Godmothers of BillsMafia: Washington at Bills Pregame Report

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Despite all the gnashing of teeth and fans jumping off the Bills bandwagon after being drubbed by the Eagles last Sunday, the Godmothers are ready to move on and stop whining.

After a sizable portion of BillsMafia grossly overestimated a blowout win for the Bills over the Dolphins a couple of weeks ago, there’s hope this time fans won’t set themselves up for failure by making off-the-wall predictions about the team that Daniel Snyder owns.

Here’s what the girls posted about this matchup on Sunday.

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We’re going to lead off with the Godmother who keeps us all together, @celestalbone.

The sky isn’t falling everyone!

We have a chance to bounce back this week in a big way. At least defensively. Case Keenum was limited in practice on Wednesday so who knows if he will be the starter. We could get lucky and get Dwayne Haskins (although I’m not sure there is a huge difference in Case starting other than being able to confuse Haskins easier). 

I have seen a little bit of the Skins defense and they didn’t look all that bad, so the game won’t be a cake walk by any means. Which really, is it ever with our Bills.

I look for Josh Allen to continue progressing and sliding if he keeps the ball like he did vs Titans and Eagles. (Not sure why he didn’t slide against Dolphins). Continue to limit turnovers and hopefully utilize Devin Singletary more. He may have been on the field for a huge amount but didn’t get the ball that much. If the run is working… continue it. Don’t force passing. Let’s get into scoring territory and score TDs or FGs every time. Let’s stop with the dumb penalties. We shouldn’t be getting offside penalties, especially at home!

I would also like to see our defense force a turnover or several and I’d really like to see a defensive score. Don’t overthink things and be smart!

Looks like Sunday will be in the 40s so bundle up and be loud!!! It’s going to be partly cloudy with a chance of history repeating itself, so go out there and get that 6th win in week 9. PLEASE!!

Bills 17 Washington 10

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Naturally, our Godmother of all things DVOA @Bills_Chick had to give us her latest drivel. OK, truth be told I have a lot of respect for the Defense-adjusted Value Over Average (DVOA) statistic.

DVOA calculates a team’s success based on the down-and-distance of each play during the season, then calculates how much more or less successful each team is compared to the league average. This is a meaningful stat in terms of looking at a snapshot of where a team is compared to the rest of the league at any given moment.

However, it is a static statistic (pun intended) in that it doesn’t really lend itself to giving you any sort of predictive information. That stated, it certainly tells you where your team is at at any given moment in time and that can be very useful.

Anyway, here’s what our cranky GodMom had to spew. At least she picked the Bills to win.

The Bills have dropped in the DVOA rankings from 21st last week to 25th.  They are the weakest 5-win team by far. Once a top 3 defense in terms of DVOA, the Bills D has slipped to 16th. The offense sits at 24th and the special teams are not special at all, ranked 30th.

Washington, however, is ranked 29th in DVOA.  Their offense is 30th, their defense is 24th.  Their special teams are Washington’s best unit, ranking 11th.  

The Bills MUST win this game.  If they don’t, I will check out for the rest of the season. It’s a bounce-back game at home against a poor opponent. If McDermott doesn’t win this game with a relatively healthy Bills roster, I will begin to doubt he is a long term coaching solution.

I’m picking the Bills, 17-10.

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Our Godmother of Zubaz @AshleyPetty_ always brings professionalism with her assessments of the Bills. She’s also right on about Josh Allen here. And we thank her for it!

So, the 1-7 Redskins are coming to town this week. It’s really nerve wracking too. After last week’s debacle against the Eagles (who might actually just be good), it’s tough to think this team may lose AGAIN if their offense keeps doing what they’re doing.

Although Josh Allen had an okay game last week in terms of decision making, he really needs to get this team moving and scoring. Everyone keeps talking about how he’s regressed in the long ball category (he keeps over/under throwing his receivers) and it’d be really helpful to the Bills offense if his accuracy would improve on those plays. 

As for the Redskins, Adrian Peterson is still a question mark (as of Thursday when I’m writing this) and starting QB Case Keenum is still in concussions protocol. Dwayne Haskins will start in his spot if he is not cleared.


Slow it down on offense- When the offense has the ball, the three and outs happened SO QUICKLY and the defense was getting tired. Time of possession was ridiculous against the Eagles, especially in the second half. 

SCORE POINTS- Crazy concept but to win a football game, you need to score points. Typically that’s your offense’s job. Hopefully this offense can do so this weekend. You’re against a 1-7 team so it *should* be a little easier than it has been.

SCORE PREDICTIONIf this Buffalo team does not beat the Redskins, they DO NOT deserve a playoff spot.That being said,I’ll take the Bills, 21-10.

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And last but not least, our Godmother of Keeping It Real @KrystleNoel1128 wrapped up our report with a her succinct review.

This week, we are looking for a bounce back from that horrible loss to the Eagles last Sunday.  The true test will be to see how the boys respond this week, good teams bounce back.  

So what can we expect? 

The Redskins have been a hot mess. After firing their head coach and now with Case Keenum in concussion protocol,  it feels this team is competing with the Dolphins for draft picks. 

Look for our defense to come in making a statement.  They were straight up embarrassed in all phases last week, but maybe that was the loss we needed to light a fire under their butts.

Despite last week’s loss,  I thought John Brown looked really good and I’m really excited to see if he can continue to produce. I know many feel he’s not WR1 material, but he’s been extremely reliable for Josh Allen and I would love to see him have a record year. 

While I want Devin Singletary to get more touches, his ball security skills left something to be desired. Watching him fumble two plays last week gave me anxiety and caused a few “I miss Shady” thoughts to float through my head. I’m hoping that he has been working this week to eliminate those mistakes. 

In all,  it’s our final game of a three game home stand. This is a MUST win if we want to continue our playoff push in the second half of the season. I personally think we come out on top this game.

Editor’s babble: Of course we hope Krystle and the ladies are right in their predictions. This game is huge from a mental and momentum perspective. It’s also past time for Josh Allen to take the next step forward. I apologize in advance to any Daniel Snyder fans for dissing their hero. The name of the team and his defense of it infuriates me to this day. So sorry, not sorry. Go Bills.

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