Saturday is for the Mavens

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If Sunday is for the Mafia, then Saturday is for the Mafia Mavens. Each Saturday during the season I’ll stop by and write some Cliff Notes about the weekly podcast I am blessed to co-host with social media manager of Buffalo Rumblings’ @DanyelReneeBB.

This week it got personal. Danyel shared an incredible story about her brother, a long term survivor of neurofibromatosis, a condition causing tumor formation in the brain and spinal cord. She shared her heartwarming experience when they met Ezra Castro, aka/Pancho Billa at a Bills game last year.

Their story embodies a principle I’ve tried to share in my private practice with people facing the challenge of living with and dying from a chronic illness. Since my first days roaming the halls as a newly minted oncology nurse at Roswell Park, I’ve witnessed miracle after miracle of what happens when people share a common bond with a loving heart.

Big thanks to Danyel for sharing her story. Imagine being blessed to spend your entire professional life bearing witness to these kind incredible moments. It’s been that way for me since I started roaming the halls of Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center in 1976.

Later in my career I went back to graduate school to become a licensed psychotherapist specializing in working with people facing chronic illnesses. The stories they shared with me are something I treasure every day of my life.

Danyel was blessed to be a part of that process with her brother and Ezra Castro. There’s an incredible amount of wisdom to be heard when you listen to people facing these types of life challenges.

And good old BillsMafia was a part of the process that allowed that connection to happen.

Ain’t life grand?

Then we moved on in the podcast to a less interesting but none-the-less necessary ‘wyobabble’. I talked about one of the reasons why Josh Allen repeatedly makes bad decisions.

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The Cliff Notes explained Allen’s propensity to go all “hero ball” in terms of behavior modification. Simply put, behavior that gets rewarded intermittently (vs. continuous) tends to be the strongest in terms of reinforcing behavior.


Josh Allen makes bad decisions because every now and then (and arguably more often than not) a bad decision he makes works out. It defines Allen’s career. He did the same thing at the University of Wyoming.

You think you’re about to see a disaster happen on the field and then BOOM… it’s a touchdown. It’s part of what makes Josh who he is as a quarterback… more risk taker than some can stomach.

What I didn’t get into on the podcast was how the coaching staff can extinguish the recklessness without taking away what makes Josh Allen so exciting to watch as a quarterback.

I completely trust Brian Daboll, Ken Dorsey and Jordan Palmer to facilitate that process over the next year or two. Bottom line, some of the risk taking may still result in disaster and you have to come to terms with that as a fan.

Here’s the podcast and we’d be thrilled if you’d give it a listen. Thanks to all of you supporting our effort to bring a podcast with a different slant from a couple Godmothers of BillsMafia.

Editor’s babble: This week’s Mafia Mavens podcast was fun but also a serious episode. I can’t begin to imagine the weirdness we will experience doing the next one after the Bills face the Patriots. You can blame me for this on Twitter @RobynMundyWYO.

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