 20-3 on Sunday at New Era Field. It’s already “on to the Cowboys” for a Thanksgiving Day feast at Dallas’ Palace.

However, the Godmothers would like to have their say about the whuppin’ the Bills doled out on a cold, windy November day at Orchard Park. Two solid wins in a row, albeit against teams with losing records… the W’s still count the same and the Bills find themselves 8-3 but still seeking legitimacy.

You have to give it to the Denver media who covered this game. For a reporter FROM DENVER to blame the weather “not being conducive to football” as the reason for the Broncos’ loss is laughable. Josh Allen threw beautiful spirals through the same wind Brandon Allen threw some wounded ducks.

The Godmothers were polite. They weren’t nearly as obnoxious as I’ve been here in Wyoming… a notorious Broncos stronghold. The only thing that surpasses taunting Broncos fans here are the paltry few times the Bills have beaten the Patriots over the last 20 years.

But that’s a story all its own, and one that is hopefully coming to an end soon. In the meantime, here’s what the Godmothers thought about the Bills victory over the Broncos, in their own words.

Now that looks like the beginning of trouble with a captial “T”.

Our sweet little southern belle @BILLieve88 didn’t hold back anything when she filed her report.

I said in my pregame report that all the Bills needed was 20 points to beat the Broncos; although they accomplished that, the story of this game was the Bills Defense. The Buffalo Bills defended, protected and put the smack-down on the Denver Broncos on their dirt!

The Bills only allowed the Broncos 134 NET YARDS!  Brandon Allen only had 49 passing yards and was sacked 4 times. Tre’Davious White added an interception to his excellence, Matt Milano made plays all over the field, and Tremaine Edmunds racked up six tackles on the day.

Josh Allen had two touchdowns and has now produced two touchdowns in seven consecutive games and got the 30 + yards connection monkey off his back. Devin Singletary had his first day rushing over 100 yards.

Cody Ford had an awesome game and held his own against Von Miller which was a concern with Ty Nsekhe being out and Cole Beasley and John Brown made their presence know as usual.

The offense was impressive showing an ability to move the ball after being backed up on their own end most of the game due to penalties.

And how about Frank Gore!!!! We all got to see his greatness as he rushed for 65 yards passing Barry Sanders taking the number 3 spot on the NFL’s all-time rushing list.

Things to ***** and moan about….PENALTIES! The Bills had 12 of them and for 90 yards. Once again, they simply cannot have that. This could have been costly against a better team. 

Also, as great as the defense was, they left some turnover opportunities on the field. They may need those turnovers against these tougher teams they’ll be facing coming up. To our coaches…why was poor clock management at the end of the first half was a thing again?

Week 12 Shining Stars: Matt Milano, Tre’Davious White, Shaq Lawson, Devin Singletary, Josh Allen and Frank Gore.
Shout out to Taron Johnson….I see you.  

We’re really glad @Bills_Chick ended up pregnant. Her baby is like a miniature Mr. Rogers. We keep telling her he’s “trap baby”. Next one is the demon child. Mark my words.

@Bills_Chick finally got off her butt and filed a report. It’s also ***DVOA laden*** and vegan.

I know some people will think its stupid to call a win against a three win team a “signature win”. But for the Bills, it was a signature win. The Broncos DVOA was decent. They were basically the same as the Bills — a good defense and crappy offense.

[edit interruptus]

Except for the past two games, it appears that the Bills have FIXED their offense. Let’s hope it continues to Dallas on Thursday. 

Dallas’ defense (DVOA) was ranked 20th last week, and it will get worse after the Pats loss. Josh Allen and company should have a nice little day against Dallas if the offense is truly fixed. The Dallas D is much much softer than the Broncos D was.

I ******* love Frank Gore.  I don’t care if the man is only a Bill for one year, I love him like a brother. He is so amazing and selfless.  

The defense is awesome still.  Pay Shaq.  Also, the Bills D has a big test on Thursday as Dallas’ offense was ranked #1 in the NFL (in DVOA) up until they played the Pats. This is a big big week coming up.

Psychologically, I haven’t let myself get too attached to winning or losing games this year. I have been able to remain calm and not let my expectations get high. 

To be honest, I was expecting a classic Bills loss against Denver. Since the Bills pulled off such a convincing victory, my hopes have been raised. 

I have been sucked in emotionally. That means that the Dallas game will probably be a huge let down game in primetime for everyone in the USA to see. But I’m trying to be positive (wrong move it raises the hopes even more). 

Bills beat Dallas, 33-30 on turkey day.

[editorial note: and you know who will get blamed if the Bills get blown out]

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Truthfully, our Godmother of Sweetness @celestealbone would never behave in such a manner. Here are her thoughts on the Broncos/Bills match up.

If I could only say one thing… It would be that I was not nervous at any point of this game. I actually had a carefree day! It was wonderful!!

Devin Singletary – 100 yard game.
Frank Gore – moves past Barry Sanders for all time yards.
Matt Milano – ridiculous beast.
Shaq Lawson – I think we could benefit from keeping him.
Ed Oliver – Another solid game.
Josh Allen – Solid. Confident. Smart decisions. Good game.
Tre White – Pro Bowl please.

Going to be riding high the next few days and then we get Bills football again on Thursday, along with family time and food!! Let’s carry this momentum into that game and keep those Cowboys fans on the “Fire Garrett” train.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!! 

If she ever gets to sleep, @KrystleNoel1128 would put us all to shame. Photo/meme from imgflip.com.

What a game! After all the smack talk from not only Denver fans,  but Denver reporters and bloggers, Buffalo walked in to this game ready to prove them wrong.  And they did. 

Key Highlights: 

Josh Allen is seriously tough as nails! The way he stood in the pocket on the Cole Beasley touchdown was straight impressive. He completed 60 percent of his passes considering the wind he was dealing with. I really think Josh Allen still has more growing to do, but how can you not be excited by what we’ve seen? 

Frank Gore passes Barry Sanders for third all time Rusher. This is just plain awesome, and well deserved. Gore is so instrumental in bringing Devin Singletary along,  I don’t think many fans realize this. The Bills are truly lucky to have him on the roster this year. 

Tre’Davious White is easily the best player on the field this year. White’s interception in the 1st half was a thing of beauty and he also shutdown Courtland Sutton, who is one of the top receivers in the AFC this year. This man is all-pro and needs to be treated as such. 

There are so many other players that deserve an honorable mention:  Matt Milano was over the field,  Ed Oliver got another sack this week while Shaq Lawson racked up two sacks, and boy am I glad that Stephen Hauschka seems to have gotten his mojo back. 

Overall, I felt that the Bills felt they needed to make a statement with this win,  and for me, they absolutely did. The Bills do have a short turnaround to take on the Cowgirls this Thanksgiving Thursday. As usual, I’m sure Bills Mafia will make their presence known. Let’s go into Dallas and get that dub! 

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And to pull it all together we have “Our So Serious” Godmother @AshleyPetty_ who always tells it like it is.

Now that was an impressive and complete victory by the now 8-3 Buffalo Bills. This team and these fans haven’t experienced this record since 1996.


Think about how significant it is for this team to be relevant heading into a Thanksgiving game on a HUGE national stage.

What truly stood out was how all three phases of the game were successful. Against the Dolphins last week, the special teams struggled. This week- the tackling looking much better as the Broncos didn’t break off any big returns and stayed in their half for the majority of their possessions.

As for the defense, Denver never reached the Bills red zone, had 49 net passing yards, and 134 total yards of offense. Tre’Davious White continues to take away the opposing team’s best WR and only allowed one catch to Courtland Sutton for 27 yards. He is making an extremely strong case for the Pro Bowl and at this point seems like a lock.

Matt Milano was flying around the field and has been on top of his game, and Shaq aka “Sack” Lawson really showed what he could do with two sacks. Also notable, was the fact that the Broncos had two (TWO) passing yards in the second half!

The production of the offense has now been consistent for two weeks in a row. Coming into this game. Denver’s defense was ranked 4th overall which was cause for worry prior to the game.

The offensive line did one hell of a job keeping Von Miller and that defense in check. With Ty Nsekhe out and Mitch Morse leaving early on with a finger injury, the line didn’t seem bothered at all by having to shuffle.

It may have been beneficial that Jon Feliciano took so many snaps under center at training camp when Morse was sidelined with a concussion. Spencer Long did a great job filling in.

Running with the 11 personnel and having Brian Daboll up in the box calling plays has made a world of difference for Josh Allen. He looks settled down and comfortable reading the field more so than earlier this season.

The Bills offense finally got the dark cloud which was the deep ball looming over their heads to clear up when Josh Allen hit John Brown for a 34 yard touchdown deep in the end zone. Also notable was future Hall of Famer Frank Gore moving into third place on the all-time rushing leaders in the history of the NFL.

The progression we’ve seen in Josh Allen this year has been a bit of a roller coaster but as of late has been climbing higher and higher and it’s exciting to see where his potential will take this team this year and in the years moving forward.

Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!! 

Editor’s babble: And that’s a wrap for the Bills/Broncos Postgame Report. We can’t thank the Godmothers enough for their tireless work keeping us up to speed on all things Bills related. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone reading this. I’m most grateful you give me a reason to do this ****. If you’re looking for someone to blame, you can find me on Twitter @RobynMundyWYO.

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