Starting Bills’ season off with a bang!

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When the Bills and Jets figuratively look in the mirror do they see each other? Trade up for franchise QB? Check. Add weapons and O linemen to help the QB? Check. Draft monster defensive tackle high in the draft? Check. Add other free agents, mix and stir.

It seems like an arms race and a parallel universe of green and blue from where I sit. From my vantage point, these are two legitimate contenders for a playoff spot and perhaps someday in a land far far away when Brady decides enough is enough (please God soon), for the division.

We’re always cautioned not to read too much into the early portion of a season’s schedule. That said, does this not feel like a critical game even by week-1 standards?

The schedule makers made a very interesting choice pitting these 2 teams against each other at the very beginning and end of the 2019 season. It’s a long season in the NFL so let’s be cautious about getting too high or too low before the first game.

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As a Bills fan, here are a few things I’ll be looking for:

  1. I’d like to see Josh throw with confidence, read what’s there, not look confused, hold the ball and run. It would be really nice after last year to see him get some time to get to a 2nd and 3rd read too.
  2. Can the Bills O line play cohesively after so much time apart in the preseason? Is Mitch Morse ready to go? Ty Nsehke? (That “slight knee issue” bothers me and the fact Ford is regularly working at RT might be a tip that all is not well). Can Spain hold up? (Not sure the reviews from Tennessee were that exciting last year).
  3. Beasley vs Crowder. Which free agent slot receiver wins the day?
  4. Will someone, anyone, please cover Richie Anderson? He is a fine receiver and deserving of a LOT of attention.
  5. Sam Darnold threw really well and accurately under pressure in the game in Buffalo. How do the Bills approach getting pressure this year?
  6. Does Gregg (the extra “g” is for great in his mind I’m sure) Williams fear Allen’s running or passing more? Last year teams backed off pressure (Lions and Pats) and said “Ok beat us with your arm.” How does Williams approach it with his defense?

It is but game one of 16. Definitive answers are too much to ask at this point. But clues, hints, things to look for good and bad in the future should be revealed. The Bills have a LOT of good solid players. Do they have a star in the making somewhere to carry them? If it’s the QB, we could be in an era of unbridled optimism. Let the games begin so we can find out!

Editor’s babble: Please welcome Joe Tauriello as a contributor to our blog. Joe will be sharing his insight before and after Bills games this season. We are so blessed! You can find Joe on Twitter @Joe_Tauriello.

2 Replies to “Starting Bills’ season off with a bang!”

  1. I believe the Jets, having a new HC & DC is a benefit for the Bills. The fact that it’s Gates & Williams is even better. Which one throws the other under the bus first? It almost always takes teams a few weeks or more to get used to new schemes. Look how long it took the Bills to get Rex’s scheme. Oh, that’s right, they NEVER did. This Bills D is in their 3rd year with same system. The O in their 2nd. I really believe this team is on the verge of something special, much like the ‘87 team heading into ‘88. So I’ll call my shot now: 11-5, AFC East Champs!