Godmothers of BillsMafia: Bills at Browns Pregame Report

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No matter what anyone says, I still think the Buffalo Bills should show up in Cleveland on an iron ore barge to play the Browns on Sunday. Why not? First Energy Stadium is walking distance from the Lake Erie shoreline.

They could make extra room on the barge to bring Odell Beckham Jr. back to Buffalo with them so he can play for a team that has more than a sliver of a chance to make the playoffs, at least as the standings are ranked today.

The qualifier in the last sentence is there because, you know, it’s the Bills we’re discussing here. Anything can happen to change our good fortune at a moment’s notice. That’s especially true whenever the Bills face the Browns.

To be honest, we live parallel lives with our brothers and sisters down the shoreline. OK, so Cleveland sports fans got their championship with LeBron they can stick in our faces. But we still have four Super Bowl appearances they are lacking, and it does seem fitting we would quibble over four lost championships.

Quirky is probably the best word to describe the history of the Bills/Browns matchups over the years. From the Ronnie Harmon fumble to the epic 6-3 punt-fest, we’ve got history with this team on the south shore.

Some good, some bad, but mostly weird.

It doesn’t even feel right to trash the Browns’ fan base because, as they say… “there before the grace of God go I”. However, any benevolence felt prior to kick off will quickly evaporate once the game starts. It’s just that way with sibling-like fan bases.

So what do the Godmothers think about this intriguing match up? I’ll stop whining now so we can find out.

The Bills and Browns are like sibling NFL franchises. The Battle FOR Lake Erie is on… Sunday at First Energy Stadium in Cleveland, OH. ThinkstockPhotos.com Image Number: 96779303.

Let’s lead off with our Godmother of Good Sense @KrystleNoel1128 … at least when it comes to all things Buffalo Bills. Just don’t ever let her back out of your garage with your car.

In the offseason, all we heard was the hype behind the Browns. Baker Mayfield was picking up endorsement deals,  the team traded for OBJ and the offense included names like Kareem HuntNick Chubb, and Jarvis Landry. The team had finally found their franchise quarterback……or have they? 

So it’s the Battle of Lake Erie again.

The Bills are a 6-2 team going up against a 2-6 team, which everyone thought would be the other way around. But I don’t see this game being cake walk.The Browns have the talent,  no question. But they just can’t seem to click as a team. 

Some key points going into Sunday: 

The Bills run defense better be on point. We let Adrian Peterson run game on us last week for the first half, but second half adjustments shut him down. We need to make sure those changes still work. Otherwise we are going to see a lot of Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt.  

Baker Mayfield v. Josh Allen. This is the battle everyone is  excited for. Between the two, it will be interesting to see who has true command of their offense. Based on this season,  Allen has been progressing and developing, while Mayfield has….well….he’s been floundering.

There are many Bills fans that make fun of Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane’s thoughts behind culture.  But what’s happening in Cleveland so far is proof that culture matters. 

OBJ v. Tre. Tre’Davious White has easily been one of the best players on the field this year. This receiver/db matchup may be one of the best matchups to watch. 

Couple of side notes:

From a few of the Browns games I’ve watched this year,  Myles Garrett is a force on that Browns defensive line. He’s hard hitting and I just hope he doesn’t get out of hand going after Allen.  

And finally,  Freddie Kitchens may be in over his head. I thought last year, the Browns were starting to find their identity under Gregg Williams, but it seems they have regressed.  Hopefully McDermott will show that he is the better coach on the field this Sunday. 

Baker v Allen comparisons are unavoidable after all the hype from the 2018 NFL Draft QB class. Photo from 10minutesofqualitytime.com.

Next up, here’s our Godmother who puts it all together for us, @AshleyPetty_, and her thoughts about the Bills/Browns matchup on Sunday.

OKAY. Now that we’ve got the 6-2 “let’s all get mad at each other” thing going on Twitter, because the Bills are not good at being good, even though we don’t know if they’re ACTUALLY “good” twisted thinking out of our system, it’s on to Cleveland.

This Browns team was supposed to be SUPER BOWL BOUND the way the talking went in the offseason. But we all know from a familiar past head coach Rex Ryan, just because you say you “won the offseason” and acquired a boatload of talent, doesn’t necessarily mean it will translate on the field.

And it’s what the rest of the NFL has seen through the first nine weeks of the season with this 2-6 Browns team. This could be a trap game if Buffalo isn’t careful. Nick Chubb is a great back who Leslie Frazier will likely (well, hopefully) key on while game planning this week. Baker Mayfield has shown he hasn’t been the best at making decisions in his sophomore campaign. 


STOP THE RUN- This defensive line hopefully has a solid plan of attack coming up this week. Although Adrian Peterson is an all-time great, allowing 100+ rush yards before half was NOT a good look at all. 

Take advantage of bad decisions- This solid secondary is pretty good at anticipating routes, sticking to or finding their man and making sure passes are not caught. If Baker Mayfield throws a pass too short or long (or plays some hero ball)- make him pay for it.

Offense- Score more points than the other team-
It’s how you win a football game  🤷🏽‍♀️ Please let it be more than 24 points to keep Twitter quiet.


As much as we all would like a blowout, these games are always historically close and low scoring and it’s what my gut is saying about this one. I still think our “4th Quarter Comeback King” comes out and saves the day… going with: Bills 17, Browns 16.

Bills Twitter when the team is 6-2. What? Photo from theparentreport.com.

You know you’re going to get it right between the eyes from our straight talking Godmother @BILLieve88.

Negativity has been rampant on Bills Twitter lately! Although some criticism is warranted, the Buffalo Bills do NOT suck! The team is currently in the driver seat in control of their own playoff destiny. Next stop- the Cleveland Browns!

The Browns may have a record that suggests they are a terrible team but we all know that they have many talented players on their team. The Buffalo Bills will have to bring the A, B, and maybe even C game plan to ensure they don’t get caught slipping.

In order to get to 7-2 the team will need to carry the success from last week over to this game…do NOT turn the ball over and do NOT shoot themselves in the foot with penalties.

The defense is going to have to find a way to stop the run and shut it down early. Tre’Davious White has to have a great game and be on OBJ like white on rice!

OBJ is looking to finally go off and we cannot give him an opportunity. We are going to need an effective pass rush.  They need to get to Baker Mayfield often and make him have multiple meltdowns on the field.

I want to see him come to the presser after the game with his head shaved this time!

On offense, the Bills need to control the time of possession. They cannot afford to go three and out drive after drive allowing a potentially explosive Browns offense to get back on the field. 

The offensive line has to show up big and protect Josh Allen. I am hearing Myles Garrett is pretty good.  Allowing him to have Josh Allen sandwiches all game could be problematic.

Brian Daboll needs to put the ball in his playmakers hands often and be a bit more unpredictable in his scheme. This is not going to be an easy task winning this game. I see this being a defensive battle but of course I have the Bills winning.

In the end, the game will be played and Browns and Bills fans will hug and make up. After all we are Lake Erie siblings. Photo from noodle.com. Yes, noodle.com :)

And last but not least, our Godmother who will be repping us all at the game, @celestealbone will be loud and proud. She is also the one who brings us all together. Here are her thoughts about the matchup.

Well… Not sure what to say about this game as I feel we are pretty evenly matched. Mike and I will be making the trek down to Cleveland for the game. Sadly, spoiled front row sitting me, will be in the front row of 544!

If only I knew ticket prices would drop! But we may be able to go to Pittsburgh if their nosebleeds stay in he $60 range…. Anyway…. on to Cleveland!

The Browns look great on paper but it hasn’t translated to wins this season. Based on some Browns fans comments that I’ve seen come across my Twitter timeline and a Cleveland radio rant I came across… Freddie Kitchens may be the problem but we can not count this team out. 

Yes the Bills are 3-0 on the road and yes the Browns are somehow 0-3 at home… But I think we have learned our lesson about how we should be approaching each game and not take anyone for granted.

Kareem Hunt comes back for this game so the Bills will have him and Nick Chubb to deal with. Hopefully Hunt has some rust to shake off… and hopefully if the Bills need to make adjustments, they do it fast. 

I’d like to see Devin Singletary have another big game, as well as first down Brown. Someone told WGR-550 that’s what they call him. They checked the stats for how many of Brown’s catches are for first downs and the nickname works

I’d also like to see the Bills’ tight ends getting us some yards as well. 

I really feel like the end result of this game could be a toss up. Obviously I want us to win but I just don’t know what’s going to happen.

Hopefully Freddie Kitchens messes up like he has been and we can possibly hope for Baker Mayfield to throw some more of his fourth quarter interceptions. 

Mayfield felt he did deserve the ‘fumanchu’ and shaved down to a mustache… So here’s to hoping we make him shave his head!! Haha!! 

Editor’s babble: Do we detect a shaving head theme by these crazy Godmothers? Spooky. Who knows what’s going to happen in this game. I expect the unexpected. Why would a Bills/Browns matchup be ‘normal’? Thanks to the Godmothers for their contributions to our blog… except for @Bills_Chick… who was too busy driving through a snowstorm to give us her boring DVOA takes. You can find me on Twitter @RobynMundyWYO. Go Bills. Nuff said.

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