Godmothers of BillsMafia: Dolphins at Bills Postgame Report

Godmothers celebrate Bills win at Moor Pat Bar in Williamsville.

It wasn’t pretty. But the day was picture perfect and I was there to soak it all in with the Godmother of Lactation, @Bills_Chick. The set up to the game was perfect. What could go wrong?

Uh, just about everything in the first half. Was it a bye week hangover for the Bills? Got a little too full of themselves rolling in with a 4-1 record? Did they underestimate their opponent?

The Dolphins showed why they still play in the NFL. They also affirmed my worst fear that many Bills fans set themselves up by setting the bar at such a high level for this game that disappointment was inevitable.

Old farts know better. The scars from the lost decade to the Dolphins during the 70s still remind us that no matter how worthy (or not) the opponent, the Dolphins are a division rival capable of destroying what should be a perfect day at New Era Field.

So, what did our Godmothers think about all this?

Nobody belts out a victory song like @BILLieve88.

Let’s get this party rolling with our Godmother of Song… and @BILLieve88 nailed this one…

The Buffalo Bills shocked us all returning from their bye week looking rusty and dusty. All they had to do was find the urinal but somehow managed to piss their pants the entire first half. 

Who would have thought Special Teams would be the best unit in the first half? Shout out to Steven Hauschka for holding the team down as the offense struggled to find the end zone in the first half.

The Defense couldn’t defend the dirt, the pass or the run in the first half; and the fundamentals seemed to be MIA as the team showed as much discipline as two year and found themselves on the wrong side of the yellow flag what seemed like every other play….HOT DAMN MESS!!!!!

Thank God for the second half! It wasn’t Sunday, it wasn’t Monday nor was it Tuesday….it was TreDay! Tre’Davious White wasn’t having none of the Dolphins bull shiggidy on Sunday! He showed up to snatch away receivers dreams and knock out Ryan Fitzpatrick’s hopes of an upset….thank you for getting Fitzy with it Fitz. 

As usual, Josh Allen had a solid second half leading the team down the field on what seemed like an 1000 yard drive after a much needed turnover by way of TreDay.

Shout Out to John Brown for consistently balling out, Cole Beasley for his 1st TD, Ed Oliver for his first sack (I think), Jordan Phillips for bringing the Nasty and Micah Freakin Hyde for a spectacular play that may be in the conversation for the play of the year! A TD on an onside kick…say word!!!???

The Side Eye Awards go to Levi Wallace who got caught slipping, Dawson Knox for suffering from ‘dropsieballitis’ and Maurice Alexander for…well….we are all wishing Matt Milano a speedy recovery!

A few of us had a special message for @Bills_Chick as we watched a Sam Darnold meltdown at the Moor Pat bar in Williamsville on Monday night.

My first game sitting with our Godmother of Lactation almost ended in disaster after @Bills_Chick declared that I would be personally blamed as the JINX of all time if the Bills lost this game. Thankfully the Bills saved me from a lifetime of torment.

People are giving Josh Allen **** for this game – I can’t believe I have to defend him, but he had a decent game.  He’s going to hit one of those deep passes eventually. They are low percentage plays for a reason.

On average, QBs are successful on 30% of those plays, at best they are 50-50 plays. Just keep the interceptions low to nil like yesterday and I’ll be happy. Allen will hit some of those deep passes eventually, and they will be game changers. 

Now let’s talk about the bad.  Both the O line and the D line sucked. What the ****.  They were still on vacation. And Brian Daboll. Calling too many percentage plays in the first half. He also called far too many planned Josh runs.

I like Sean McDermott.  I think he’s an above average coach. Not great, but above average. But he coached this game against Miami like he was Dick Jauron. Playing not to lose.  It almost but him in the ass but he was able to adjust at the half.

Shout out to Stephen Hauschka.  If he doesn’t make all those kicks, the Bills probably lose. Glad we have a reliable kicker.

And your editor just narrowly avoided jinxing the team. I thought I was going to have to kick her out of the stadium at halftime.

The Godmother of Reason who keeps us all together and routinely saves us from ourselves.

Thank goodness for @celestealbone. I have little doubt she is the reason we didn’t get kicked out of the bar on Monday night.

My god. What is there to even say.

That was a ROUGH first half. And the third quarter wasn’t looking any better since the Dolphins had the ball for 10 mins of it.

I do believe the first touchdown for the Dolphins wouldn’t of been scored if the drive wasn’t extended on that sorry excuse for a roughing the passer call. Our guy (forgive me for not knowing who it was cause being there it’s harder to tell when you’re swearing and yelling at the refs) let’s himself up and runs into Ryan Fitzpatrick’s side and Fitz falls over. There was no head contact… there was no contact below the knees. Ridiculous.

But it all worked out in the end didn’t it!!? Our defense woke up a bit. Fitz was gunna Fitz and throw an int and Tre White balled out. Big momentum swing after that int.

Josh Allen is gong to Josh and lead a comeback! Although drives were stalled and ended in field goals due to penalties and drops, so he had a much more consistent game than it seemed.

Not sure if our defense was still on the bye but I fully expect them to be more prepared and back into the routine next week vs the Eagles. 

As always. GO BILLS!! 

Our Godmother of Beauty puts her best face forward.

Without a doubt, it’s @AshleyPetty_ who puts it all together and keeps the Godmothers focused and driven.

Well that score was a lot closer than many of us were hoping. Going to preface this ENTIRE write-up by saying that a win is a win is a win. Don’t care how we got it and what really matters is the record, 5-1.

However, this team absolutely looked like they were trying to shake off the rust yesterday and it seems like so many are expecting this big flashy high point scoring offense. There definitely are MANY things Buffalo needs to improve upon.

The offense did what it’s been doing all year- just enough to secure the win. They get the points when it matters and Josh Allen again, proved he can lead his team to victory after being down. 

A positive is seeing the relationship Allen and John Brown have developed is fantastic. They have natural chemistry which gets seemingly better and better as the season goes on. All in all, Allen made throws he NEEDED to make to secure the win and didn’t have any turnovers yesterday- so Bills fans can at least be proud of that improvement. 

As for the defense, the secondary was exposed by Ryan Fitzpatrick quite a few times as he went 23 for 35 with 282 yards in the air.

Fitzy played as well as you could have asked him to against an extremely strong defense, but it just wasn’t enough, especially when Tre’Davious White made an extremely important interception to prevent the Dolphins going up and making it a two score ball game. Levi Wallace had a rough day, but it seemed out of the ordinary. Hopefully this game by the defense was a fluke.

LOVED Micah Hyde’s touchdown from the onside kick- sure he could have gone down before the goal line to wind the clock down, but he had faith in his teammates to hold Miami in the final few minutes. It may be too early to tell, but Hyde is definitely stating his case for an All-Pro bid and a Pro Bowl nod this season.

One of the best parts about this team is they have shown resiliency and they don’t quit. You can clearly see the brotherhood on the team this year that hasn’t been there in more recent years past (before Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane took over). These guys actually have fun playing for each other and get extremely excited for each other’s successes. 

Bills fans, take a deep breath. This football team is 5-1 and you are not dreaming. Enjoy the ride, folks.

@KrystleNoel1128 downs a ‘Pills Mafia’ beer like a champ.

And last but not least, the Godmother who keeps the party going… and provides great advice for Bills fans… @KrystleNoel1128.

Well… a win, is a win, is a win. I for one am definitely not complaining because it’s been 11 years since we were last 5 and 1. Once again, it was not a pretty win, but boy was it fun to watch! 

Some takeaways: 

Come back soon Matt Milano! What a difference that linebacker corp looks like without him. Ryan Fitzpatrick is a seasoned vet in this league.  He paid attention to who the weakest links were and he exploited them. Both Maurice Alexander and Levi Wallace had to have felt that.

Once again the 4th quarter comeback kid shows up. Josh Allen is definitely the QB I want in the 4th quarter to secure a win. His gunslinger and winner mentality makes him possibly one of the most dangerous players once that 4th quarter starts.  

Final thought,  ALL HAIL MICAH HYDE!  I watched Hyde when he was with Green Bay and always thought he was something special. Since his signing in 2017, he never disappoints. He and Jordan Poyer are easily the best safety tandem in the league and Hyde’s onside kick return for touchdown was just further proof. 

I know we have to keep telling ourselves these aren’t the same old Bills. And to be frank, they really aren’t. Years past we would have lost this game. But this year? I did not worry. Not being down going into the half, not when Fitz drove the Fins down to the red zone in the second half. And I’m glad I didn’t.

Instead of nitpicking constantly on what’s wrong, let’s all just take a minute to enjoy the fact that it’s a great Fall to be a Buffalo sports fan. 

Editor’s babble: This had to be one of the greatest trips to the homeland I’ve ever had, and the Godmothers who were there to share it with me were without a doubt the reason why. Thanks to all our Godmothers for their contributions to our blog. And thank you again for a great time, Buffalo.

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