Godmothers of BillsMafia: Bills at Miami Postgame Report

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The Godmothers are happy and swinging their hula-hoops like a bunch of palm trees in the wind. The Bills did what they were supposed to do… beat up on a talent-deprived Dolphins team with no teeth and a steadily waning desire to win.

‘FitzMagic’ failed to show up for the game. Furthermore, Ryan Fitzpatrick did NOT throw his usual three or four obligatory interceptions when his team du jour fell behind early. So the Bills earned the victory on the basis of outplaying their opponent and not just because the Dolphins are devoid of talent.

The Bills won the game 37-20 in convincing, albeit expected fashion. However, overall the victory seemed to provide more of a sense of relief than a joyful experience defeating a worthy opponent.

That is not to suggest that the Bills finding themselves 7-3 at this juncture is anything short of fantastic, and there are many reasons BillsMafia should chuck the negativity at this point and enjoy the rest of the ride… however long or short it may be.

The Bills are good. Not great, but good at this point. The defense is outstanding. The offense is growing, but special teams might need a new coordinator after the season. [editor’s babble: any team found sleeping at the switch about a possible onside kick should be kicked… to the curb. Unforgivable.]

In light of this magnificent victory the Godmothers threw caution to the wind and shook their fannies with relief and joy after the Bills’ win. Even @Bills_Chick got out her best hula hoop and shook her way around her house like a champ.

So here’s what they had to ‘say’ in their own words, with minor changes for the sake of the children.

Our beautiful songstress belting out our favorite victory tune.

We’ve got to get this thing rolling with our Godmother of Victory Songs @BILLieve88.

The Buffalo Bills went down to Miami and handled their business. They had a balanced attack on offense passing the ball 33 times and running it 34 times.

Josh Allen finally connected with John Brown on a touchdown pass that went for 40 yards.  Stephen Hauschka found his rhythm and made three field goals and all extra points attempts. The defense dominated, applying pressure all game causing incompletions, and sacked Ryan Fitzpatrick seven times. 

The Bills defense only allowed 23 yards rushing which is a significant improvement from last week. Special Teams tried to be a liability allowing a TD on a kickoff return for 102 yards and another return for 50 yards. Luckily these letdowns on Special Teams did not cause a meltdown and the Bills were able to maintain their lead. 

The defense had a couple a bad plays out of position but regrouped when needed and were able to get off the field on most drives. Tre’Davious White didn’t have his best day matched up against DeVante Parker and Levi Wallace once again showed reason for concern. Overall, another solid performance by the Bills Defense.

Josh Allen had a great game 21/33, 256 passing yards and three passing touchdowns.  Allen also had 56 yards rushing and added another rushing TD to his stats. John Brown showed out with nine receptions for 137 yards and 2 TD’s. 

Devin Singletary had a respectable day running the ball but had two fumbles that were luckily recovered by the Bills.
Once again the narrative seems to be so what, you beat the Dolphins but like Micah Hyde told y’all….we aren’t going to keep apologizing for these wins. 7-3 baby! 


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Our Godmother of Beautiful Braids @celestealbone hands in her report, always with a flare. And her very own hula hoop!

7-3. Sounds nice honestly. Was also nice being week 11 and seeing us under wildcard and not in the hunt.

I don’t know if it was Brian Daboll shaving his beard off or sitting up in the box but that was a much better called game. I still don’t like them running the ball at the end and being conservative. 

Our defense was awesome today. Ed Oliver got his first real sack!

And I’ll still say there was probably uncalled holding on that kick return. SMH. 

Losing Ty Nsekhe sucks. From the looks of the injury when it happened… I 100% think he broke something. Very unfortunate to have someone roll up on you like they did.

That doesn’t bode well for a good Denver defense coming in.

Devin Singletary had some ‘fumbilitis’ and the Bills got lucky, but I think he will get his **** together. I’m not too worried. He is going to be great for us!

Here’s @Bills_Chick showing off again (insert rolling eyes emoji). Photo from abcnews.go.com.

The Godmother of Weights and Balances @Bills_Chick has finally let go of the DVOA for good (I think)…

Bills win and the offense did well, huzzah! Joshua Allen looked like a certified NFL quarterback.  John Brown is amazing.  We always knew that John Brown was amazing it’s just that he hasn’t been able to stay healthy in his NFL career to date. 

Allen didn’t fumble and didn’t throw INTs either.  It was a good day for the Bills’ offense, who needed one of those days. They also seemingly limited Lee Smith’s touches, which was needed.

I think Dawson Knox might be good.  I sure hope so.  It’s been a while since the Bills have had a TE receiving threat.  Still wish they didn’t pay that money to Tyler Kroft.  What a waste.

The Bills defense was similarly amazing.  It appeared from the television broadcast that Sean McDermott took back play calling responsibilities from Leslie Frazier.  The result was a ton of fabulous blitzing that absolutely blew up the Dolphins o-line. 

Run blitzes pass blitzes, they did it all and destroyed Miami’s line.  It was beautiful.  My only criticism of the Bills’ D is that they need to get more turnovers. Especially off of Fitz.  Especially if they expect to win against the tough opponents (Baltimore, NE, Dallas) coming up on the schedule. Tremaine Edmunds is amazing.  Good jersey to buy if you’re in the market, imho.

SPECIAL TEAMS SUCKED!  Fire Heath Farwell after the season.  I’m done with him if he doesn’t turn it around quickly.  How did Danny Crossman own us? Ugh, I hate to even think about it.  At least Stephen Hauschka rebounded.  The saving grace of special teams this week.

Because we all know who the least coordinated Godmother is… GIF from Tenor.com.

And that would be our Godmother with the least functional cerebellum @KrystleNoel1128. Here she is in all her glory, bringing up the rear.

Oh wait, Krystle didn’t even get around to submitting a postgame report. Oh well… hopefully she’ll get it together enough this week for our upcoming showdown with the Broncos at New Era Field on Sunday.

Editor’s babble: As always, thanks to the Godmothers for their contributions to our blog, even Krystle when she gets around to it ;) You can find them in all their glory on Twitter, and if you’re looking for someone to troll, you can find me there (mostly trolling Jerry Sullivan)… @RobynMundyWYO.

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