Godmothers of BillsMafia: Bills at Titans Pregame Report

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After burning their Tom Brady dolls, the Godmothers are now on to Tennessee. They are cranky and in no mood for any lies about a ‘Music City Miracle’ shoved in their faces. These women are also on a mission to purge the nasty taste of their team losing the first game of the season to the Patriots.

For every ‘Miracle’ there is a ‘Comeback’ to be had… and this week will feature two teams with defenses firing on all cylinders. The perceived drop off if the Buffalo Bills go 3-2 instead of 4-1 after this game cannot be overstated in terms of BillsMafia’s collective psyche.

So what pearls of wisdom did our favorite foul-mouthed Godmothers have to offer this week?

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We might as well start with our sophisticated songstress @BILLieve88… with some snappy words for this upcoming Bills at Titans matchup on Sunday.

I had the perfect victory song picked out last week, but the Buffalo Bills Offense and Special Teams would not let me be great! The only thing that will make me feel better is a Music City Mauling. I mean really… who do they really have on their team? Marcus MariNOta…just kidding  

All I want to hear is the sound of coins preferably dimes being dropped all over the field by Josh Allen or Matt Barkley!  I don’t care if they need Elmers Glue, Crazy Glue or Super Glue but I don’t want to see a ball dropped on the ground unless it is being spiked in the End Zone after a Bills TD! 

I need to see guys being trucked, bulldozed and plowed by Frank Gore. I better see some freakin’ Toe Drag Swag by John Brown!

Did you see that?  That was Andre Roberts flying by five guys for a score on a Punt Return. That’s what the heck I need to see! 

I also need Ed Oliver to get the freakin sack! I need Lorenzo Alexander and Micah Hyde to lay a ‘sucka’ out! I need Tre White and Levi Wallace intercepting Titans hopes and dreams. I need the Buffalo Bills to just win **** IT!

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I can only imagine the sign our Godmother of Media Relations @celestealbone might create for this game if it was being played at New Era Field on Sunday. We’ll have to be satisfied with her words of wisdom about the upcoming matchup.

If there is one thing the Bills need to do for this game against the Titans, it’s not to underestimate the defense. We don’t know which team is going to show up Sunday. The one against the Browns or the one against the Jaguars.

The Bills also cannot underestimate the Titans’ offensive line now that Taylor Lewan will be back. There is one thing I do know. Marcus Mariota is not Brady… he’s sure as hell not Eli and I think we can 100% rattle him. 

Based on the last 20 years, it’s hard not to worry or see the Bills going on some long losing streak and completely imploding after losing to the Patriots, but I honestly do not see that happening. This team is tight and the reports from the locker room after the Patriots game was that the team wasn’t acting/seeming defeated. Which is great.

We knew before the season started that the Bills’ defense was going to be great but I think they’ve gotten even better each game. I honestly don’t think it matters if Matt Barkley or Josh Allen plays. I have a good feeling Devin Singletary will be back and that will help whomever is under center.

I do think Barkley will have a better game with a weeks worth of practicing as the starter than coming off the bench cold. Josh already being in at least stage 4 of the concussion protocol is great news (especially knowing we have a bye after this game), but that doesn’t mean that he will play Sunday. It all depends on how he tests out after practice(s) this week. 

One thing I am extremely looking forward to is how many Bills fans are at the game in Nashville and hearing them on the TV! Can’t wait to start seeing all the reports out of Nashville this entire weekend. I hope everyone has a blast and the team gives us a win! Lets go 4-1 baby!!

Bills 17 – Titans 10

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Our Godmother of the 1000-watt smile @AshleyPetty_ filed this report.

This game is extremely crucial to see for the first time this season how this team bounces back after a loss. They will likely be without their starting QB Josh Allen (because it isn’t smart to risk right before a bye week). 

The Tennessee Titans are 2-2 and coming off a 24-10 victory to the bumbling Atlanta Falcons (1-3). Marcus Mariota has a slew of weapons – including their rookie WR AJ Brown, who had three receptions for 94 yards and two touchdowns.

It doesn’t seem too scary though, considering how absolutely elite this Bills defense is. It’s safe to think at this point, Buffalo’s defense will keep them in most if not all the remaining 12 football games. 


Offense being on the same page:
With the possibility of Matt Barkley holding the reins on Sunday, this offense N E E D S to stop with the turnovers and interceptions. John Brown and many other receivers were getting separation against the Patriots and not seeing any passes thrown their way. Take the short gain over the risky long ball if necessary. HOLD ON TO THE FOOTBALL.

With Devin Singletary likely returning this week (as of Monday, Sean McDermott said he was ‘close to being ready’ against New England), so they may be able to rely on the run game a little more. Frank Gore and Singletary as a 1-2 punch should be pretty solid as Tennessee’s defense is giving up 337 yards per game to opposing offenses.

Defense- stay the same: It’s like a broken record to say this again, but I always try to pin a key to victory for both the offense and defense. This defense held Tom Brady to 150 yards, going 18-for-39 with one interception and ZERO PASSING TOUCHDOWNS. To hold Brady to those stats and one of his lowest passer ratings ever, shows a vast improvement from the past.

SCORE PREDICTION: This is actually pretty tough this week because the QB situation is up in the air as I write this (on Monday).

Rolling with Bills 24, Titans 10- Buffalo will go into their bye week 4-1 which is better than most of us were expecting.

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Here’s how our Sweet Mama Godmother @KrystleNoel1128 summed up her thoughts on the upcoming game.

Welcome to Titans week!  Injuries are starting to mount as we delve into the season. We’re all anxiously awaiting Josh AllenPat DiMarco, and Dean Marlowe to clear concussion protocol, but I think at this point, I’m more concerned as to when Devin Singletary and Taron Johnson will be back. 

Here are some key thoughts for the upcoming game: 

Buffalo cannot sleep on the Titans defense. While I wouldn’t mind Josh Allen getting this week and the bye week to recoup, I am hoping Singletary is back to give the run game a little push. By no means have we suffered with Frank Gore leading the way, but Singletary changes the tempo with his different style of running.  

I believe this game will rest on how well we can contain Marcus Mariota. This Titans offense scored 43 points against the Browns during Week One, but then scored a paltry seven points against Jacksonville. It seems they are lacking consistency on this side of the ball. 

One thing to keep in mind is that Taylor Lewan will be coming off suspension and this will definitely fortify their offensive line. One interesting stat…  Mariota has not thrown an interception this year, I’m sure our secondary would love to break that streak. 

Nashville is going to be taken over this week by the best fan base in the country.  Bills Mafia, make sure you overpower the Titans fans on their home turf and make the Shout Song be heard on tv (again). Hopefully our post game reports will be breaking down another notch in the win column. 

Editor’s babble: That’s it from the Godmothers as we head into the fifth game of the season. This game is going to be a dog fight and whoever plays quarterback for the Bills better be ready for what the Titans defense is going to bring. Thanks to the Godmothers for their contributions to our blog. You can find me on Twitter @RobynMundyWYO.

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