Godmothers of BillsMafia: Bills at Browns Postgame Report

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It’s going to take a lot more than a glass of beer to get the Godmothers through the rest of this season watching the Bills. The Bills/Browns matchup lived down to my expectations. It’s always a weird game. BillsMafia was rightfully apoplectic after the Bills literally gave the game away to the Browns.

And after watching a terrific Monday Night Football game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks, it’s easy to see the Bills have a long way to go if they want to be serious contenders this season. It might behoove us to ratchet back expectations this season and just enjoy the ride.

In fact, setting appropriate expectations is probably where most of us fail as Bills fans. You would think after the decades of despair BillsMafia would know better than to continuously set ourselves up for disappointment.

Social media was a real cesspool after the Bills lost to the Browns. If you didn’t know the Bills were 6-3, you might think they were vying for the first overall pick. I get that we are an emotionally damaged fan base, but we don’t do ourselves any favors by tearing into each other after a heartbreaking loss.

If you haven’t figured out by now that life isn’t fair, then you might as well find the cardiologist of your choice, because eventually you’re going to need one. Instead of pontificating about what is wrong with the Bills, how about focusing your attention on what really matters… our shared bond and celebration of each other.

It’s really easy to be a fan of teams with a long legacy of winning like the Green Bay Packers or the Pittsburgh Steelers. Associating yourself with a “winner” is the safe choice and one that tends to elevate your credibility among the hip crowd.

It takes a lot more guts to stand strong behind a team whose legacy of losing is virtually unmatched. Why would someone choose to support a team with a loser reputation? They must be losers themselves… that is the theory anyway.

I call bull-poop. What has always stood out to me about BillsMafia through the decades is how much we celebrate for the sake of each other, not the vicissitudes of any particular Bills team in any given season.

The national media writes about us like we are some sort of community of aliens. They want to understand us. How in the world can these people still be so ebullient… decade after decade of losing?

Look no further than our Godmother’s latest report. These women breathe fire for this team, win or lose. What the rest of the world doesn’t get about us is that it isn’t the outcome of a game that we celebrate or grieve. It’s the chance to be with one another and make a lifetime of memories together.

As usual, the ladies didn’t mince any words here.

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Let’s leap off with our Godmother who couldn’t let it rip, @BILLieve88. I hate to think how she will react if the Bills lose to the Dolphins on Sunday. EEK.

The Buffalo Bills went to Cleveland and left their offense in Orchard Park. This was extremely disappointing since the Bills run defense let Nick Chubb chug along; and Kareem Hunt feast on Buffalo meat in his debut as a Brown.

The run defense is a liability and must be fixed!  The Bills once again undisciplined on offense, couldn’t get out of their own way dropping passes and drawing penalties.

HausPesos missed two more field goals and has been far from money this season. Levi Wallace was burned more than toast and was responsible for allowing the Browns game winning TD. 

The Defense finally scored points with a Tremaine Edmunds safety, and the offense rewarded them with a false start by Lee Smith who later went on to have a ‘mantrum’ on the side line after hearing his name called two too many times for penalties.

There was also a holding call on Cody Ford and an overthrown deep pass to Cole Beasley by Josh Allen on 3rd& 3….get the freaking 1st down!!!!!!!! 

And Josh….OMG, if he fumbles one more time!!!!! Also, how do you throw the ball 41 times and only have 260 yards and ZERO touchdown passes? HOW SWAY?

Brian Daboll displayed his ineptitude refusing to give the ball to Devin Singletary against a run defense ranked 30th in the league. Tre’Davious White was amazing! Everything else was abysmal! I’m done, rant over!

Go Bills!

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Our Godmother of Connections, @celestealbone was sad on the way home from the Browns game, and didn’t have a whole lot to write. We understand the feelings of sadness losing to the Browns brings.

On this ride home I have nothing to say. I really don’t.

The Browns had the 30th ranked rush defense and Devin Singletary touches the ball 8 times. I also don’t understand how a hand off like that is considered a pass. Many Browns fans didn’t either as I had one come up to me to tell me we got screwed.

I guess some people understand but I don’t. It should be a live ball. 

There is absolutely no reason we should be passing 41 times against that team. And why are the Bills throwing to Andre Roberts when we have foster out there? What happened to the sweep with Isaiah McKenzie? I feel like Duke Williams would of been handy today.

Tre White is elite. Find someone for opposite him because Levi Wallace is not it.

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Yikes. Our Ambassador of Godmothers @AshleyPetty_ was not a happy camper.

Well well well. Tried to tell everyone to enjoy 6-2 while they had it but…here we are back to arguing and being frustrated at this team once more. An all too familiar feeling. 

Fair warning- no clue where this postgame report is headed, just going to let the fingers fly as there’s so many random thoughts running through my brain. You all know typically I’m fairly positive but sometimes, you just need to have a moment.

So this year it’s like the NFL schedule Gods have given the Bills a gift along with how healthy their 53 has stayed compared to the injury bug around the rest of the NFL….and Buffalo’s just like nah we’re good.

You look at the remainder of the schedule now and NOTHING looks like a “gimme” game anymore, like it did a few short weeks ago. 


OC Brian Daboll dialed up FORTY ONE pass plays against the 6th best pass defense in the NFL and 13 runs. THIRTEEN RUNNING PLAYS.

Devin Singletary is averaging around 5-6 yards a carry. 2 x 5 = 10. Simple math here. 26 is lining up to be one of the most dynamic pieces of this offense and should be utilized as such.

Brian Daboll is trying to break the stigma this team has always been run-first by bringing the offense into the 21st century and becoming a pass-first team but it won’t work without the right players on offense and questionable decisions by the QB. The WR position needs to be addressed in both the draft and free agency next year.

17. Josh Allen had a rough go of getting the offense points on the board, and has for weeks. Allen is not seeing his receivers get open (especially Cole Beasley on NEARLY every play).

It’s starting to feel like he’s a glorified Tyrod Taylor (who throws the ball). Once in awhile he has these AMAZING plays where you stop and think “MAN if he could do this on a consistent basis, this team would be set”.

This game and lack of points has you wondering if Allen is following OC Brian Daboll’s vision, or if it’s on him for not producing where necessary. The deep ball doesn’t seem to be clicking on either Allen’s or the receivers end so it really doesn’t make sense that they keep forcing it, trying to make it work. 17 overthrows it nearly every time, not even giving his receivers a chance to catch it because it’s so far over their heads.

Seemingly the only bright spot for an otherwise aggravating game, was the defense’s goal line stand for eight plays as well as the play of Tre’Davious White. It’s sad that White’s play might get lost in the shuffle of a game Buffalo would otherwise like to forget. He broke up as many passes as Odell Beckham Jr. had receptions yesterday. Beckham Jr. is touted as one of the NFL’s premier receivers and White made sure he locked him down and didn’t allow much. 


White’s counterpart, Levi Wallace may have hit a sophomore slump and has had a rough month. CB has become a need as of late because he’s not hitting his best potential as we all thought he was near the end of last year/early this year. QB’s are taking note and picking on him now more than ever.

Lee Smith has GOT TO COOL IT with the penalties. It’s costing this offense big time as they need all the yards they can get. He was penalized twice on his 18 offensive snaps yesterday, which accounts for 11% of his play time. 

Didn’t see much of Tyler Kroft, but apparently he was on the field for 30 offensive plays. Was hopeful about him when the Bills picked him up – maybe he’s helping block more and that aspect is being missed but would like to see more of an impact from him if he’s playing that much.

Jerry Hughes fumble recovery for a TD. Was it the right call? Unfortunately. Did this stand out as the momentum and game changer? Unfortunately. 

Dear Josh Allen on 3rd & 4 with 25 seconds left, COLE BEASLEY IS SO WIDE OPEN HE COULD DO CARTWHEELS. The last drive was beyond frustrating, and this team seriously looked like they were playing to tie, not for the win.

Stephen Hauschka hasn’t seemed the same since his injury. He hasn’t made a field goal over 50 yards in a calendar year. He’s a great dude who’s been very reliable in the past, but it might be time to move on.

If this team comes out with a loss next Sunday, we really have to start looking hard at the future of this team and considering yet another new option at QB moving forward.

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Our one-eyed Godmother @Bills_Chick was unusually sanguine after the loss to the Browns. She even left out the DVOA crap two weeks in a row.

Well, the Bills lost.  I actually saw some good things from Josh Allen, enough to make me defend him here.  It seemed like his accuracy is better, he is making the proper reads, and generally throwing the football where it is supposed to go. 

That is an improvement from where he was last year.  His two biggest negatives remain: a fumbling issue and inability to connect on a deep ball.  His WR/TE seem to be having some bad drops which doesn’t help his completion percentage. 

I think he still has a change to be a Matt Stafford type QB.  Stafford has struggled throughout his NFL career when he has lacked proper weapons. Allen is the same. I think we are seeing Allen’s comparable QB solidly becoming Matt Stafford. As long as he can stop fumbling and hit on a couple deep passes here and there.

The defense played well. Yes, they let up the game losing TD at the end of the game. I’m not going to **** on them for holding a team to 19 points. The offense should be able to score more points than they did and win the game when the Bills D gave the performance they did. 

Tremaine Edmunds is the real deal.  He is a really good player and will only get better.  Zo Alexander had a great game as well. I hope he decides to hang around for at least one more year because he is playing at a high level. Shout out to Jerry Hughes and Tre White for good games as well.

Special teams.  The Bills special teams suck.  Even though its Heath Farwell’s first season as ST Coordinator, perhaps it should be his last season. 

Stephen Hauschka missed kicks that a lot of kickers miss.  I’m not as negative on Hauschka as many Bills fans are.  Once you’re more than 50 yards out, it’s a 50-50 type of thing. He should have made the earlier kick, sure. 

But kickers sometimes miss kicks and are still good kickers.  I wouldn’t call his missed kicks chronic just yet. And Corey Bojorquez had a nice game.  It was nice to see some good punting because that has been missing this year.

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And our Godmother who brings it all together in summary, @KrystleNoel1128 wraps it up for us.

Well that didn’t go how we wanted. Not at all.  

Just a few thoughts:

Why did we move away from the run game?  Devin Singletary carried the ball eight times……eight! The play-calling was suspect and are we really putting Josh Allen in the best position to succeed by forcing him to pass as much as he did Sunday? 

Levi Wallace was quite the liability this game. He definitely struggled,  while Tre White held OBJ to only 57 yards. Yet again,  I think Tre’Davious White was the best player on the field. 

There are so many different things to point out this game. The defense is still good, but the run defense is suspect.  Our offense just can’t seem to find its footing. John Brown had another game over 50 yards (77 to be exact) which was great. But something is still missing. 

Let’s hope this team takes this loss as a learning experience and bounces back. Good teams bounce back after a heart breaking loss with a win. This was definitely a tough defeat to swallow but it was far from the most surprising of losses witnessed this week.  

Now onto Miami! 

Editor’s babble: I dread reading the Godmother’s Report if the Bills lose to the Dolphins on Sunday. As always, thanks to the Godmothers for their contributions to our blog. If you’re looking for someone to blame, you can find me on Twitter @RobynMundyWYO.

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