Godmothers of BillsMafia: Bills at Giants Pregame Report

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The Godmothers are locked and loaded for this one. After the Buffalo Bills stunned the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium last Sunday, they return to the scene of the crime to take on the Giants. How can we ensure similar results?

Here’s what our Godmothers think will happen on Sunday:

From our most prescient Godmother @BILLieve88:

Photo of DT Ed Oliver from NewYorkUpstate.com.

Will the Bills leave Jersey with another win or will it be Billsness as Usual…you know when the Bills get all Billsy on us and things start going left and fast?

In order to leave the Giants feeling small in their home opener the Bills will need ThoroughbrED Oliver to GET BUCK.  Ed Oliver must have a game, get his first sack, and leave Eli Manning contemplating whether it is time to join his brother Peyton in a Nationwide commercial. 

The Bills Defense will need all hands on deck to prevent Saquon Barkley from going off.  If the Buffalo Bills can minimize Barkley’s impact and make Eli uncomfortable all game it should be 2-0 for the Buffalo Bills baby! 

On offense the Bills need Josh Allen to be a touch down machine instead of the turnover machine he was in week 1. I am guessing the Bills will go with a more balanced attack on offense this week allowing our rookie sensation Motor Singletary to get his hands on the ball more often. 

Take it off baby…the top off the Giants D.  Will it be Robert Foster, John Brown or Isaiah McKenzie?  Maybe all three of them will score. I BILLieve the Bills are going to win this game by two scores. 

Our Godmother of Fantasy Football @AshleyPetty_ thinks the Bills will do it again at MetLife Stadium on Sunday:

Photo of WR John Brown from trentonian.com.

Week One showed this team is a family, has a whole lot of heart, and doesn’t give up prior to the clock hitting 0:00. Good teams will find ways to win and it’s certainly what this Buffalo Bills team did. 

Walking into Week 2 looks easier, yet at the same time you’re not sure of anyone’s true identity as a football team (because Week 1 could be a fluke). Last week, the New York Giants found some success in the run game, but played against a stacked Dallas Cowboys team. This won’t be a cakewalk as we can expect New York (Jersey) to utilize Saquon Barkley as much as possible. 

Josh Allen brutalizing the defense with his arm. The Giants defense looked absolutely awful as Dak Prescott had plenty of time in the pocket, meaning no pass rush. New York’s secondary also looked lost in coverage which could mean another big game from John Brown

That being said, the defense of the Giants isn’t great overall, so we can expect Motor (aka Devin Singletary) to get fed the ball quite a lot as well. It will be interesting to see the way OC Brian Daboll chooses to strategize this week. It honestly could go either way because of the many weak points.

Bills defense holding strong like last week. Could they get their first shutout here? Not trying to jump to any bold conclusions but last week the Jets offense was held to 233 yards of total offense with four sacks and five passes defended, Eli Manning is going to have to be creative to get points on the board against Buffalo.

The Bills should look to go 2-0 to start the season, Buffalo 31, Giants 10.

Our Godmother of Scouting @BillsChick files this report:

Photo of New York Giants RB Saquon Barkley from nj.com.

I just watched the Giants week-one performance. They were not good. Their offense is better than their defense. Their special teams and defensive play was clearly below average.  The Giants let their opponent do anything they wanted to do on offense.

This should be a game where Josh Allen shines (if he is any good [editor grimaces]).  OC Brian Daboll will be able to do whatever he wants with the game plan because the Giants really have nothing going on defense-wise.  ‘Motor’ Singletary, T.J. Yeldon, and even Frank Gore should look good on Sunday.  

As far as the Bills defense goes, the Giants have two main weapons: Evan Engram (tight end) and Saquon Barkley. I expect the Bills base defense to come out with a million guys in the box to stop Barkley. Barkley is obviously the Giants best player. 

The Giants o-line did not look good in week one and I expect that trend to continue.  Jerry Hughes, Shaq Lawson, and the rest of the Bills defensive line will feast on the Giants’ weak offensive line.

The Giants special teams did not look good week-one either.  Hopefully the Bills can get a turnover or at least win the field position battle.

I have the Bills winning this game, 21-10.

*please note there was not one F word in her original draft

While still working on her upcoming sign for the Bills home opener next week, @celestealbone filed this report:

Photo of RB Devin Singletary from bleacherreport.com.

Keys to Victory:


I think Saquon Barkley will give us a bit more trouble than Le’Veon Bell but considering that is just about their only weapon as it stands, I’m not sure how long that will be sustainable in the game. They currently have no leading receivers as Sterling Shepard is in concussion protocol. Will be interesting to see if he is out for Sunday.

Their TE Evan Engram will be highly targeted too but I feel confident that DC Leslie Frazier will have our defense on alert with so few options to focus on. Eli Manning’s record against the Bills is 3-0…but I truly believe Sunday is the Bills’ best chance to change that.

I feel the Bills’ defense is better than the Cowboys and Manning struggled mightily against them. I think it is very likely that the Bills could even shut them out (but not banking on that, as it is a home game for them).

DEVIN SINGLETARY. The Bills will get their running game going strong this week. Giants’ defense and defensive line is nowhere near as formidable as the Jets.

After week-one, Bleeding Green Nation has the rankings as Jets 22 and Giants 31 (Bills 20). Looking over the list of names on the Giants defense, only three jump out at me as recognizable: Alec Ogletree, Janoris Jenkins, and Jabrill Peppers. I really think Singletary can have a huge game, as well as Cole Beasley, John Brown and some work from our tight ends. i hope Singletary has his first NFL Regular Season TD this Sunday!

I am fully confident that the team is working hard this week to correct mistakes they made against the Jets. Bring on the Giants! (I also have the fun of celebrating my birthday by watching the game and having a couple of Giants fans over, so hopefully it is a really good time!!)

My prediction is 24 – 0, best case scenario from a total optimist… 21-13 from a realist. 

And last but definitely not least, our Godmother of ‘Dion Dawkins’ Mac-n-Cheese’ @KrystleNoel1128 brings us her report:

Photo of S Jordan Poyer from sny.tv.

This week we take on another Jersey (not NY) team before finally getting to bring it back to New Era. Here’s a few thoughts on this week:

STOP SAQUON BARKLEY – This is going to be quite the task as he is arguably one of the best backs in the league. Last year, he WAS their offense, so expect to see a heavy dose of Barkley testing our run defense. 

DEPLETED WR CORP – Giants’ receivers are becoming scarce.  With Golden Tate’s suspension and Sterling Shepard’s concussion, there is a really good chance we face the Giants without their two top receivers. 

Eli Manning doesn’t really throw very far past the line scrimmage, so I expect our linebackers and secondary to have some fun. And I’m pretty sure Jordan Poyer is itching for his first interception this season.  

BILLS OFFENSE – Teams have said it since last year,  make Josh Allen a QB. Well good news. He looked pretty good to me by the 4th quarter of the last game. The Cowboys destroyed Giants secondary, so I think we see a healthy dose of Cole Beasley and John Brown

I am also hoping to see Devin Singletary getting touches in the 1st half rather than just the 2nd half. I think if the Bills’ offensive line holds up Allen will have good day.  

I really think we see the Bills second win of the year for the second time in Met Life stadium. Doesn’t it just feel good to say, football is back?

Editor’s babble: Well as usual, our Godmothers outdid themselves, all except @BillsChick of course. Thanks to each of them for their terrific contributions to our blog. Happy Birthday on Saturday to @celestealbone. Hope the Bills bring her a big birthday win. If you can stand it, you can find me on Twitter @RobynMundyWYO.

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