Godmothers of BillsMafia: Bengals at Bills Postgame Report

Photo courtesy of Ashley Petty. And what a Godmother she is!

What a home opener it was when the Bengals came to town on Sunday. It started with Bills fans celebrating the life of Ezra Castro, aka/Pancho Billa, before the game. The Bills dominated the first half and provided another heart-failure-inducing-come-from-behind victory to seal the deal 21-17. A 3-0 record never looked so good.

And now it’s on to the Patriots. Ugh. But we don’t have to dwell on it until the Godmothers give their report on the Bengals game first. So, let’s get rolling…

First up, our Godmother of Glorious Tailgating @AshleyPetty_ who completely rocked the home opener filed this report:

Photo of ‘Panchito’ (Gino Castro) with Ashley Petty courtesy of Ashley.

Wow. Where to even begin. Easily one of the best weekends I’ve ever had. Friday, we started out at the Mafia Homecoming Party where we got to see all the super-fans come out along with Stevie Johnson, Donald Jones, Marcus Easley, and Ron Brooks.

Ezra Castro’s (Pancho Billa) family was in the house as well. To get to rub elbows with some amazing Buffalonians and benefit charity was a night I’ll never forget- and they are planning on making this an annual event. Soho, Codes Socks and 26-shirts really put on a great gig.

Saturday was emotional as we said a final farewell to our friend, Pancho Billa in Hammers Lot. To see the love and support from everyone who came out was beyond overwhelming. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house when Ezra’s brother spoke to everyone. We are truly blessed to have their family in this fanbase, and it was amazing to see the entire city of Buffalo rally around them as well. 

As for the game – WOW. We couldn’t have asked for a better day-Hammers Lot was rocking, the sun was shining and the Bills were fired up at their first home game. Buffalo absolutely dominated the first half, being up 14-0 after a Dawson Knox touchdown/Cole Beasley 2-point conversion, and two Stephen Hauschka field goals. 

The third quarter started off well also when Tre’Davious White had his first pick of the season, but then Josh Allen threw a pick after making a bad decision from being forced out of the pocket. The Bengals then rallied to catch up and tie the game at 14 all at the beginning of the fourth, then with 4 minutes left, went up 17-14.

At this point, anxiety was running rampant through fans’ veins. Allen orchestrated yet another beautiful game winning drive including a 49-yard catch from Knox where he stiffed two defenders and showed why he was a steal in the third round. 

It was ELECTRIC being in the stadium, especially for the last five minutes of the game. Should be a fun time when the Patriots come to town on Sunday, and it could look a lot better than it has in the past if the mistakes on offense are kept to a minimum.

Our Godmothers were out in full force at the stadium and @celestealbone didn’t disappoint with her first sign offering:

Photo of Mike Cline and Celeste Albone courtesy of Celeste.

Wow. 3-0. Not going to lie. I was so nervous during our game winning drive and the subsequent Bengals drive that my hands went numb and I couldn’t move them. They locked. Similar to what happens to me when I have a panic attack.

Guys. I love you. I appreciate you. But can we have a relaxing Sunday one of these weeks?? I’d like to make it to my wedding alive 

Man it felt good to be home. The crowd was hyped. The Pancho tribute was incredible. Tears were flowing. Harrison Phillips running out of the tunnel in a Sombrero. Pancho’s kids all decked out. Just an incredible day. Beautiful weather (well… I really hate sweating tho. It was hot hot hot.)

The crowd was loud. New Era was rocking. Couldn’t have asked for a better home opener (besides minus the heart attack at the end).

I apologize if my thoughts are scrambled but I’m just trying to recall the day and convey how I felt. The Dawson Knox and Cole Beasley TD and 2 pt conversion were right in front of me and it was awesome to find out after the game that that was Knox’s first TD since High school! How awesome!!!

Not going to lie. The third quarter and beginning of the fourth brought back all the feelings of the past 20 years. Like here we go. They’re going to lose this game. I can’t believe they let that lead slip away…. But the one thing that felt different… Was that I was open to see if Josh Allen could bring us back. Past years I would sit down and put my feet up all pissed off because deep down I had no faith in the team to put together a game winning drive.

Now??? Honestly…. Anything is possible. It’s a wonderful feeling and I can’t wait to make my sign for next week! 

Like many of us who watch from out of state our Songbird Godmother @BILLieve88 filed this report:

Coach McDermott and @doctork44 (Kent D.) prior to the game. Photo from Kent’s Twitter account.

The Bills advance to 3-0 in an effort my Grandpa would have called another ‘Booty Squincher’ had he been here to see it.  After Cincinnati took the lead I had to excuse myself to pray and meditate because I refused to BILLieve the Bills were about to…you know…Bills! I am Glad that my prayers were answered and NFL Game Pass allowed me to watch the last 5 minutes of the game LOL.

The Praise Goes To:

John Brown – seems like almost every time the team needs him to make a play he makes it.

Zay Jones – Zay made some plays today and would have had a chance to possibly score a TD with a better thrown ball. 

Dawson Knox – Scored his first TD and had a catch and run play that went for 49 yards and was just nasty taking out two Bengals! He has to be the Angry Run winner on Good Morning Football!

Frank Gore– This man definitely still has some gas in the tank. He had some critical 1st down runs and found his way into the end zone.

Josh Allen– although Josh Allen threw an ugly INT, he showed heart leading the team to a victory in another 4th quarter game winning drive.  Allen also had 200+ yards in 8 consecutive games.

Micah Hyde– Micah was not playing with Cincinnati! He came ready to play and win and was involved in two plays that resulted in turnovers.

Tre White– After Tre found himself a victim of Twitter’s Hot Takes last week, he dusted the criticism off and got the turnovers those of us being critical of him knew he was capable of. Tre balled and deserved Dion’s call!

Jordan Poyer– Jordan was a one man tackling machine and led the team in tackles.

BILLieve88’s Critical Corner:

Josh Allen’s decision making wasn’t great in this game at times. He turned the ball over and made a play that took the team out of FG range. Josh also missed another wide open receiver.

T.J. Yeldon get an opportunity and fumbled the ball again. We just can’t have this!

Dawson Knox had some great plays but also had a couple penalties and a bad drop.

Bills have once again had a very poor 3rd quarter.  They cannot afford to take their foot off the gas anymore!

Mamacita @BillsChick is still at home nursing a newborn and was apoplectic about missing her first home game in a decade. She filed this report:

Photo of @BillsChick’s favorite QB Josh Allen from @buffalobills on Twitter.

That game was an unnecessary nail biter!  I am definitely ecstatic over the win, but if the Bills play like that against the Patriots, they will get stomped.

But first things first, the Bills are 3-0. Yes, it came against terrible teams. BUT the rest of the schedule is not terribly difficult.  

The Bills defense looks amazing. I think that they are legit good. Obviously the player of the game was Tre White for his two interceptions.  Honorable mention to Micah Hyde who tipped one of the picks and also seems to be a real leader on defense.  As Eric Wood noted on the radio broadcast, Hyde lined Kevin Johnson up in the right spot to get a timely sack on Dalton.

The offense needs to fix some things if the team wants to be “good good” and not like the hot start teams of Bills past which have ended in collapse. Play calling is good, but Daboll could have ran the ball more against the ****** Bengals run defense. 

The main problem with this game was Josh Allen giving the Bengals an easy and unnecessary interception. That, was terrible. 

No QB should be attempting to stiff arm a defender and throw a pass at the same time. Additionally, the Bills were 5 for 13 on third down. To beat good teams, third down efficiency is going to have to be much better.

Shout out to Dawson Knox for his incredible run after the catch.  His hit on the second defender that tried to tackle him was absolutely amazing. One of the best angry runs we’ve seen in quite some time.

Soak in this win BillsMafia!  Next week is big boy football. Go Bills!

And bringing up the rear for today’s report is our Godmother of Podcasting and my partner-in-crime @DanyelReneeBB. Here are her thoughts on the game:

Photo from BuffaloRumblings.com.

Just win baby!! That statement basically sums up my thoughts after the Bills once again came from behind in the fourth quarter (after playing with a lead most of the game) to beat the Bengals. 

I love the confidence that Josh Allen exudes. Yes, he plays hero ball too much. Yes, he trusts his arm strength and athleticism a little more than he should. But please, Bills, don’t take that away from him.

Brian Daboll did a good job of reaming him out on the sidelines and it seemed to have worked, as he came out swinging on the final offensive drive. But credit should also go to Allen for believing in himself.

He’s partly the reason the Bills saw the Bengals take the lead after that ugly interception and a few bone-headed mistakes but he’s also part of the reason the Bills were able to claw their way out of the dungeon of despair we’ve so often seen the team lock themselves away in. 

The defense. They absolutely smothered a Bengals offense that includes a decisive Andy Dalton and at that time, the leader in receiving yards John Ross. But then something happened towards the end of the second half.

The adjustments the Bengals made were working and Dalton was firing on all cylinders, completing most of the passes he threw. Luckily, on the last play of the game, Tre White was in perfect position to intercept a ball that was too close to the end zone for comfort.

The Bills defense allowed Dalton and company to march right up the field on that last drive, and I’m truly growing weary of the “prevent defense”. Stick it to them, Buffalo. Go for their throats. If they can’t handle Dalton’s quick release, how in the world will they be able to stop Tom Brady

But all in all, a win is a win. Victories are hard to come by in the National Football League and to do it three weeks in a row speaks volumes to the heart and resilience of this team. They should be proud of what they’ve accomplished as the national media gave them no credit heading into this season. Hopefully they can keep this up every week while continuing to improve. 

Editor’s babble: Well, that’s a wrap on our Bengals postgame report. Heaven only knows what the Godmothers will have to write about next week after the 3-0 Bills take on the 3-0 Patriots. A win would be great, but a good showing would also be OK with me at this point. You can find me on Twitter @RobynMundyWYO.

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