A Little Better Each Week Helps Buffalo Bills a Lot

Photo of QB Andy Dalton from NewYorkUpstate.com.

Letting a team they had beaten stick around is one way to stay humble. The Buffalo Bills created drama for the home opener, which was a superficially magnanimous gesture they could’ve skipped.

A bit too much cockiness led to a recalculation. Acting like they had already won nearly prevented that very outcome. But our favorite club still found a way to triumph. Now, let’s have a relaxing fourth quarter some time this season, shall we?

Andy Dalton can still run for Buffalo mayor, even if he tried his hardest to threaten our dreams.  The charity kingpin wasn’t supposed to interfere. Handing chances to a skilled quarterback almost doomed them against a Bengals team already looking forward to the draft. The Bills shouldn’t expect to get away with sloppiness while facing any organization with hopes about the present year.

Still, it’s an impressive feat to overcome even self-imposed obstacles. Seeing improvement since the end of last season is as heartening as some fable about an ant and grasshopper where one of them prepares for winter while the other’s a lazy jerk.

The offseason finally feels over. It’s tough to sense carryover after enduring a rather extensive interlude. But the Bills used those interminable months to work on winning despite flaws instead of losing because of them. Those who were here last year seem to have gotten better at it.

Photo of RB Devin Singletary from bleacherreport.com.

Devin Singletary is already valuable, as seen by his absence.  The Bills compensated for someone they miss even if they only made his acquaintance a short time ago. Buffalo’s exciting rookie was eight when Frank Gore first got paid to carry a football. Based on his return to starting, the second half of his career is beginning promisingly.

Their precocious rusher can let his hamstring heal.  Misdirection helped his team in the meantime. I wish I could reverse my life as well as the offense does on rushing plays.  The confusion Cincinnati’s defense exhibited during sweeps feels familiar. I still won’t wear a Bengals jersey.

It’s tricky to spread around touches without players who can handle catches. Thankfully, the Bills can exercise just about any option. As with choosing a Seinfeld on Netflix, it’s tough to go wrong. This is free drinks week for Dawson Knox, so it’s lucky for him he’s 22. Meanwhile, I can’t catch John Brown to ask for an autograph.

Our gallant underdogs won’t make real progress until they can beat the Patriots. This is not a new topic. Oh, it’s just the central issue that has plagued Bills Mafia since 2003. Those early records of our fan mob have mysteriously vanished, so don’t even bother searching. Some fans may be relieved there is no social media history of any praise aimed toward Willis McGahee.

Photo of RB Willis McGahee/Getty Images.

Buffalo not precisely the only team that’s dreaded facing Darth Vader and Company. An unblemished record will feel like it’s marred with an asterisk until they vanquish the fiend legion.  Sunday will determine whether they’re finally emerging as anything more than just a couple Rebel soldiers in the way.

Be who you are. The self-esteem lesson taught by Sesame Street decades ago still applies at One Bills Drive. This very special roster needs to keep doing what’s kept them undefeated 18.75 percent of the way through the season.  Panicky skittishness because they’re facing a bully will only result in even purpler ‘nurples’.

Strategy dictates tactics.  If the defensive line can’t get to Satan’s favorite quarterback, then they can at least bat down his attempts to inflict evil via the air.

Meanwhile, successful short throws to Cole Beasley are setting up longer ones to Brown just like they planned. Doing what’s worked so far offers the best possible shot at perpetrating happy results. Don’t change who you’ve been all along unless you think Howard Stern has gotten funnier.

This week would be a stellar time to learn from mistakes and never ever commit them again. Like Charlie Kelly ruining dates by bringing up the Waitress, nothing kills momentum like turnovers. A sloppy approach to security kept the Bengals in business. Imagine what a team that’s won this year will do with stolen footballs.

Photo by Adrian Kraus/AP/Shutterstock (10357833df) Buffalo Bills’ T.J. Yeldon fumbles the ball during the first half of an NFL preseason football game against the Indianapolis Colts, in Orchard Park, N.Y Colts Bills Football, Orchard Park, USA – 08 Aug 2019.

We will stop bringing up T.J. Yeldon’s preseason fumble when he plays a few games without reenacting it. As for another unwelcome holdover from pretend games, Josh Allen supposedly got making lousy decisions out of his system last month.

Being in danger is no excuse for making it worse. Firefighters still must ensure they’re not spraying napalm no matter how bad the inferno is.

Managing personality characteristics is the next step in growth after deploying them. Judicious application of traits keeps them from being used negatively.

Yes, the same gunslinging mentality that enables throwing through small faraway windows can lead to a dangerous toss while avoiding a sack. But tendencies aren’t destiny. Frank Sinatra’s rather bold personality let him be one of the world’s biggest stars, but he still could’ve worked on making home life less volatile.

Stuff that mental scrapbook with memories regarding a glorious end of summer game even if we’d like to forget a few particular moments. What could be a better way to kick off the fall than reversing a few decades of disparity? Just because we wish for the same thing with every seasonal change doesn’t make the dream any less valid.

Editor’s babble: I might print this one out and put it on my wall. Thanks, as always, to Anthony Bialy for his thought-provoking contributions to our blog. You can find Anthony on Twitter @AnthonyBialy.

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