Godmothers of BillsMafia: Bills @ Jets Pregame Report

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The moment we’ve all been waiting for is here. No, I’m not referring to the Bills/Jets season opener at MetLife Stadium. It’s the Godmothers first opportunity to set up a meaningful NFL game for us!

This week also culminates the end of eight months of offseason preparations, and what an offseason it was. Josh Allen goes to the Jordan Palmer School of Quarterbacking, Tremaine Edmunds spends the offseason bulking up and learning how to quarterback a defense – and the Bills draft Ed Oliver to bullrush Tom Brady. Nice.

Now we’ll see if the effort to break through and dethrone the Patriots and challenge for an AFCE title is realistic or just another year of frustration for Bills fans.

Let’s see what the Godmothers think about all this.

Here’s what the most inspirational Godmother who never gives up, @AshleyPetty_, thinks about the season opener:

Photo/meme of Adam Gase putting together his game plan against the Bills from bustedcoverage.com.

It seems logical that Adam Gase and the Jets will try to load the box on defense against the run to keep the Bills from putting points on the board as (last year) Josh Allen was hesitant to trust himself passing. Between rookie Devin Singletary being the new featured back (and not a lot of tape on him) and Josh Allen’s ability to run the ball if needed, they will have a tough time keeping the run game in check.

Many minds in the NFL don’t expect Josh Allen’s accuracy issues to improve nor the long balls to be successful- but his mechanics do seem improved and he will likely triumph in the passing game more this year than last (*cough cough improved OL cough cough*).

The Jets will be without both starting linebackers due to a season-ending injury to Avery Williamson and a suspension to Brandon Copeland, so it makes sense that Offensive Coordinator Brian Daboll will go for shorter passes from Josh Allen to Cole Beasley or Zay Jones in the slot to get the yards and go for the occasional long ball to John Brown to use Allen’s arm strength to their advantage. 

On offense, it would make sense that New York (Jersey) will try to show off their shiny new toy in Le’Veon Bell and utilize him in both the run and passing game. He might have some difficulty as New York’s OL isn’t going to be as good as Pittsburgh’s was. The Bills defense is ranked highly this year despite having a tough time defending slant passes to the sideline and shorter over the middle passes, but have had the offseason to learn and grow with a few new additions. 

Sam Darnold was out for a month of his rookie season with a foot injury but showed flashes of success when he did play with some extremely difficult passes being completed. It will be interesting to see the battle of the sophomores between Allen and Darnold to see who’s improved more as well as who’s team has gotten overall better in the areas they were lacking.

My score prediction- both defenses are pretty solid so I’m going with. Bills 20, Jets 13

Here’s what our sweetest Godmother @celestealbone‘s thinks about the Jets/Bills matchup:

I heard Sal Capaccio on WGR say that the Jets offensive line hasn’t worked together in any of the preseason games. And their center has not snapped to Sam Darnold in any preseason games.

Now… we know that our center Mitch Morse has not done that with Josh Allen either but I’m not worried. Majority of the Bills line has worked together quite a bit and Morse has been snapping to Josh in practice. Ryan Kalil is nothing to sneeze about, but he did come back out of retirement to join the Jets so I don’t know if he’s spry as a center anymore.

I do think our defensive line could very well have a day so I think that will be a big a focus, as well as stopping the run since the Jets have Le’Veon Bell.

If I were a Jets fan though, I would temper my expectations when it comes to him because he is not going to have the offensive line he had in Pittsburgh, so he’s going to have to really work to find those holes and be as good as he was in Pittsburgh. Will be interesting to see if he really truly is worth his contract. 

I think that the Bills are going to utilize Cole Beasley a lot this game. The Jets are depleted at cornerback and it seems they are rushing Trumaine Johnson back from a hamstring injury. Originally he wasn’t supposed to play Week 1 but now it’s trending towards him playing. If the Bills know anything about hamstring injuries, they linger. If the Jets have rushed him back then testing him might be a good idea. Hope to see Devin Singletary and Frank Gore have a game too. 

But as a Bills fan, I will also temper my expectations. I was at the Ticats vs Argos Labour Day Classic on Monday and the Argos have won one game. This was an “easy win” but the Ticats were down at the half. They did end up winning but I am way too nervous to go in thinking any of our games are easy wins this year (even vs the Dolphins).

I’m just excited to see what this season brings while also not sure I’ll make it through alive as my nerves will be on edge and I may have to up my blood pressure meds!

We hope our sweet singing Godmother @BILLieve88 will have a victory tune to sing… but in the meantime here are her thoughts on the matchup:

Can you feel it? If not, you will feel it soon and it’s called pressure!  The pressure will be applied heavily courtesy of Gregg Williams and the Gang (Christmas Ribbon Candy colored) Green defense of the Jersey Jets. 

Gregg Williams is going to send everything at Josh but the kitchen sink hoping to cause confusion and make Josh force the ball into the hands of Jamal Adams and Company.  Adam Gase is going to learn early in the game that he must respect the Bills’ DBs; and because their offense will keep knocking only to discover nobody is home in the Bills backfield. Gase will ring the Bell instead. Gase will hope that Le’Veon Bell is able to run all over the Bills like he has done in the past with the Steelers. But NOPE!

The Bills are having none of this! Coach Brian Daboll is going to test out Trumaine Johnson to see if his hammy is healed up enough to stop John Brown or Robert Foster from getting busy in the Jets backfield. Cole Beasley will be catching passes in the slot with ease!

A running attack I like to call The Motor-Goretex is going to keep the Jets defense on the their heels which will allow Josh Allen to be the play maker that he is.

Issa problem…for the Jersey Jets! Ed Oliver is ready to eat, and our D line is ready for a Shaq Lawson Sack Attack on Sam Darnold!  The Bills secondary may be overlooked nationally but Sam Darnold is going to leave the game respecting for The Four Dawgs of Buffalo…Tre, Levi, Micah and Jordan! There will be no falling!

I BILLieve the Bills beat the Jets!

Our Godmother of chapped hands @BillsChick from changing so many diapers took time out to share her thoughts:

Photo/meme from awwmemes.com.

I am interested to see what Gregg Williams will do for the Jets.  He’s actually a decent defensive coordinator. Gregg took over the Browns defense and improved them 16th to 12th overall (in terms of DVOA).  His run defense with Cleveland was ranked 25th and his pass defense was 7th best in the league.
Based on his Cleveland performance, and the Jets’ being better at pass defense (18th) than run defense (21st) last year, it can be inferred that the Jets will be better at defending the pass than the run. 

Now, I know that the Jets have some defensive injuries that may make it easier to pass on them, but schematically, it makes sense for the Bills to have a run heavier game plan.  
The bottom line is that the Jets do not and should not have a great defense in general.  Their defense was 21st overall in DVOA in 2018.  

(The Great) Matt Barkley destroyed the Jets last year. Gregg Williams does not have significantly better talent in NYJ than he did with Cleveland (if its better at all).

The Bills offense SHOULD have a good day.  The running backs especially should look good.  Josh Allen should have a relatively good stat line.

If the Bills defense performs how we all think they will (i.e. like a top 5 defense), then the Bills should comfortably win this game. Sam Darnold seems to be playing well, but he doesn’t have a ton of help on offense. Darnold would have to put the entire offense on his back to win the game, and I don’t think he will.  I have a feeling the Jets’ Bell will not have a good game either.

I don’t know why I’m so optimistic, usually this is not how I am.  But I predict the Bills win, 27-10.

Here’s my soon-to-be partner and Godmother in Podcast Crime @DanyelReneeBB‘s take on the Bills/Jets opener:

Photo/meme from pinterest.com.

Can you believe Week-1 of the NFL season is upon us!? The offseason seems to drag on forever, but the wait is always completely worth it.

So this week, our beloved Bills face an AFC East foe in the New York Jets. Sam Darnold and Josh Allen may be besties in real life, but on Sunday, they become mortal enemies. Both teams are rather healthy entering their matchup, with Bills TE Tyler Kroft being the only player not to practice on Monday. Jets head coach Adam Gase also told the media that WR Robby Anderson and top CB Trumaine Johnson are both expected to play. 

I believe both defenses will have the same idea when it comes to winning: Make the second-year signal callers have to throw the ball. Allen and Darnold are still very much unproven, even though they each had flashes of brilliance last year and their offensive lines are still in the making. Look for the defenses to try and take away the run game early to test these young quarterbacks. 

While both situations look similar, the Bills have an advantage. Their secondary was one of the best in the league last year, with Micah Hyde and Jordan Poyer at safety. Tre White and the emerging rookie Levi Wallace at cornerback are also top shelf.

Not only have the kept the key players in place, this season, the Bills have added a ton of really strong depth at those positions. I don’t feel as though the Jets wide receivers pose much of a threat to the Bills’ talented secondary. 

The Bills also have an advantage on offense. Behind their much-improved line, expect Josh Allen and his fast new receivers to take advantage of a suspect Jets secondary. They weren’t very good last season and, even with CB Trumaine Johnson back, they’re still a weak spot for this team.

The game will probably be close, as neither team knows what to expect from the other and division rivalry games are usually the most interesting to watch. Nonetheless, I think the Bills have the advantage in several key areas. I think they start the season 1-0 with a 24-17 victory at MetLife Stadium. 

And last but definitely not least, our Godmother of Fender Benders @KrystleNoel1128‘s expectations for the season opener:

Photo/meme from quickmeme.com.

JETS DEFENSE: I think the Jets are going to try to contain Josh Allen as best as possible. They know the Bills quarterback has a set of wheels when necessary so they will look to make him throw.

I think their defensive line is their strength so I bet we see the Jets really try to limit the run game, especially now that RB LeSean McCoy is no longer in the mix. I’m curious though how their defense will do considering how depleted they are at linebacker, but we all know that C.J. Mosley is no slouch. And despite a few names like Jamal Adams and Trumaine Johnson, I feel their secondary still might be suspect (at least hoping!!!). 

JETS OFFENSE:  Offensively,  I would not be surprised to see Sam Darnold attempt to pick on the starting corner that will be opposite Tre White (most likely Levi Wallace). This spot is where we haven’t seen much consistency and therefore may be seen as a weak point. The Jets have been waiting to unleash Le’Veon Bell, so I’m actually really interested to see how he looks after a year off, coupled with the fact that the Jets didn’t really do much to improve their offensive line. 

BILLS OFFENSE: The offensive line is going to play a huge role in Allen’s success this Sunday. This will be the first game with Mitch Morse and I think this will dictate how the game plays out. I bet we see Allen stretch the field in order to open the run game, and the short throws to Cole Beasley are really going to be important,  especially knowing the Jets are out 2 starting linebackers. 

BILLS DEFENSE:  Two words. RUN DEFENSE. Bell is looking to prove he hasn’t missed a step. I think the Bills will be looking to shut down the run game and force Darnold to throw, which would leave Hyde and Poyer to do what they do best. 

The defense is by far our team’s strength and I think I speak for everyone when I say,  I can’t WAIT to watch Ed Oliver on the defensive line.

Overall,  I think this game is really being viewed as a second year quarterback battle. Everyone wants to see which quarterback has made the most improvement and grown in their role.  

Prediction?  I think the Bills take this one. I think the Bills really took the steps to improve their weaknesses from last year,  and hopefully this will translate on the field. 

Editor’s babble: And that’s a wrap from the Godmothers assessment of the season opener. Me? I think the Bills have shown they can handle whatever Adam Gase throws their way. Thanks to the Godmothers for all their terrific contributions to our blog. Go Bills!

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