Mafia Mavens let it rip after Dolphins game

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Bills fans expecting a blowout against the Miami Dolphins last Sunday got what they deserved. It took a herculean effort by Micah Hyde and the Buffalo Bills to beat the winless Dolphins in the last minute of the game.

Advice from a grumpy old Bills fan? Don’t set yourself up by creating arbitrary expectations for your favorite football team. And listen to your elder Bills fans. We know things because we’ve been there before and virtually seen it all.

I’m still recovering after spending four nights and three days of perfection in Buffalo, a trip likely never to be repeated with respect to overall awesomeness. Many thanks to those who helped an old lady enjoy the time of her life. You know who you are.

Not a single travel snafu, perfect weather, Bills and Sabres both won exciting games… the food, the friends… holy crap! So why was I like a bear without sleep recording our Mafia Mavens podcast on Tuesday?

Because I was like a bear without sleep.

Blasting through town and engaging with the wonderful people of WNY is a bit of an adjustment for an aging recluse. Outside of my long-suffering spouse, I talk mostly to creatures in our front yard.

So by the time Danyel and I recorded the podcast I was a sleep-deprived, overstimulated and truly satiated… but a tired old mess. And knowing this, of course Danyel trots out the most irritating subjects to talk about…

The unrealistic expectations people had for a blowout against the Dolphins, focusing on single stat measures like the 300 yard passing game stat for QBs… and the real deal when it comes to Josh Allen’s struggles with his long ball.

So here it is, in all it’s warts and glory for your listening pleasure. No promises things will get better anytime soon. We appreciate your support and writing a review where you get your podcasts.

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