Godmothers of BillsMafia: Dolphins at Bills Pregame Report

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The girls are still hungover after the bye week, but I did manage to corral them long enough to get their views on the matchup between the Bills and Dolphins at New Era Field on Sunday. It was hard to get them to focus on this game, and I can only hope the Bills are taking this game more seriously than most of the Godmothers.

Those of us at a certain age are still triggered by the memories of 20 straight losses to the Dolphins in the 70s. Just because the Patriots are the dynasty of the moment doesn’t mean the rest of us forgot how many heart-wrenching losses we endured by Don Shula coached teams.

So let’s move on here and see what our lazy bunch of ‘do-badder’ Godmothers think about the Bills/Dolphins matchup on Sunday.

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This Godmother has to fight off advances on a regular basis by Twittering men who think they have a chance with our songstress @BILLieve88, only to find she’s irresistibly unattainable. Her thoughts on the game get right to the point.

Get ready to Go! Shiiid! It’s time to go out there and play against the Dolphins. We gonna go out there and gonna Shiiid, real too, we gonna beat they ass! Point! Blank! Point! Period! Love and miss Leodis McKelvin.
The Buffalo Bills should be able to open up a serious can (of you know what) on the DoLOLphins but they must take this game seriously so they are not caught slipping! 

Keys to a 5-1 outcome for the Bills:


2.       Establish an effective running game and control the time of possession

3.       Shut down Kenyan Drake

4.       Sack Fitz often (but gently lol)

5.       Josh must finally connect with somebody on the deep ball and preferably for a touchdown…or two

Bills win!

I can’t wait to see what our Ambassador of BillsMafia @AshleyPetty_ is up to at Hammer’s Lot on Sunday for real. yes, I’ll be trolling the parking lots like the elderly lot lizard that I am :) I can’t wait to see our Godmother Ashley represent with her incredible radiance (see photo above for next day results). Ashley also hits it right when it comes to the Bills.


Okay, before Miami switched back to starting Ryan Fitzpatrick, it seemed like a cakewalk of a game. Though this defense is the real deal, Fitz can pump out 300-yard games at random. However, the advantage should be to Buffalo as they’ve had their bye week to rest up and recover. 


Josh Allen-
As long as he plays smart like he did in week five, even if John Brown can’t play, this team should get into the end zone more than a few times as the Dolphins have allowed 1,400 yards and 14 touchdowns to opposing QB’s, with only two interceptions all year. 

Defense (Especially the secondary)- Though the strongest part of this team is the secondary, keep Fitzpatrick in check.

Show up to the stadium- No seriously, if the Bills just show up and play decent, there’s no way you don’t win this game. (Don’t let it be a trap!) 


Going for a bold prediction here- this tough Buffalo defense will boast their first shutout.

Bills 28, Dolphins 0

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Thankfully, we have at least one sober Godmother @celestealbone … who we can always count on to weigh in on what to expect from the Bills on Sunday.

What is there to say for keys to victory? Just show up? 
haha Just kidding. 

These are still men that are playing on an NFL team and want to prove they’re worthy so we can’t completely write them off. Being at home will be a huge factor and I really do wish the were playing against Josh Rosen because I feel like our defense would completely feast on him and the atmosphere would be LOUD!!!!! 

Where I am not scared of Fitz by any means, he does give them a better chance at scoring points than I feel Rosen would.

But the facts are this… either quarterback has nothing around him and their already putrid offensive line is now missing their starting center (last I knew anyway).

The Bills should have Devin Singletary back (definitely starting him in fantasy) and could this be the Tyler Kroft debut? I see the Bills’ offense moving the ball efficiently and probably get a lot of rush yards.

Hopefully Robert Foster is back and we can get a couple deep passes in there and hopefully see more from Duke Williams as well. 

There is a little bit of conditioned fear in the sense that you can not write off any opponent or any game as an easy win… and our past coming into play. But I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been so confident going into a game.

The weather is supposed to be beautiful Sunday and five of us Godmothers will be there!!!! 

I think Sean McDermott has this team focused and disciplined and coming off a bye I bet they are ready for this game. They very much look at things one-game-at-a-time (unlike fans who have the luxury of looking ahead).

I think this greatly benefits the Bills. I could see the Bills with the shutout, but not knowing how the game is going to go, there could be some garbage time on the Dolphins part that will lead to some points.  

28-10 Bills!

P.S. Even though Fitz is starting, my sign for Sunday still makes sense. We got the right Josh, Baby!!!!

Another Godmother in attendance on Sunday will be @KrystleNoel1128 … and she’s already in town and lighting up the city of Buffalo with her smile (see photo for next day results). Just be careful if she tries to park her car next to you. Consider yourselves warned. Here are her thoughts about the Bills/Phins matchup on Sunday.

Dolphins week is finally here after a relaxing bye. I don’t know about you all but I quite enjoyed watching football without having my heart rate go up. 

As we all have noticed,  the Fins aren’t exactly competitive this year,  but as I say every week, no game is ever a gimme. The last thing I want is for our guys to get complacent. 

So, what are some keys to victory this week?  Get to the quarterback. As all Bills fans know, Ryan Fitzpatrick is a bi-polar passer who looks phenomenal one quarter, and then becomes an interception machine the next. If pressure stays on him from the defensive line, our secondary should feast on Fitzpatrick’s passes. 

This week Devin Singletary and Tyler Kroft were full participants at practice.  I want to see what our offense looks like at full strength,  and this might be the best time to do so. 

Let’s be honest, the Dolphins appear to be in full on tank mode whether they want to admit it or not. I expect our defense to feast,  and for Josh Allen to light the Miami D up.  I look forward to this week, and for those of you attending,  look for me and say hi! 

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And bringing up the rear (something she’s already struggling with on a daily basis) is our Godmother of Lactational Challenges @Bills_Chick. For the first time in over a decade of tangling with her, I will be sitting with this woman at the game on Sunday. God help us all.

If the Bills win, she will blame me for why they didn’t win by enough points. If they lose, she will have me scarred for life as a jinx. The only solution for me is to accept my fate and be gracious about it. Huzzah.

The Bills should take note of our joint attendance. It’s likely to be epic for a yet to be determined reason. Get ready.

Here’s her analysis, which is about as good as this DVOA crap she’s obsessing about…

Despite their favorable record, the Bills are only ranked 21st in team DVOA. They lost DVOA ground in the bye week (DVOA is opponent adjusted so your DVOA can be affected even when you’re not playing based on what happens to your past opponents). 

The Bills defensive DVOA is 3rd best in the NFL.  The offense is ranked a below-average 26th.  Sadly, Buffalo’s special teams is dead last in DVOA at 32nd in the league.  The Bills are the NFL’s weakest 4-1 team according to DVOA. (blah, blah, blah)

Luckily, the Bills are playing the team with the WORST DVOA in the league.  Miami is dead last in DVOA. Their offense and defense are both ranked 32nd.  Their special teams is their sole not totally shitty unit ranking 22nd in the league.

The Bills are playing the shittiest team in the NFL at home, coming off of a bye week.  They are favored by double digits to win in Vegas.  If the Bills do not absolutely stomp the Dolphins, Bills fans should be disappointed.  Josh Allen is playing the worst defense in the league.  He had better show up and get those gaudy stats.  If he doesn’t perform well this game, be very concerned.  The Bills D should easily eat up Ryan Fitzpatrick and company.  Who else is even on the Fins offense?  Kenyon Drake?  I’d take him on my team but everyone else sucks.  The Bills D might score points this game.  

The Bills’ special teams needs to dig themselves out of the gutter.  Miami’s special teams are not terrible.  Do better, Heath Farwell.  You are officially on my shit list as the worst part of this Bills’ team.  Danny Crossman is outperforming you on the league’s worst team.  Be better.

On a personal note, I will be attending the game with your dear editor.  Will we, ahem, I mean she, jinx the Bills? I hope not, and I don’t think she will but you can never be sure. 

Bills win 33-7.

Editor’s babble: Holy crap, no pressure there. Truth be told, I’m really looking forward to sharing a game experience with my good friend and soul sister. With all the Godmothers in attendance, heaven only knows what’s going to happen. Stay tuned. Thanks to the Godmothers for their contributions to our blog. You can find me on Twitter @RobynMundyWYO if you’re looking for someone to blame. See you at the game. Go Bills!

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