Godmothers of BillsMafia: Bengals at Bills Pregame Report

@RobynMundyWYO and @BillsChick spar over Josh Allen and Matt Barkley. Photo from alamy.com.

While we all feel great about the Buffalo Bills 2-0 record at their home away from home, MetLife Stadium, it’s on to the Cincinnati Bengals and the home opener at New Era Field on Sunday. Though it’s tempting to dwell on the Bills ability to sideline quarterbacks, we can’t look back nor too far forward and salivate at the thought of doing the same to Tom Brady.

This time when Andy Dalton comes to town, it won’t be with such feelings of gratefulness once the clock starts ticking. Before anyone starts allowing a possible 3-0 record to dance in their heads, let’s remember how it feels when we get ahead of ourselves only to be bamboozled by guys like Ryan Fitzpatrick – who promptly pooped the bed after signing a midseason extension to a then-exorbitant $60M+ contract.

The Andy Dalton to Tyler Boyd dream come true could turn into a nightmare at ‘The Cap’ if BillsMafia ends up too drunk to be loud and proud when the team needs us the most. Even Micah Hyde pleaded with us to bring it on Sunday. We shall endeavor to do just that.

Uhhhh… let’s do this….

The Godmothers have barely recovered from their collective 2-0 MetLife hangover but I did manage to corral them long enough to get their pregame report:

Despite my constant pokes (tip of the wyohat) at @BillsChick, she says it AND she means it:

Photo of T.J. Yeldon from buffalonews.com.

The Bengals are six point dogs to the Bills in Vegas. The Bengals’ offensive line is in shambles. The Bills should comfortably win this game if they are for real, especially since it’s the home opener.

Look for the Bills defensive line to dominate the Bengals. I expect Andy Dalton to be on his butt all day courtesy of Jerry Hughes, Trent Murphy, Ed Oliver and company.  

I think that Sean McDermott should sit Motor Singletary to let his hamstring rest for The Patriots.  If that happens, T.J. Yeldon will get dusted off and we could see big days from both Yeldon and Frank Gore against the Bengals poor run defense.  Maybe another rushing TD from Josh Allen as well [editor gasps because she didn’t even swear.]

My prediction is Bills 38, Bengals 7.

I’m beginning to think our Godmother of Coordination @KrystleNoel1128 might be accident prone but will give it another couple of weeks before making that determination. In the mean time, here are her thoughts on the game:

Photo of Ezra Castro, PanchoBilla, from WKBW.com.

So this Sunday we take on our old buddies the Bengals.  Normally,  we are all about our friends in Cincinnati…. but not this week! While we will forever be grateful to Andy Dalton and Tyler Boyd for their part in breaking the playoff drought,  our team has a really good shot of going 3-0. 

So far, the Bengals are 0-2 but no team can ever be counted out (any given Sunday, right?). AJ Green is still out, but our defense should never take players like Tyler Boyd and John Ross lightly.  Our secondary will need to keep their eyes peeled as these two can be pretty effective.  

The Bengals defensive line is no joke as well with Geno Atkins and Carlos Dunlap. They are going to definitely make things tough for our offensive line.  But I think as long as we can keep Josh Allen safe in the pocket we should see some success. 

Here’s hoping that Devin Singletary’s hamstring is good to go,  but thankfully our offense is not all based on the run game. If necessary I believe Frank Gore and T.J. Yeldon can carry the load.  Personally,  I just want to see more of the Josh Allen/John Brown connection!
The home opener marks the celebration of Pancho Billa’s life,  let’s hope our boys can bring home this win for him! 

This incredible Godmother @BILLieve88 is one sassy woman. Here are her words of wisdom about the upcoming Bills/Bengals matchup:

Photo of WR John Ross from wcpo.com.

Will the Bills go 3-0 leaving the Bengals 0-3 in week 3?  Here are the Keys for the Bills to activate their Pancho Power in their home opener.

1.       Time for the Motor-Gortex or TJ Yeldon to gain 100+ yards rushing and take control of the clock. Their offense can’t score if our offense stays on the field right?
2.       Josh Allen cannot turn the ball over to the Bengals trying to do too much. Take what the defense gives you and hope it’s a lot of yards and TD’s.
3.       Josh must also connect on his deep throws when he has a wide open receiver.
4.       Bills defense must sack Andy Dalton and often (but nicely because he’s our friend (LOL).
5.       Who ever has John Ross duty must ensure they don’t get Mossed.
6.       Discipline…All three phases must stop digging holes with pre/post snap penalties. We can’t continue to have big runs and returns called back because of penalties. Only thing I want the Bills holding on to in week 3 is another win.

I BILLieve Bills win in week 3!

Our Godmother @AshleyPetty_, who brings new meaning to the term perseverance filed this report:

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen, left, evades New York Giants’ Markus Golden during the second half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Sept. 15, 2019, in East Rutherford, N.J. (AP Photo/Adam Hunger).

What a GREAT day of football we are about to have in Orchard Park. The weather is looking up, and Ezra aka Pancho Billa will be smiling down on us yelling “Viva Los Bills!” from his seat in the clouds – as we honor him with both a tailgate Saturday in Hammers Lot, and a pregame ceremony on Sunday.

The Bills are sitting at 2-0 and of course everyone is still skeptical. Some media have been made into ‘Billievers’, yet others aren’t completely convinced. Rightfully so, as the Jets and the Giants haven’t proven to be anything special this year, and have boatloads of injuries, illnesses and suspensions.

The Cincinnati Bengals are another team who’s a bit banged up. The left side of their offensive line has a few players out, as well as their star receiver in AJ Green. John Ross has made up in his place, with 11 catches for 270 yards and three touchdowns. The Bengals are last in the league in rushing yards, but 2nd in overall passing yards.


Defense- keep doing what you’re doing! Literally. They’ve been crushing it. The Bills defense is ranked 6th in overall yards allowed, 6th in passing yards allowed and 10th in rushing yards allowed including 18 passed defended, five sacks, two interceptions and a forced fumble. Don’t change a thing.

Josh Allen- Allen is coming off his best game as a Bill and doesn’t show any signs of stopping. As long as he stays consistent and keeps throwing the smarter balls he has been and resists from playing hero ball, the team should be able to glide to victory.

Score Prediction: The Bengals defense had allowed 291 yards to the San Francisco 49ers by HALFTIME. The Bills will come out on top to start the season at 3-0.

Bills 34, Bengals 17

Our Godmother of Stadium Signs @celestealbone ties it all together for us as we get ready to Rock The Cap on Sunday:

After some research looking at the Bengals twitter and website to check on injuries… here are my keys to victory!

It seems the Bengals have been the tale of two teams the first two weeks, so which team are the Bills going to get? 
Hopefully the team has done a lot of studying this week, especially the coordinators.

Are we going to see the team that only allowed 232 total yards against the Seahawks or will we see the team that allowed 572 total yards against the 49ers? 

Defensive Line/Linebackers
I’m not so much worried about our defense, as after some twitter research, Bengals fans are complaining about their offensive line. So it seems like the Bills can apply a lot of pressure.

I am expecting some big plays out of Trent Murphy, Harrison Phillips, Jerry Hughes and Ed Oliver. While some may not really show up on the stat sheet, the stuff they do could cause stat sheet type plays from Tremaine Edmunds, Lorenzo Alexander and Matt Milano.  

I’m not threatened by Cincinnati’s run game but am worried a bit about their passing game. This will be our first true test. I also think are secondary is hungry and will definitely want to make some big plays for the home crowd. 

Run Game/Crowd Factor

Waiting on word about Devin Singletary and his hamstring, but personally I hope they don’t rush him back because those types of injuries can be lingering and we want him healthy.

Another takeaway from Bengals fans on twitter and other chatter I’ve seen is that they do not have a good run defense. But it seems in week one they did, so we will have to see which defense shows up on Sunday.

Cincinnati DE Kerry Wynn is in concussion protocol so we will have to see if he misses the game. I will be eager for the designations on Friday/Saturday.

I do believe the crowd is going to be so hyped up and help with some crowd assist penalties for the Bengals. I really think the players on both sides of the ball are going to play off the crowds energy and I’m already getting goosebumps thinking about being there. 

Editor’s babble: Well, there we have it from the Godmothers of BillsMafia and their pregame report. Stay tuned on Monday for the postgame reactions which are sure to be entertaining.

Also, if you’re really a masochist and want to listen to @DanyelReneeBB and myself podcasting away, here is our first @TheMafiaMavens episode for the Buffalo Rumblings Podcast Network. Our first go at it was rough, but it’s going to be off the rails in no time. Give it a listen and let us know what you think.

Big thanks to all our lovely ladies for their continued contributions to our blog <3.

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