Godmothers of BillsMafia: Eagles at Bills Pregame Report

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Yea, we know. They won one and our Buffalo Bills still have an empty trophy case. However, in 2019 the Bills find themselves 5-1 and are facing an angry 3-4 Philadelphia Eagles team who just got stomped on by division rival Dallas Cowboys for all the world to see. Not a good set up for the Bills on Sunday at New Era Field, at least from a psychological perspective.

But this is not your Grandmother’s Buffalo Bills. It’s your Godmother’s Bills… and we got something to say about where this season is going. Let’s get to it.

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From the Godmother who always has our back, @AshleyPetty_, and we thank her for keeping the trolls at bay.

Inhale and exhale. The Buffalo Bills got away with the win after pulling together, creating defensive turnovers, and trusting in the defense and special teams. This week, however, there needs to be a better effort from the jump. 

Doug Pederson had this to say on Wednesday…

“This team is mad. They’re upset and they’re disappointed in how we’ve lost these last two games. They are embarrassed obviously from the other day, which is good. It’s not good that you lose, but it’s good the fact that they’re taking ownership of it.”

The Eagles have most recently lost 38-20 against the Minnesota Vikings and 27-10 against the Cowboys. This quote shows the Eagles will be coming into Buffalo Sunday with a clear focus on the win, especially after losing so big.

As for Buffalo, it seemed like they were shaking off the rust and got off to a slow start with three field goals offensively. The defense looked like they were truly missing Matt Milano (who will hopefully make his return on Sunday).  


Getting a quick start- It took until the fourth quarter for the offense to wake up and get anything started against the Dolphins last week. This team needs to come out swinging and punch it into the end zone early (and often). 

Defense staying strong in the third quarter- 
So every week in the third quarter, bad things happen (or so it seems). Though this always sets the Bills up for a fourth quarter comeback, the team would most likely rather be ahead at this point in the game and not allow the amount of points they have been.


The Bills are hot right now, and their defense gives them a chance to win every game on the schedule, so taking Bills 24, Eagles 17.

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There’s no doubt the Godmother of Kindness @celestealbone went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure this fossil safe transport at every event whilst in the City of Good Neighbors. Not having another little old lady driving badly in Buffalo was not only considerate in terms of my nerves, it ensured the safety of all of the good people of Buffalo. Here’s what she thinks about the upcoming Bills matchup against the Eagles.

Things are looking better for the Bills than the Eagles when it comes to injury. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the week plays out. 

I really really hope that Matt Milano is healthy enough to play. They could even ease him back in like it seems they did with Devin Singletary and Tyler Kroft last week and I think our defense would perform better.

I do think they were shaking off the rust last week along with Ryan Fitzpatrick being ON. The Eagles have been struggling but they are coming off of two losses so they are angry. It also seems that Ronald Darby will be back after being out since Week 3 so they did get better in that regard. 

I’d like to see Singletary getting more involved. Hopefully our offensive line performs better as I heard on WGR this morning that the Eagles will be starting a new guy on the defensive line and it’ll be his first start.

I hope that we are able to have an easy Sunday and the Bills can just put them away. Especially if we can keep putting points on the board if we are only up by a little. I’d like to see our defense give Carson Wentz some nightmares and hopefully the crowd assists with that. 

I’d also like the same lack of effort from Nelson Agholor that he had last week. He didn’t even try to catch a very catchable pass. Just go ahead and throw in the towel Eagles, haha. 

Unfortunately I think it’s going to be a close game and the Bills will squeak out a win all the while giving the Bills fan base heart attacks. 

Bills 21 Eagles 20

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Surprisingly, our Godmother of Lactation @Bills_Chick turned out to be a nice person. Sitting with her at the Dolphins game last Sunday was surprisingly fun, even if she couldn’t will the jinx label on me.

Here she goes again, using the reverse psychology prediction (rolls eyes) for this game … knowing full well SHE is the jinx minx!

Here’s more of her DVOA garbage:

The Bills are projected to have one of the easiest schedules in NFL history (per the DVOA statistic). Opposing kickers have failed against the Bills, Bills’ opponents are 2-for-8 on field goals, with only one of those blocked by the Bills. 

Opponents have also missed 2 extra points. Two of our wins, the Jets and the Titans, can be directly tied to missed kicks by the opponent. What does this mean? 

The Bills have had luck on their side, which isn’t a bad thing, but it does mean that they are weaker than what their record indicates (blah, blah, blah)

To be fair to the Bills, they have been taking advantage of their easy schedule. The Bills defense had a poor performance against Miami, taking their defensive DVOA from 3rd best and knocking it down to 12th.

The Eagles are a statistically superior team compared to the Bills. They rank 15th in DVOA (the Bills are 21st). The Eagles are statistically average in basically every facet of the game, with their defense being slightly better than their offense. The Eagles should win this game on paper.

The Bills are at home, which I think is a big advantage for them. Carson Wentz looks like a QB that the Bills defense SHOULD feast on.  But they let Ryan Fitzpatrick march down the field on them for a majority of the game at home after a bye.

I don’t know, I want to pick the Bills to win, but I can’t.  If they win this one I will be impressed.  The performance against Miami has me questioning the entire team.

I have to pick the Eagles to win.  21-17.  Hope I’m wrong, go Bills.

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My world was forever changed when our Godmother of Pastries @KrystleNoel1128 introduced me to Paula’s Red Velvet donuts while I enjoyed a few days in Buffalo. All I can say is it’s a good thing I live 1700 miles away from them.

This week the Eagles come to town, and truth be told, I think this game is going to be a tough one. This team is only 2 years removed from the Super Bowl and as I preach every week,  no game is ever a gimme.  

Some key points about this game:

Welcome back to Buffalo Jim Schwartz. I was a big fan of our 2014 defense and was really bummed to see him leave when Sexy Rexy came to town (yuck).

Schwartz defenses are no joke and should never be dismissed. However, all signs point to a less than stellar secondary, which means I will be looking for John Brown, Cole Beasley and hopefully Duke Williams to take advantage of this. 

Last week Ezekiel Elliott abused the heck out of Philly’s rather good run defense, so fingers crossed that Frank Gore and Devin Singletary can replicate Dallas’ success. 

Last week Allen did a good job cleaning up those turnovers,  he needs to keep on the right path with this. We have an excellent record when Allen minimizes turnovers, and efficient play will definitely go a long way. 

I’m looking forward to seeing our defense recover from last week. Obviously they played a much better 2nd half (thank you Tre’Davious White), but the Bills’ defense is their strong unit and is always so much fun to watch.

With Jason Peters possibly out this week, I’m curious to see what kind of pressure we can put on Carson Wentz.  While the Eagles obviously have Nelson Agholor and Alshon Jeffrey, I think Zach Ertz is much more a receiving threat than either of them. But, the Bills have a dangerous secondary, and our ball hawk defensive backs will be itching to pick Wentz off.

In all, ANY GIVEN SUNDAY. I feel at this point, this game could be one of the biggest tests we face all year. I’m thinking that the Bills will edge this one out. 

The Eagles are on their 3rd away game in a row with a less than desirable record. Nothing beats the New Era hometown crowd and Bills fans, make sure you do your part in rocking that stadium out! 

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And finally, we bring up the rear with the prettiest caboose in town. Only wish I could have had the opportunity to meet this Godmother while in Buffalo, but she hails from elsewhere. Here are @BILLieve88’s words of wisdom.

The Philadelphia Eagles are averaging a few more points a game than the Buffalo Bills are. This could be problematic for the Bills if they start off flat.

In order to beat the Eagles, the Bills may have to rely on the passing game because Philly has been pretty decent against the run this season. Josh Allen will need to take care of the ball and take advantage of the opportunity he should have to put up some pretty good passing numbers.

This Eagles game is a good time to free Robert Foster to see if he still has the deep pass connection he had with Josh Allen last season. It would also be a good time for Dawson ‘Knock’ to show he can hold on to the ball and be a reliable target.

I would like to see the Bills offense put together a few long drives and keep Carson Wentz off the field. When Wentz is on the field, I would like to see the Bills Defense succeed in pressuring him, getting a couple sacks, and forcing him into a few turnover situations. 

This match-up is Josh Allen’s chance to prove he can beat a team with smart play and accuracy.  It should be a 300 yards passing day for Josh. The Bills should win this game if they don’t beat themselves with turnovers and penalties. 

Editor’s babble: And that’s a wrap, folks. Many thanks, as always, to the Godmothers for their contributions to our blog. You can find me and blame me on Twitter @RobynMundyWYO.

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