Godmothers of BillsMafia: Broncos at Bills Pregame Report

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After making sushi out of the Dolphins, the Buffalo Bills will face another adversary with a dubious record when the 3-7 Denver Broncos face off against the Bills at New Era Field on Sunday. However, this Broncos team is more like the Browns than the Dolphins.

The Broncos record does not reflect their talent level on defense (4th in the league right behind the Bills), and most of the Broncos’ losses have been by a very close margin and heart-wrenching for their fans. Boo flipping hoo.

Having lived in ‘Broncos country’ for nearly three decades, I won’t shed a tear if the Bills destroy them. Most of Wyoming folk are diehard Broncos fans. However, since Josh Allen was drafted by the Bills, Wyoming is growing a respectable BillsMafia fan base here.

There was a time when I was likely the only lifelong member of the BillsMafia in the entire state. It was a cold and lonely time, especially during the dark years when the Bills were horrible (I know, most of their existence) and I was forced to watch the Broncos hoist Lombardi Trophies.

To this day I remain amazed the Broncos didn’t draft Josh Allen when they had the chance. The script was written for them to draft Allen and they choose a solid DE in Bradley Chubb instead. I get it, There was little or no doubt about how Chubb would fare in the NFL and Josh Allen was a raw prospect.

However, you would think John Elway would have seen what many amateurs like myself saw in Josh’s raw state. There are certain people who possess the right combination of traits that lead them to do the seemingly impossible. That was evident in Josh Allen to anyone who can discern these things. One would think Elway would have been able to see what was there in raw form.

So the Broncos got Chubb and their defense remains stout. The Bills will either have learned their lesson after losing to the Browns a couple weeks ago or they will fold against a team with a bad record and a lot of talent.

Sure, the Broncos do have their own Allen at QB. Brandon Allen is finding his way after Joe Flacco went on IR with a ruptured disc in his neck. I’ve never been a big Flacco fan, so Brandon Allen with a possible upside > Flacco who signed a big contract and pulled a FitzMagic and suddenly showed all their warts.

The Bills need this game far more than the Broncos at this point in the season. But the psychobabble percolating inside me says this Broncos team is dangerous. They gave up a big lead to the Minnesota Vikings last week only to lose in depressing fashion.

The Broncos will be loaded and locked into revenge mode. Those type of embarrassing defeats are something we’ve had a lot of experience with as Bills fans. I will have to stay holed up at home for a week if the Broncos beat the Bills on Sunday. May the gods of these things be with us.

The Godmothers are just as antsy about this one.

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Let’s roll with the woman who we most want to hear from on Monday with her victory song… @BILLieve88.

When was the last time the Buffalo Bills had an 8-3 record? I BILLieve the year was 1996… I don’t know, y’all tell me lol.  The Bills have a chance to make believers out of their doubters by taking care of business against the Denver Broncos.

This won’t be an easy battle because the Broncos are better than their record. The Bills defense will have to buck up and stop Brandon Allen and Company and Defend our Dirt Damn it!

The Bills offense will have to show up again in a big way and find a way to move the ball on Von Miller and Company which won’t be easy against the 4th ranked defense in the league. 

Cody Ford will need to put on his big boy breeches and have the best game of his Rookie season with Ty Nsekhe injured.  The play of the offensive line is going to be a major factor in this game. 

The Bills also cannot afford any more blunders on Special Teams or allow Phillip Lindsay to run all over them.  Josh Allen cannot turn the ball over in this game and the team cannot have numerous holding and pre-snap penalties. 

The Bills defense must have another ‘sacktacular’ day and hold their offense under 14 points.  If the Bills offense can score 20 points that should be enough to win this game. 

Next up, we have some giddyup from our Godmother of the WhySoSerious podcast @AshleyPetty_.

This team must be feeling refreshed coming off such a big win in Miami. They MUST keep the steam rolling for this one. The Denver Broncos have had an up and down year like the Bills have, but with the Bills’ upcoming schedule, they really need to be mindful of the fact that this is a MUST WIN.

This team should have its sights set on 10-6, no less. With teams like Dallas, Baltimore and New England coming up- many of these games could go either way. 

The Broncos rank 27th in overall points per game averaging about 17, and Buffalo has allowed the fourth fewest points in the NFL to opposing offenses. As long as the Bills can play like they did last week (with better special teams play) this team will be poised for victory.


Keep the high tempo offense- Von Miller and the Broncos D will be bringing the blitz QUICK. Brian Daboll said to the media how it was important to keep the offense moving with some no-huddle included so that the defense couldn’t make substitutions and have the personnel they needed on the field.

Josh Allen also seems way more comfortable running the offense at a faster pace and seems to give him more confidence with every strike he delivers down the field. 

Defensively, continue to blitz- It worked really well in Miami, as you could tell Ryan Fitzpatrick was getting frustrated with how quickly his offensive line was letting the Bills through. This team had seven sacks on the day and were just flying off the edges with ease. The stats don’t lie when pressure is applied.


If the offense can have another game like they did last week where we really saw them hit their stride, we can expect another Bills victory. 

Bills 31, Broncos, 21.

This how I would imagine @celestealbone would be dressed for this game 100 years ago. Photo from Pinterest.com.

Our most optimistic Godmother @celestalbone files this report.

Allen vs Allen. That’s fun!

Kind of sad the Broncos lost last week and the way that they did because they’ll be coming in with something to prove and potentially be mad. 

The Broncos have a good defense and one that has gotten better over the last few weeks. Its a good thing they are coming to ‘our house’, as I think that will help us. 

Josh Allen and John Brown are really starting to click and possibly at just the right time. Lets hope Josh can continue on from his performance against Miami and have another good game. Hopefully Ty Nsekhe’s injury doesn’t hurt us too much. 

I think the Bills’ defense can have another good day and kind of hoping they keep the same game plan and bring the pressure. I don’t think the Broncos offensive line is all that good so that could bode well in our favor. We also need to keep Phillip Lindsay in check.

I’d like to see another three or more TD day. I think we can win this game and I feel like we have to, to keep us in a good position going forward. 

No doubt this would be @KrystleNoel1128 leading the Bills Backers of El Paso to the game on Sunday. Photo from americancowboy.com.

And we round things out with comments from our pistol from El Paso @KrystleNoel1128.

After last week’s win in Miami, the Bills are back home to take on the Broncos. So let me say this first, before anyone gets ahead of themselves, the Broncos are a better team than their record says. 

They still have star power on both sides of the ball with Von Miller and Phillip Lindsay.  Granted, Denver has been pretty lost at the QB position since the retirement of Peyton Manning. John Elway, ironically enough, cannot scout quarterbacks.  

But onto this week’s key points: 

Joe Flacco has been injured, so this week we more than likely get to see the Battle of the Allens. Brandon Allen has done pretty decent for the Broncos so far though.  But how will he do against a stout Bills defense?  Last week, the defense racked up SEVEN sacks, with Ed Oliver getting his second of the season. I want to see this same pressure on Brandon Allen.  We need to keep him running and stifle that offense.  

After last week’s performance,  I want to see our offense on fire again. The Josh Allen/John Brown connection was undeniable! I want to see the Bills continue to progress on offense because,  boy were they fun to watch.

Devin Singletary, please please secure that ball this week.  We can’t have Josh cleaning up his fumbles only to have you do it!  Also, Brian Daboll needs to stay in the booth.  Play-calling was much better this past week, and he needs to keep that same game plan. 

Please run D, stay on point!  Given the chance,  Phillip Lindsay can do some damage!  I also would love to see at least one interception this week. Seems like we are due. 


We’re back at home for the game,  and all I can say is…. DEFEND OUR DIRT! 

Editor’s babble: And that’s a wrap for the pregame report this week. As usual, @Bills_Chick couldn’t get her act together, but we’re confident she’ll be boring us with DVOA again very soon. Thanks to the women who DID contribute to our blog this week. If you want to blame someone, you can find me on Twitter @RobynMundyWYO.

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