Godmothers of BillsMafia: Bills at Giants Postgame Report

Godmothers of BillsMafia take over NYC and NJ. Photo from aol.com.

Well, well, well. Lookie who is 2-0 at MetLife Stadium to open the NFL regular season. The Godmothers couldn’t be more pleased. They are currently getting themselves prepped for the home opener on Sunday when the Bills face the Cincinnati Bengals at New Era Field. Look for them as you make your way through tailgating heaven!

As Grand Godmother of this troupe, I would be remiss if I didn’t blabber incessantly about how pleasing it was to see Josh Allen continue to develop as a professional NFL quarterback on Sunday. It’s safe to ‘say’ Pat Shumur has less doubt today about Allen making it as a starting quarterback in the NFL.

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But that’s a subject for another piece of wyobabble coming your way. In the meantime, we have Godmothers who have something to ‘say’ about the Bills’ big win over the Giants at MetLife Stadium (again) on Sunday.

*Please note, we did seem to lose one Godmother who is currently recovering from her massive victory celebration on Sunday and is too ill to write at the moment. We wish @AshleyPetty_ all our best and hope she recovers in time to get out her pregame report this week against the Bengals :)

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Let’s get this thing rolling with our favorite singer @BILLieve 88 doing her thAng…

Love our Godmother of Song :)

The Bills Defense came out and got ran through like a clearance rack at Macy’s by Saquon Barkley.  After that, the Bills offense came out and gave up sack and was forced to punt. 

I had to find my amethyst to calm my nerves. A quick QB sweep by Josh Allen for a TD in the next series helped to get me back to BILLieving. As I predicted, the Bills pulled off another win in Jersey by two scores. 

Both the Offense and Defense played well in the first half. The 3rd quarter was bad for both sides of the ball and going forward the Bills can’t afford to take their foot off the gas in games.

Thumbs Up to Josh Allen, John Brown, Isaiah McKenzie, and Cole Beasley on offense. On Defense I give Jordan Poyer, Micah Hyde, Shaq Lawson, Lorenzo Alexander and Harrison Phillips Thumbs Up.  My Thumbs Down goes to Zay Jones, Cody Ford and Tre’Davious White.  Game Balls goes to Josh Allen for a solid game, Motor Singletary for getting his first TD, Siran Neal for making plays on defense and for his superb play on Special Teams , Trent Murphy for getting that INT, and Corey Bojorquez who had a day punting the ball. Great job team!

As if I haven’t had enough of the ‘Godmother of Matt Barkley for QB1’ campaign… @BillsChick goes and gives Josh Allen credit where credit belongs. There is hope for this girl after all ;)

Well, thank the football gods that we didn’t have another nail biter this weekend my heart couldn’t handle it. Since I was so positive last week, this week I will be a Debbie Downer. 

Let’s face it, the Giants are the second worst team in the league.  The Bills did what they had to do.  Josh Allen looked excellent.  But, if he didn’t look good, it would have been extremely worrisome because the Giants defense is trash. 

I’m not too high after this win because the Giants are so terrible.  But it is nice to be 2-0, especially with two road victories.

Shout out to Micah Hyde for having a killer legal hit today, and his partner Jordan Poyer with the late pick.  They played an excellent game in general.  Matt Milano was another player that stood out, he always seemed to be in the right place at the right time. 

Ed Oliver and Trent Murphy combined for that tip and pick which was excellent.  I love this defense.  Can’t wait to see a defensive score eventually, these guys deserve it.

I am proud of Cody Ford for defending his QB.  Bills were up, it was a good time to take a penalty like that. Ford is a stone cold killer.  I am heavily mulling buying his jersey after this game.

Special teams was not too noticeable either way which is at least not terrible.  I will have to check them out on my re-watch.
Frank Gore looked much better than last week, but he still did not look ‚Äúgood‚ÄĚ.¬† I hope Motor Singletary‚Äôs hamstring is okay.¬† Go Bills!

Our Godmother of all Sign-Making @celestalbone already has a boss sign ready for the home opener against the Bengals. Here’s what she thought about the Bills/Giants game:

Photo of DE Trent Murphy from buffalonews.com.

The first few minutes of the game had me worried but I’m glad that things turned around. I said Devin Singletary was going to get his first regular season TD and he did!!!!

Our defense was suspect that first drive of the game but I’m glad they got their shit together. Was awesome to see Trent Murphy get the INT to end the first half!

And then the third quarter the offense got sloppy and the defense kept letting the giants move down the field. I heard the Giants had no pass rush, so how has Josh Allen been sacked 3 times through the third quarter?

Well, letting up a touchdown was not ideal but they got their stuff together again and came back and scored another touchdown. I don’t like that Singletary seemed to get hurt. Looked like it could be a hamstring but hopefully it was just a cramp.

Nice INT from Jordan Poyer as well. The team came together at the end and comfortably won. I appreciate the non heart attack inducing fourth quarter.

Thank you for the birthday win! It also warms my heart to see the videos of the team leaving the field and seeing all the Bills fans. We could also hear the “let’s go Buffalo” on tv and it’s glorious. Next week will be absolutely rocking.

Go Bills!! 

Our ‘wounded warrior’ (check her timeline for details) @KrystleNoel1128 filed this report after the game:

Photo from wgr550.radio.com and USA TODAY.

What a game!  The first drive had a lot of us worried. But looking back on it now, it sure feels like our coaching staff was using the drive to feel out the Giants game plan.

The first half was amazing with our 3 unanswered touchdowns and Josh Allen’s 75 percentage completion rate. I know in grand Buffalo tradition, many became nervous in the 3rd quarter when it seemed like our offense lost its luster.

But this team once again proves to us that the past is just that,  the past.  Josh Allen continues to show improvement which really gives us something to be excited about. I think as the season goes on, we really start to see the offensive line begin to gel even better.  

On a side note,  I am completely fine with the Cody Ford penalty, you always protect your quarterback! This also really tells me how much these players think of Allen, this is his team. 

I’m really looking forward to the home opener next week,¬† where we get to honor Ezra Castro,¬† “Pancho Billa”. Fingers crossed we can put another notch in the win column for him! Rest up Mafia, we have a really exciting week ahead of us!¬†

And last but definitely not the least is my firecracker-partner-in-crime @DanyelReneeBB who returns from a bacteria-filled experience like no other…

EAST RUTHERFORD, NEW JERSEY – SEPTEMBER 15: Jordan Poyer #21 of the Buffalo Bills celebrates after the Buffalo Bills win over the New York Giants at MetLife Stadium on September 15, 2019 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Photo by Emilee Chinn/Getty Images).

I’M BAAAACK! And apparently, so are the Bills. They returned to MetLife Stadium to hand the other New Jersey team, the Giants, a loss. Yes, the Bills OWN New York.¬†

Josh Allen is progressing nicely every week. As his facial hair gets better, it seems, so too does Josh Allen. But seriously.

He’s throwing the ball away on plays that won’t go anywhere. Smart. He’s putting the ball at times in places only his WRs can catch them. He looks like a leader on and off the field (did you catch his jokes about being the only New York team to the media?) and I think Bills fans should be really excited about him.¬† If he can keep protecting the ball and handle business, we’re in for a fun season.¬†

Hopefully Devin Singletary’s hammy isn’t hurt too bad because he had some phenomenal runs today. Also, Frank Gore is not human. I’m 34 and my body hurts all the time. How does he just tank his way through defenses like that?

John Brown was such an amazing pickup for this team. Cole Beasley proves that he’s still clutch on 3rd downs. Mitch Morse and Jon Feliciano are MAJOR improvements for this offensive line. There was times where the line struggled, but Janoris Jenkins from the Giants asked reporters “How can I cover receivers when the QB has 10 seconds to throw the ball?”

On defense, the Bills were stellar as usual. Tipped balls are becoming a regular thing and will help the team out tremendously down the line. Harrison Phillips got his first (half) sack of his career and Lorenzo Alexander has no quit. Matt Milano is good for at least one nasty hit per week. Micah Hyde even got in on that action today, stopping the Giants from scoring. Jordan Poyer had a long *** pick and Ed Oliver made some great plays again. It wasn’t perfect.

The Bills gave up some yardage to Saquon Barkley early (but he’s the best RB in the league in my opinion so they get a pass) and tackling seems to be a bit of an issue. But I have faith they’ll get it together soon.¬†

Next week, the Bills take on a Bengals team that just got blown out of the water by the 49ers and they’ll do it at home. As long as they don’t overlook them (and I don’t think McDermott will allow it), the Bills might just be 3-0 heading into an AFC East clash with the Patriots the following week. BOOM!¬†

Editor’s babble: And that’s a wrap from some of the Greatest Godmothers of all time. We eagerly await @AshleyPetty_’s return to the fold. You can also find me on Twitter @RobynMundyWYO, if you dare.

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