Mafia Mavens on Josh Allen’s hit, misses and mindset after crushing loss to Patriots

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Josh Allen played what was arguably his worst game as a professional last Sunday in a crushing 16-10 loss to the New England Patriots. In this week’s episode of the Mafia Mavens podcast, @DanyelReneeBB and I do a deeper dive into why Allen seems to struggle in the first half of games.

Danyel detailed why she believes the hit that resulted in Allen being placed in the concussion protocol this week was not one that rose to the standard of being ejected from the game. She outlined her specific reasons why the hit did not merit ejection from the game, while I discussed the inconsistencies in how the league protects some quarterbacks more than others (Brady).

Of course I had to go on and inflict some ‘wyobabble’ about why I think Josh Allen struggles in the early part of games only to pull a rabbit out of his hat with several already notable comeback wins in his young career.

Funny how the effect of adrenaline takes 90 minutes to be processed by the body. If Allen gets too jacked up as the game starts each week, it would put his clearance from the effect of adrenaline right about halftime. Huh. Imagine that.

This led to a discussion about emerging patterns regarding Josh Allen’s development at this early point in his career. It got me thinking about this particular period of time when quarterbacks are moving from “rookie mistakes” to ones that begin to define a career. Blame Jerry Sullivan for helping me connect the dots.

I blabbed way too much about the ‘existential crisis’ by quarterbacks drafted to be the ‘face of a franchise’ often deal with around this point in their career. We discussed how they navigate this critical period, and why it can make or break a career for even the best of them.

We also yapped about why Bills fans are so irrational and enjoyed a delightful discussion about why we think Tom Brady’s physical skills are clearly declining.

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On to Tennessee!

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