Godmothers of BillsMafia: Patriots at Bills Postgame Report

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Ugh. Although the Buffalo Bills did it to themselves again and lost a heartbreaker to the New England Patriots, all hope is not lost. The Bills defense proved they are the real deal, while we are left wondering if, A) Josh Allen is OK and B) did he think he was still playing at Laradise?

I’ll leave the analytics to like my hero and teacher Erik Turner from Cover-1 to decipher the gory details and geometry of why and how the Bills found a way to lose the game 16-10, but even I could see how shellshocked Allen looked on Sunday.

Some say Josh choked. I can’t disagree but, might be able to add some perspective about why. I wasn’t surprised and think this game might actually end up serving him well in the long run.

However, I’ll save those thoughts for our next Mafia Mavens podcast, which the always “on it” @DanyelReneeBB and I will be recording later today. Suffice it to ‘say’ here that the literal beatdown Allen took might just be enough to crack that ‘hero ball’ out of his head once and for all. We can only hope that is the case.

Right now it’s time to reveal the innermost thoughts of the Godmothers, as they try to find a way to get past the disgust of losing another game to the Patriots.

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Let’s get rolling with our sweet but deadly accurate Godmother @KrystleNoel1128 and her comments about the game:

Well this wasn’t the outcome we wanted,  but I will say this:  I’m definitely excited where this team is headed.  Our defense completely stifled Brady and we were one blocked punt away from a win. Our defense is legit. I am so proud of that unit and the way they handled the Patriots offense.  Tom Brady had his worst numbers in awhile and that’s no accident. 

Offensively….woof. Josh Allen really needs to control those turnovers, but let’s face it, NE’s defense is one of the best in the league. Unfortunately I just don’t think they were prepared.

One thing we need to remind ourselves is that Josh is only a 2nd year QB that has barely played a full season. These mistakes are going to happen. Will we like it? Absolutely not,  but it’s how he has to learn. 

One bright spot? Frank Gore looks like an absolute beast at 36, and congrats to him for making his 15K yard mark.  That is a serious accomplishment, coupled with the fact that he had a 100+ yard game. With that in mind,  I’m a bit disappointed that Brian Daboll moved away from the run game. 

Gore was doing some damage,  but the play-calling did seem a bit suspect. I can’t wait till Devin Singletary is back though,  I think we are really missing that extra kick he provides the offense.  

Final thoughts?  Brady does not look like Brady anymore.  I can honestly say,  NE’s defense was what kept them in the game.  Let’s be real, Tom Brady is 42 years old.  He can keep holding on but it doesn’t mean he’s actually beating Father Time. I have hope for the December game though, because to me? NE looks VERY beatable. Now, on to Tennessee! 

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The Godmother of Law had to skip this game to take care of her wee one, so it proves @BillsChick isn’t a jinx on the Bills. They obviously can lose just fine without her presence at the stadium. Now if the Bills lose to the Miami Dolphins in a couple of weeks whilst I’m there with her, that might raise more questions. It should. This poor woman is married to a Patriots fan no less. Maybe her name should go up on the wall.

Hey, we beat spread!!! Seriously though, the Bills defense is amazing. I’m not one for “moral victories” (just win, baby) but if there ever was a moral victory this is one. Everyone should feel better about the Bills playoff chances after this close battle with the Patriots.

The MVP of this game is Micah Hyde. Hyde has been playing amazing all season and continued to do so against the Pats.  He is the true QB of the defense, and is playing lights out himself.  It is a pleasure to watch him every week and I am glad he is a Bills player.

Shout out to Brian Daboll for making some major play calling adjustments at halftime.  They may have been enough if Josh Allen didn’t get taken out by an illegal head to head hit.

I hate watching (and losing to) things like blocked punts.  It hurts my soul. We should be blocking punts not having them blocked.

Tom Brady looked mortal in this game as well.  I’m excited for future Sean McDermott versus Brady matchups.  We have the Pats’ offense figured out.  Now we just need the Bills to score on them!!!

And my man Matt Barkley.  He was just okay coming off the bench.  I liked how Daboll adjusted the game plan to suit him.  Those dump offs to T.J. Yeldon we’re working and I hope they call more of those in the future, both with Barkley (if necessary) and with Allen when he gets back.

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Our tell-it-straight-up Godmother @BILLieve88 let it loose after this one:

Tom Brady has a 45.9 passer rating, Bills offense scores more points than the Patriots offense, Bills lose the game…huh?

Why can’t the Buffalo Bills have nice things? Someone needs to bring in a Careless QB Whisperer and drill it into Josh Allen’s head that he needs to take what the defense is giving him and stop trying to do too much!

Players going to Praise Parade:
1.       Frank Gore– Frank tried his best to carry the team to 4-0 but for some reason Brian Daboll stopped feeding him in the 4th quarter. Welcome to the 15,000 club Frank!
2.       Buffalo Bills Defense- They did their job holding the Patriots offense to 9 points.
**Shout Out to Micah Hyde– Hyde stepped up after a critical pass interference call on Tre White on 4th down and intercepted Brady in the end zone, Levi Wallace and Tremaine Edmunds**
Players Standing in the Critical Corner:
1.       Josh Allen– Josh threw 3 interceptions and could have had 2 fumbles too.
2.       Corey Borjorquez– a blocked punt for a score and a punt go 21 yards…I’m over it!
3.       Lee Smith– Unable to settle down and stop getting penalized
4.       Cody Ford– a liability on passing plays
5.       Coaching- poor time management and use of timeouts, decision to not utilize Gore more when he was the best player on offense
6.       Zay Jones– All of Allen’s INT’s were targets to Jones and Zay seemed lacking in effort when it came to trying to make a catch or break up the INT.

Bills decided to Bills on this one…

Photo courtesy of Celeste Albone (pictured with Kyle Williams).

Our Godmother of Referees @celestalbone had a lot to ‘say’ after yet another stinging loss to the Patriots:

Well I pretty much knew how the day was going to go when the first encounter with Patriots* fans was a group standing on the corner of Abbott and Big Tree yelling and berating Bills fans.

While it was nice to meet Kyle Williams and Kay Adams from Good Morning Football!… I was then met with seeing a grown adult male place his genitals on Ralph Wilson’s hand on his statue.

If anyone tries to compare that to Bills fans throwing themselves through tables or throwing dildos on the field… The dildos were by a teenager/early 20s child and harming ourselves (which I don’t support or condone and actually hate it) is nowhere near a grown adult male messing with Buffalo Bills property and a statue of our first owner.

I went to visit my old seat during warm ups… and what do I see… a group of Patriots players come out of the tunnel during warm ups and run up and down the Bills’ sideline.

This is the second time they have done this and the visiting team is not supposed to come on the home team’s side. Not to mention Sean McDermott having to kick Bill Belichick’s son and another coach/staffer out of the end zone where the Bills were practicing before the game.

There is a reason the visiting team leaves and the home team stays out there for five minutes or so before going into the locker room. One of the intruders had a pad of paper he was hiding behind his back and a pen in the other hand. Absolutely ridiculous. 

As time passes I am more and more angry about the referees. In no way shape or form should a holding penalty off-set a head to head. Twice in that game when there was a big penalty on the Patriots, there was an offsetting one on the Bills.

How convenient. Reminds me of two years ago when Rob Gronkowski hit Tre White after the whistle and we somehow had a penalty too which caused us to be pushed back.

We were getting blown out that game, so what was the point? Only against the Patriots* does that **** happen. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

Anyone with the opinion that Josh Allen was lowering his head so it shouldn’t of been a penalty can take their opinion and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. Allen was already wrapped up.

He’s bending in half because he’s wrapped up and preparing to go down. For those that say he needs to slide… he can not slide there because he was already being tackled from behind. Jonathan Jones celebrated the hit afterwards quite a bit and should have gotten unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for that. 

I will say that we were one blocked punt away from winning that game, so it shows how far our defense has come. I also appreciate Micah Hyde and Jordan Poyer speaking their mind about the hit on Allen and sticking up for their QB, but I wouldn’t be shocked if they got fined for speaking their mind against the all might Patriots* and Cry Brady.

I refuse to believe in karma until that team and insufferable fan base gets theirs. All teams on the Patriots* remaining schedule need to watch our defensive tape. Take down this cheating team!

Photo courtesy of Ashley Petty (pictured).

And last but certainly not least, there’s this from our Godmother and Ambassador of BillsMafia @AshleyPetty_ filed this report.


Seriously, it feels like the Patriots didn’t win that game, but the Bills lost the game by beating themselves.  

What triggered most of the anger Sunday was the hit from Jonathan Jones on Josh Allen. Yes, he was a runner at that point, but was already being tackled (also the reason his head lowered, because of the way he was being tackled).

There was no need for the second defender to come in and have a helmet-to-helmet hit. Micah Hyde was right in saying that if that hit was on Tom Brady, we can believe it would have led to an ejection, a fine and possibly a suspension. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in the league 10 years or 10 minutes, the same rules should apply to everyone. 

As for the offense- YIKES. Short passes to T.J. Yeldon were working, Frank Gore was crushing it when he got the ball, but hero ball DOES. NOT. WORK. Like I mentioned in my pregame report, minimizing the mistakes on offense was crucial for this game- and Buffalo did the exact opposite.

When you’re going against the world champions who’s defense is second to yours, mistakes will absolutely cost you points. Dawson Knox and John Brown should be getting the ball WAY more often than they were yesterday also.

Who should be getting the ball thrown to him less? The second round pick of the 2017 draft, Zay Jones. It’s his third season and most of us tried giving him the benefit of the doubt. He had ample opportunities for catches against New England, but most of them turned into interceptions.

Maybe if the Bills could even sit him a week and bring up Duke Williams from the practice squad to give him a chance, it might fuel Zay Jones’ fire to make those close catches.

t’s tough to give Matt Barkley a solid critique on this game as he was coming off the bench cold and had to turn on his game face like a light switch. It wouldn’t be surprising to see him play against the Tennessee Titans next week. It would give Allen three weeks to recover (with the bye week coming in week six for Buffalo). 

Even with FOUR interceptions, this elite defense kept their team in it the entire 60 minutes of football. To only have lost by six points is absolutely mind boggling. Had there not been a blocked punt, it could have been a tie ball game most of the way… and possibly a win by a Steven Hauschka field goal. Micah Hyde and Jordan Poyer are the best safety tandem in the league (ranking 1st and 6th, respectively) and Tre’Davious White and Levi Wallace making plays in the back as well. 

All in all, this game was frustrating and should have, would have and could have been won, but the Bills showed improvement against a team who they typically get blown out by. Buffalo needs to take things one week at a time and hope that the all important bye week helps them out in terms of injured starters returning.

Editor’s babble: Would have been nice to get the W, but it eluded us once again. Hopefully the Bills can figure out a way to win at Gillette Stadium later this year. Big thanks to the Godmothers for their contributions to our blog. They inspire me daily. You can also find me on Twitter @RobynMundyWYO.

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  1. So happy to have found this connection with my Buffalo Bills❤️💙 enjoying every post connected with this! Thank you so much! Now let’s get the job done! We’ll be gunning for you NE! ❤️🏈💙🏈

  2. I have s-erious trouble with the play calling in the second half of the game against New England. What happened to the running game? Frank Gore had near 100 yards rushing in the first half. I think the lack of running plays being used set up some of the offense’s trouble scoring in the second half. When the Bills were inside the ten yard line and the team threw the ball three times in a row, I have trouble with that. The defense realized the Bills had abandoned the running game and applied max pressure to the quarterback. Offensive coordinator needs to provide a some-what balanced attack to keep the defense guessing! What do you think?

  3. What happened with the dildo throwing a lot about it before the game but after like it never happened or trump told everyone it didnt happen