Godmothers of BillsMafia: Patriots* at Bills Pregame Report

Photo/meme of Tom Brady from sportige.com.

Words cannot describe what kind of reactions Bills fans have when they see a picture of Tom Brady. Lord knows we are sick of him destroying our beloved Bills time after time after time. So now it’s time again, but this time both teams enter the game on Sunday at New Era Field with a record of 3-0.

Over the last few days, media folks are quick to point out that the Bills 3-0 record might be a fraud because of the weak opponents they faced. BUT, they also fail to mention the Patriots haven’t faced a team with more than one win collectively.

However, the Patriots did destroy every opponent on the way to their matchup against the Bills – and the Bills had to make each win of theirs a cardiac-inducing event. I have no illusions the Bills will trounce the Patriots. In fact, if they play their best game of the season and still lose, I’ll consider it a good representation of where they’re at – improving but not quite ready for prime time. And that’s OK. For now.

The Godmothers are cranky about this game. I had a devil of a time rounding them up and getting them to focus on a game no one in the BillsMafia community wants to think about. I don’t want to think about it, but if I do, only one thing comes to mind.

Make them pay. Win or lose, make them pay dearly for coming to New Era Field on Sunday. Make them all feel the pain on Monday morning regardless of outcome.

Here’s what the girlies think about the quintessential David and Goliath matchup:

Photo provided by Celeste Albone.

Let’s get this thing rolling with the best sign to look for in the stadium on game day. Our Godmother of Signs @celestealbone has been busy this week:

Dreaded Patriots week. Hate to say it but it’s true. I can already feel my blood boiling thinking about Sunday and the referees.

I remember the Bills’ victory in 2011 over the Patriots like it was yesterday. I was living in Maryland and watched the game as a Bills Backers bar and what I wouldn’t of given to be in that stadium that day.

As unlikely as it seems considering the Patriots* reign over the NFL and Tom Brady’s persuasiveness with officiating, the Bills do have a solid chance to win this game if they can limit the mistakes.

The Bills played well in last four games against the Patriots*. Brady has more interceptions than passing touchdowns. The Patriots running game did kill the Bills, so if the Bills can contain that then there is a possibility that they could pull off a victory.

Let me get started about this matchup on Sunday with a rant. Don’t tell me that Brady complaining on twitter about officiating last Thursday night and then by Sunday holding calls are brought down have nothing to do with each other.

Especially when Brady has a bad offensive line, yet he’s never touched and holding isn’t called. The amount of booing that goes on towards the referees when the Patriots* are at New Era Field, it’s a wonder the they make it out of Orchard Park alive. /end rant.

I don’t know what’s going to happen on Sunday but I’ll be there. Hoping with all hope that we have a great game plan and execute it how the players and coaching staff want. We have to be flawless and make them make mistakes. It is possible. But until we do it, I can’t pick the Bills to win.

“You can’t count out touchdown Tom”. *puke*

You’ll find me in the front row with my sign and I’ll be there til the clock hits 0.

Photo/meme from sportsmemes.com.

Our Godmother of Cuteness @KrystleNoel1128

Well, it’s Patriots week and as we all know, it’s an intense week of an emotional roller coaster. We range from feelings of excitement that maybe this year our team can do it, to feelings of dread that we are going to get blown out, to wishing a banana peel would appear on the turf in Tom Brady’s path. 

So let’s take emotion out and look at the facts, both teams are 3-0 against arguably the worst teams in the league.  

Keys to victory?  Get to Brady.  Buffalo’s pass rush NEEDS to be effective this weekend. This is even more important with the loss of Harrison Phillips this past Sunday.

If the Bills can rattle Brady, they can disrupt the Patriots’ offense. The fact is all phases of our defense need to perform at high levels.

Not only does Brady have an exceptional receiving corp led by Julian Edelman and Josh Gordon, their backfield is awfully crowded with James WhiteRex Burkhead and Sony Michel.

This is the weekend for the Bills’ offense to finally play through the full four quarters. No more sleeping through the third. The Patriots defense is one of the best in the league and will be itching to get to Josh Allen

I don’t know about any of you, but watching Stephon Gilmore in the Patriots secondary tests my upchuck reflex on the daily. The last thing I want to see is him getting his hands on Allen’s passes.

John Brown and Cole Beasley need to create separation from the defensive backs, and Allen needs to not hang onto the ball so long.This will be contingent on our offensive line and with Jon Feliciano possibly out, we really need Cody Ford to step up. 

While I really want to see is Devin Singletary back but I don’t want him to rush it.  I have all the faith in Frank Gore but T.J. Yeldon’s fumble just can’t happen again. That Patriots defense will absolutely take advantage of that. 

I enter this week with cautious optimism, as I do every Patriots week, but I’ve said it earlier in the season, and I will say it again. 

Something feels different about this team. I can’t wait to see our men take the field at New Era again and for those of you that get to attend, scream loud and proud and make that stadium roar.

Photo/meme from me.me.com.

Our sweetest Godmother of BillsMafia @BILLieve88 let her thoughts be known:

It’s Patriots week! Hopefully the Buffalo Bills can get their Motor Singletary running down New Era Field Highway until they arrive at 24 Points Place across from Victory Lane!

Before they head out, I hope they fill their tanks up with some diesel fuel because it is going to be a long ride! If the Bills want to advance to 4-0 they must do the following:

1.       Do NOT turn the ball over…PERIOD!

2.       Play disciplined football on both sides of the ball all four quarters.

3.       Pressure and hit Tom Brady often. Get in his face and knock him down!

4.       Make appropriate adjustments throughout the game. The Buffalo Bills offense cannot afford to stall in the 3rd quarter on Sunday.

5.       Josh Allen and his selected receivers must connect and score some points on the deep passes.

6.       Sean McDermott, Leslie Frasier and Brian Daboll need to be very creative and coach their ***** off! They are going to need some innovative schemes to outsmart the surly one on the other side.

I BILLieve the Bills win upsetting the Patriots 24-21.

Photo/meme from turtleboysports.com.

Next up my sister from another lifetime @BillsChick added her thoughts about the Bills/Patriots* matchup:

I want to be cocky about this game since the Patriots have only played ****** teams, but I’m scared of the Patriots as per usual. 

They have played poor quality teams, but they have been blowing out each opponent. The Pats seem like they could still win with 10 guys on the field.

The key to winning is being perfect. The Bills must be perfect in each aspect of their game from game plan to kicker. No turnovers. A third down conversion rate that is around 75%. The defense has to bring their “A” game.

I see this game being a defense battle with lots of punting. The Pats and Bills both have top defenses. (Watch it be a shootout now that I have said this!)

Sadly, barring injury to a certain QB, the Bills lose this game, 13-10.

Photo/meme from Pinterest.com.

Our Ambassador for Away Teams @AshleyPetty_ keeps it real with her thoughts:

Oof, Here comes the week Bills fans dread the most. Seemingly the end is near for the Tom Brady/Bill Belichick regime, as father time is slowly catching Brady (not in his gameplay, but in his age). Feeling like he’s got two more years max left in his tank.

You want to expect things will be different despite the ugly wins this team has had so far, but it feels like until Brady is out, Buffalo will end on the losing side of things.

The bright side however, is this team is great at finding a way to win. They’ve rallied two out of three weeks to come back and win. This should be a pretty low scoring game, as both defenses rank highly in the league.


Minimizing the stupid mistakes on offense-  This team is lucky to have the defense they do, but the turnovers need to stop if this team wants to keep winning football games. Josh Allen needs to learn it’s okay to take the sack or to throw it away sooner if his line misses a block. The Bills’ RB’s need to hold on to the ball. New England will make you pay for your mistakes which does not help a team win football games.

Defense- keep it up!- Though the third quarter looked sloppy overall and the unit allowed way too many yards for comfort on the Bengals last offensive drive (before Tre’Davious White picked it off) they still are one of the best in the league. 

KEEP IT LOUD-  It was said that Tremaine Edmunds had trouble communicating with Leslie Frazier due to the crowd noise. Bills fans should bring it again as the defense was HYPED and the atmosphere was electric.

Even the Bengals beat writer commented on how it was louder than Seattle, and he’s covered the SEC for three years and no atmosphere had Buffalo’s beat. Any slight edge the crowd can give the home team against the Patriots would be fantastic.


As much as this pains me to do this, I had a dream that the Bills were going to lose by 3. Patriots 20, Bills 17 Let’s hope it’s wrong though, as this team is great at finding a way to win.

Photo/meme from sportsmemes.com.

And to summarize, our Godmother and my podcasting partner @DanyelReneeBB laid it out this way:

Here we are. The battle of two 3-0 teams. This should be fun. 

I hate the Patriots with every fiber of my being and even though they’ve crushed winless teams, they still scare me. Their run game isn’t as good as it has been in the past, and especially now with James Develin being out, so I think that’s one area where the Bills’ defense should excel this week.

If the Bills take away the run game, they can focus on the pass rush and getting to Tom Brady. The thing with Brady is that, when he’s rattled, he’s prone to making mistakes. It gets in his head.

We already know the Bills’ secondary more than takes advantage of sloppy passes and the Bills lead the league in batted balls. They’ve also done a great job of forcing fumbles. With a shaky offensive line, the Patriots may be in for a surprise against a very good Bills defense. 

On the other side of the ball, Josh Allen has to play an almost perfect game. He can’t get silly and take too many risks because the Patriots are known to capitalize on them. Stephon Gilmore, love him or hate him, is one of the best cornerbacks in the league and the Patriots’ defense is just rolling over their opponents.

The Bills will need their offensive line to protect Josh at all costs and the run game will have to get going early to allow him some plays down the field. 

The biggest thing the Bills need to do is keep their cleats on the Patriots’ proverbial throats all game. Don’t come out flat in the second half.


Editor’s babble: BillsChick was pretty timid this week with the swear words, so I don’t know what to think about that. It’s time for the Bills luck against the Patriots to change. If the Bills don’t win, I hope they at least make them limp through the rest of the season. You can find me trolling Bills fans on Twitter (with pictures of Tom Brady… doing my part to get the crowd riled up for Sunday) @RobynMundyWYO. Stomp the bleeping Pats. Please.

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