Mafia Mavens brings ‘wyobabble’ to the podcast world

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Just when you thought you could escape ‘wyobabble’ by listening to podcasts instead, @DanyelReneeBB on Twitter came along and invited me to be her cohost for a weekly podcast about the Buffalo Bills on the Buffalo Rumblings Podcast Network.

Danyel is the social media manager for the terrific Buffalo Rumblings website and a spitfire full of knowledge, energy and passion about the Bills and NFL football. I’m humbled and honored to ride shotgun with her on this adventure.

Our first podcast was a bit rough figuring out the technology, but Danyel guided us through the process like a champ and now we are ready to roll. We thought it was important to add an all-female host perspective to the Bills podcast world. It’s up to you to decide whether it’s worth it to listen and subscribe.

Our debut episode can be found here.

I’ve been wanting to explore the podcast world for awhile but fossilizing brains don’t adapt easily to learning how to use technology. However, as part of an ongoing effort to keep my brain from completely shutting down, I force myself to learn new things. Thankfully, Danyel is patient with this old lady :)

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There’s no shortage of podcasts about the Buffalo Bills these days. I expect that number to continue to increase if the team remains competitive throughout the season.

[Ha… check out the difference between a Bills fan and a Patriots fan. We put out qualifiers about being a good team (let alone a playoff one) and they wonder if they’re going to run out of fingers for Super Bowl rings.]

The Buffalo Rumblings Podcast Network has a great lineup of different types of podcasts about the Bills for your listening pleasure.

Here’s a list and please consider giving each of them a listen.

The Nick and Nolan Show

Buffalo Rumblings Q & A


Blitzed Bills

Circling The Wagons

Breaking Buffalo Rumblings

I decided my next goal in life is to become a proficient podcaster because it affords the freedom to connect with a specific population of people while sprawled out on the bed in sweats and drinking a latte.

There are endless possibilities where our Mafia Mavens podcast will go, but I can assure you it will be full of surprises.

She said WHAT?

Editor’s babble: Thanks to everyone who kindly supported us pulling this podcast together. I’m excited and humbled. Let’s remember, I go back to the days of black and white television. LOL. Have a great day. You can also find me on Twitter @RobynMundyWYO.

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Robyn Mundy is Editor-in-Chief of the BillsMafia blog at She's a retired oncology nurse & psychotherapist who loves to write about her life-long passion for the Buffalo Bills, and occasionally something of clinical or social relevance. Robyn lives with her husband Gary and their dogs in the foothills of the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming. Robyn is also a proud founding sponsor. Follow her on Twitter at @RobynMundyWYO.