Godmothers of BillsMafia: Washington at Bills Postgame Report

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So, with the Bills sitting pretty at 6-2 after defeating Washington 24-9 on Sunday you would think BillsMafia would be dancing in the streets, or at least jumping through tables. The Bills haven’t been 6-2 since 1993. Instead, there’s been a lot of ‘peeing in their Wheaties’ by BillsMafia on social media.

The Godmothers are fed up. They want you to know that it’s OK to be happy about our beloved football team being 6-2 at the halfway point in the season. The Dynasty of Despair is finally dying and we still can’t find joy in Mudville.

We could be the Dawg Pound cheering for a team loaded with talent sitting at 2-6… or fans of the Jets or Dolphins fighting for the first pick in the 2020 draft. We’ve been there. We’ve lived it. Why can’t we be joyful about our surprising 6-2 Buffalo Bills?

The Bills are not perfect. They are a work in progress. Having lived through two decades of mediocrity or worse takes a toll on a fan base. I get it. However, it’s time to let go of the past and move forward. Flawed as they may be, it’s time to enjoy what the Bills have done so far this season.

Here’s what the Godmothers think about the 6-2 Buffalo Bills.

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Our Godmother of Appropriate Rants @AshleyPetty_ lead the way with her words of wisdom.

This team is off to their best start since 1993. At 6-2, this team is fired up- and the fans are too. For completely different reasons. But like Micah Hyde said- he and his teammates are done apologizing for wins.

Brandon Beane and Sean McDermott have done their due diligence bringing in FA to fill the many holes prevalent in the offseason and the two together have developed a culture of brotherhood in this locker room. This team plays with heart and they play for each other. 

Now, there’s been a lot of banter about Josh Allen, the offense, the defense, the special teams, coaches and every aspect of this team including who covers it.


Take a second and be thankful this team is where it is. The Bills don’t write their own schedule. They play who they are scheduled to play. It may be against the weaker teams but you can’t blame them for doing what they are asked to do.

It seems so many are uncomfortable with the WAY this team is winning. 

Is it ever easy for this team to win? Seemingly no. 
But they get the job done and it’s what matters. You play the game to score more points than the other team. Which is exactly what Buffalo has done six out of eight times.

Obviously there are many things which need to be improved upon. We can all agree on that as Bills fans. Do we need to attack each other on this stat or QB rating or how someone isn’t getting enough tackles or someone is getting too much play time? NO. 

Again, realize this team may have FINALLY had a little luck their way with the schedule has fallen and how teams have been performing after things not falling their way for almost two decades.

Soak it in and relish it. 

/end rant.

As for this particular football game, many weaknesses were apparent and it’s not something anyone can sugarcoat.

The wide receivers and tight ends really struggled with the drops Sunday. The blame could be spread between WR/TE’s, the wind and Josh Allen over & under throwing. However, Allen was 14/20 on the day and looked like he is progressing well. This was one of his best games for Buffalo as he stayed patient in the pocket and didn’t really have any dangerous throws. 

It wasn’t all negative however- Devin Singletary had his coming out party with 140 all purpose yards and a touchdown. It was clearly seen this offense performs better when Singletary is getting the ball frequently. Which isn’t a slight to Frank Gore but between the two, Singletary was breaking free and it was very reminiscent of LeSean McCoy.

On the defensive side of the ball, the run D was exposed in the second quarter, giving up over 100 yards to Adrian Peterson. After halftime, adjustments were clearly made as he didn’t get many more yards after that. Moving forward, this side of the ball needs to focus on containing running backs as Nick Chubb, Phillip Lindsay and Ezekiel Elliott will be hungry for yards especially knowing they may be facing a weak defensive line.

A positive for the defensive side of the ball is the pass defense. This strong Bills secondary only allowed Dwayne Haskins 144 passing yards total with no passing touchdowns. The core group of Tre’Davious White, Micah Hyde, and Jordan Poyer have a great chemistry together.

All in all, does it truly matter HOW the team wins? No. It matters if they win or not. There are no style points in football.
That being said, we’re on to Cleveland.

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Our Godmother of Sound Reasoning @BILLieve88 did not mince words.

The Buffalo Bills did not dominate the Washington Redskins in ways I am sure most of us had hoped, but it is hard to be upset with a win the puts the team at 6-2 and tied for the second-best record in the Conference. Things could be worse people…relax! Let’s talk about improvements!

Penalties, the Bills were only penalized 2 times for 20 yards! Turnovers, how does zero sound to you? Josh Allen did put the ball on the ground again showing that he was still suffering from ‘fumblitis’, but the team recovered his fumble and saved him from his ongoing struggles to take care of the ball. 

Time of Possession, yep… The Bills won that too! Josh Allen didn’t have a sexy performance throwing the ball, but it seemed like he did what he was asked to do. He only had 20 passing attempts, so it is going to be hard to light it up in the passing game given the game plan yesterday.

My Superstars were Josh Allen, Devin Singletary, John Brown, Andre Roberts, Jordan Phillips and Tre’Davious White. Great job fellas!

Brian Daboll’s play-calling was questionable at times. There was a series where he called some plays that left me quite baffled when the team was at the 2-yard line but somehow managed to lose 22 yards… was it due to poor execution or both poor execution and Daboll’s choices at that time? 

It was also disappointing that Frank Gore and the Offensive Line fell short trying to gain a yard in critical situations multiple times during the game, and to see Daboll not recognize this struggle and choose to call a different play or give a different player an opportunity to gain that yard.

Watching the defense still struggling to stop the run in the first half was also disappointing but I was happy to see that they were able to make the necessary adjustments at half-time, making Adrian Peterson a non-factor in the second half. 

The team also wasted two timeouts on offense during their 3rd drive and they can’t have that going forward. It wasn’t perfect or pretty but overall; this was a pretty solid performance by a young team with lots of potential. The team is going to have a big challenge coming up against the Browns giving them an opportunity to show they are a contender.
Go Bills!

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Here’s the “Isn’t she special?” Godmother @Bills_Chick with her usual swearing and negativity…

The Bills won, hurrah!  They did what they were supposed to do, but they did not impress me.  

Special teams is still ****.  Add punter to the list of offseason needs.  

Defense did okay, but run defense was terrible especially in the first half. Call Kyle Williams and convince him to come out of retirement. Outside of that not sure that we are going to be stouter in the middle. 

Admittedly I’m not a film watcher but Star Lotuleilei or Ed Oliver or someone in the middle is not doing a good job. The coaches need to fix the run defense and soon.  Adrian Peterson looked like he was 24 years old again.

Offense needs to score more points (duh). Josh Allen fumbles too much.  It’s comical at this point. I am always nervous he is going to fumble the ball away. As a side note, his INTs are down so that is good.  Brian Daboll needs to stop calling so many planned runs with Josh. Daboll also needs to get his **** together in the red zone. Shout out to Devin Singletary. Perhaps the only true weapon on offense.

However, even though I am angry at the coaches, I am simultaneously thrilled (no, really) that we have a 6-2 record.  I am truly enjoying have a winning team.  I am nervous about a collapse, however.  It seems this team is on the edge of a possible collapse.  Go Bills, thank you for being 6-2.

[Editor’s note: What, no D.V.O.A from the D.I.V.A? Gasp.]

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Thankfully after that dour report, we have our Godmother of Onesies @celestealbone to balance the negative energy.

It seemed like it was going to be a frustrating post game report but I’m happy to say that the defense made the right adjustments at the half. Here is a stat on Adrian Peterson from @SalSports on Twitter:

This is a hall of fame running back and they were able to fix things to stop the run the second half. We will see how they handle Nick Chubb next week.

Josh had another good day. Nothing flashy but no int and some pretty throws. The one deep ball, (it was hard to see from my seat but thanks to twitter and those watching on TV), he threw because Washington jumped off sides but of course it didn’t get called.

I saw many wanted Sean McDermott to challenge pass interference on Josh Norman because he grabbed John Brown’s feet before the ball got there. Well, I’m glad he didn’t because they just don’t get overturned. I’ve seen a couple more that were way more obvious in other games and they didn’t get overturned.

Based on our past as Bills fans I know it’s hard to not wait for the other shoe to drop but listen… we are 6-2. The Jets just lost to the Dolphins and The Patriots lost Sunday night. Enjoy the ride folks!

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And last but not least, our Godmother of Wise Words @KrystleNoel1128 put it all together for us.

So. Another ugly win. But Micah Hyde said it, the Bills are done apologizing for ugly wins. They are 6-2 and I would much rather have that record than be where we were this time last year. 

A few afterthoughts: 

Devin Singletary freed! ‘Motor’ looked good and it was great seeing him as the featured back. However, it seems that the people complaining that Josh Allen isn’t throwing enough are the same ones that were complaining that we weren’t feeding Singletary enough. Starting to feel like some people will just never be happy (and no I’m not talking about the fans that are happy with the win but know there is room for improvement.)

John Brown is on pace for a 1,000 yard season. His one dropped pass we can forgive because minutes later, he had that incredible catch for the 1st down. Every week, I look forward to see how he’s doing, and I can stress enough how much better our offense is with him and Cole Beasley. To be honest, I think the Cowboys are really missing Beasley (but they are just too butt hurt to admit it).

Can we please not give Frank Gore the ball again in the red zone? I love the guy, but after the second attempt, you would think they would try something different. His short yardage attempts were definitely cringe worthy this game, and he was getting stuffed on almost every carry he had.

The Bills run defense was absolutely horrid in the 1st half. But,  I like the fact that proper adjustments were made for the second half and Adrian Peterson was limited to basically nothing after that.

This needs to be FIXED. Next week we face Nick Chubb. I want the defense that basically neutralized Saquon Barkley after the first drive of the game against the Giants. Otherwise,  the Bills don’t stand a chance. 

Next week, it’s on to the Browns. I know a lot of us have a soft spot for our Lake Erie neighbors, but this week, no mercy. 

Editor’s babble: And that’s a wrap for our Week 9 coverage by the Godmothers. We thank them for their diligence and contributions to our blog, even @Bills_Chick’s. You can find me on Twitter @RobynMundyWYO, if you dare.

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