Godmothers of BillsMafia: Postgame Report

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The Godmothers couldn’t believe it. The Buffalo Bills made history by going 4-0 in the preseason. They beat the Minnesota Vikings 27-23 with a touchdown pass from former University at Buffalo QB Tyree Jackson to WR David Sills with eight seconds left in the game. Holy Karma!

Kudos to all players and coaches for making this historic win so much fun for the players who may never play in another NFL game. And also to guys like DE Eddie Yarbrough, who didn’t pout about playing for his football future.

So let’s see what the ladies thought about this last preseason game of the 2019-20 season.

Our Godmother of early morning wake up calls @TrayTray143 had to hit the hay at halftime, but we hope she was thrilled to find out later that the Bills made preseason history:

Photo of K Steven Hauschka from finance.yahoo.com.

The preseason is over! Finally! Regular season preparations begin and everything counts. Time for the real excitement to begin!

This last game was like every other 4th preseason game: boring and hard to watch. I only watched the first half but on offense there was nothing that stuck out to me, besides the offensive line being, well, offensive. Tyree Jackson was even worse, which made it difficult to judge any of the skill positions.  
We have no punter on our team. Whoever we pick up has to be better than punter Cory Bojorquez. Man, he was bad. 

HauschMoney‘ looked good!! Feeling better about his rough preseason. He will be good when the games start counting. Anyone see Robert Foster as a gunner on punt coverage? Dude leveled the returner. It was a perfect hit! Maybe that’s how he keeps his spot. That’s interesting. Time will tell. 

As for the defense, the best guy on the field was Eddie Yarbrough! He was everywhere! Stuffed the run, sacked the QB, drew a holding call, and was super disruptive! He played his butt off and made a strong case for a spot on the 53.  With Mike Love essentially off the team now, I think a spot is up for the taking. Hope the kid makes it. 

Alright, enough preseason. I’m so ready to take on the Jets! Good luck to the guys trying to make the squad, and Go Bills!

Our Godmother of Spicy Takes @DanyelReneeBB also had to call it a night before the game was over due to Mommy duties but had these thoughts about the game:

Photo of P Cory Bojorquez from buffalonews.com.

I couldn’t finish watching this final preseason game as my daughter had “sleep eyes” and, quite frankly, so did I. 

Anyway, ‘Bojo‘ isn’t the answer at punter. Ryan Allen is popular choice to replace him amongst Bills fans, but they may just wait to see who gets cut this weekend. 

Man, I really want Eddie Yarbrough to make this team. He played his heart out tonight. If he gets cut, I expect a team to pick him up immediately and I’ll be watching him wherever he goes. 

Tyree Jackson. He isn’t ready for the NFL. He has a fantastic arm and his passes are fun as hell to watch, but like Forrest Gump’s box o’ chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get. Practice squad it is. 

Finally, Hauschka earned his paycheck tonight. Good for him. I also love the tidbit about him and his “kicker oddities”, that he’s constantly running on the field to test the wind and such. I’ve always had a soft spot for kickers and punters. Hausch-Money is back. 

Our only Godmother in attendance was @celestealbone and she made sure to represent Godmothers of BillsMafia everywhere:

Photo of QB Tyree Jackson from abcnews.go.com.

Once I got past the girl behind me asking her boyfriend if Jim Kelly was around for the super bowl years I realized that eavesdropping might be more fun than this game…

I feel like you can see a lot more on tv than from my seat in the endzone (especially when they’re at the opposite end).

Jaquan Johnson is always around the ball and I’m excited for his future. Was fun to hear the crowd go “Duuuuuuuke” when Duke Williams made some catches but it’s hard to judge wide receivers when the train wreck of Tyree Jackson is the quarterback in the game.

Good to see even our fringe defense still made some plays. Including the Vikings Preseason King Kyle Sloter having his very first interception ever!!!!! Go Lafayette Pitts!

As I said before… I do not envy Brandon Beane and Sean McDermott and the other coaches who have to go and make these decisions. My heart is rooting for Eddie Yarbrough to make this team. 

Our Godmother of Optimism @BillsChick could only muster a few words about this game… but as always the case with our newest Mamacita she didn’t mince them.

Photo of CB Lafayette Pitts from pittsburghpanthers.com.

Lafayette Pitts!!! That’s all I got.  Well, and Hauschka kicked well.  I don’t think Tyree Jackson did enough to make the practice squad.

Next up, Godmother of Cutie-Pies @KrystleNoel1128 chimed in with her take on the game:

Photo of fan favorite DE Eddie Yarbrough from buffalonews.com.

Thank goodness it’s over! It’s been fun but I’m ready for the regular season.  Now onto the players. 

Tyree Jackson really should’ve stayed in school a little longer.  I think this game really proved just how raw he really is. 

Hauschka seems just fine after his extension while I really think we need to keep looking for a punter.  I’m a bit disappointed as I thought both guys had looked good last year until their injuries. 

I know Eddie Yarbrough is clear on the bubble,  but I really hope he makes the final 53.

Cut down day is never fun, as we see guys that have worked their whole lives have their dreams crushed.  This year I think is going to be especially hard, given how much depth we’ve seen this year. Despite this I’m still looking forward to see who makes our practice squad and of course watch our boys in regular season.  Go Bills! 

Our beautiful Godmother of Creativity @BILLieve88 was so moved by this game she had to wax poetic:

Photo of WR Ray Ray McCloud from ESPN.com.

In the 4th preseason game the Bills hosted the Vikings
Many fans checked out thinking there wouldn’t be much to be liking

Their energy was on fire so hard to say goodbye though
But hopefully not to Defensive End Eddie Yarbrough

They were special on teams although a lock on the roster
No one thought they would have their block rocked by receiver Robert Foster

The defense balled out and had many plays of the day
But no one fought harder than our Fro-tastic Mr. Ray-Ray

Our team played hard and dug themselves out of a ditch
The party got started with an INT by Lafayette Pitts

Vikings thought they would win but the Bills made touse
Especially after Marcus Murphy took one to the house

Tyree had many struggles, but his heart was real
He didn’t give up and sealed the deal with David Sills

The guys played for each other
Each second had meaning
The Buffalo Bills make history
And end the preseason undefeated

And last but not least, our stunning Godmother of the Pacific Time Zone @grneyedbillsfan makes her Godmother debut:

Photo of RB Marcus Murphy from buffalonews.com.

Ok this last meaningless game… where should I begin? Well let me just say I almost stopped watching at halftime, I sat there watching the first half thinking to myself “wait, is this the same ol’ Bills??” “Where are those flashes of chemistry.” “Why are we allowing so many first downs, and trips into the end zone?” “Where is my defense??” 

But alas, I continued watching thinking to myself that I deserved this punishment, because I hoped. (Yes, ok, it was a hard day, so my pessimism was back in full force). Somewhere during the 3rd quarter I talked myself down from the ledge.

I remembered that it’s preseason, our starters weren’t starting, and yet I was still seeing flashes of greatness. I mean Eddie Yarbrough was fighting for his 53 man spot in this game!! As if to say, look at me, I’m here, I got you covered!!

Then there was the fact that our defense had to be tired because they spent the most time in this game, (during the first 3 quarters) then there was the interception in the 2nd quarter (way to go Lafayette Pitts!!) and Steven Hauschka is always great with his accuracy. I mean it’s preseason right, just finish watching the game and stop whining!! 

Then came the 4th quarter and I am standing in my kitchen chopping veggies for a super delicious salad so I am of course multitasking at this point. I mean we’re losing right?? I don’t need to focus 100 percent… (you’re welcome, because I think that’s why we ended up winning).

All of a sudden my phone (yeah I was watching on my phone) starts making all these noises and people are cheering loud so of course I have to rewind and go back ( I was multitasking remember??)

I see Ray Ray McCloud just catching and running 29 yards making it look effortless as he cruises down the field and ending up inside the ten!! I mean yes the Bills did a great job blocking it seriously kind of looked like it could have been a ballet?? (Ok ok I like to exaggerate) but it still looked Gooooooood!! (Jim Carrey voice).

Then Tyree Jackson made that TD….. which to me was a little bit of a disappointment, but hey it was a TD!! Then, wait that’s not dramatic enough for me, THEN, Marcus Murphy 80 yard (79? Nah I’m gonna go with 80) punt return TD!!

I mean I was screaming holding a knife, my teenager came running and looked at me with this look in her eyes… I looked at her and said we just scored a TD, she rolled her eyes at me and said something like “WTF mom, I thought you were being murdered.” (What can I say I’m passionate!)

Ok, so then I finish watching the game I mean eff the damn salad, am I right?? Ok so then we make another TD (David Sills you’re alright with me)!!! And I’m sitting here watching Siran Neal intercepts and yo… we win, like we make a comeback in a game that supposedly means nothing.

The only thing I can say is that it meant something to me. It showed me that I am not wasting my time rooting for a team that is going to disappoint me again.

This season will be different and everyone from the starters to 3rd string want to be a part of this New Era of the Buffalo Bills. Am I a homer?? (didn’t I already tell you all this??) Yes, I am… but I am also excited for a better season!! It’s our year!! I can feel it in my bones!!! 

Editor’s babble: Well, that was one heck of a wrap for the Bills preseason. Here’s hoping the good karma carries over to the regular season. Our Godmothers are more than ready to roll. Thanks to each of them for their terrific contributions to our blog. If you’re brave (or nuts), you can find me on Twitter @RobynMundyWYO.

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2 Replies to “Godmothers of BillsMafia: Postgame Report”

  1. I really enjoy all your takes; it offers a fresh perspective. Go easy on Tyree, he is incredibly raw, but his physical abilities and upside are beyond those of most practice squad QBs. You have to love the leadership and composure he showed last night.The Bills are blessed with a fine young QB AND one of the best backup QBs in the entire NFL. If the Bills need to play a third string QB, regardless of who it is, then the prognosis is not favorable. I have always been a fan of Wyoming U’s Eddie Yarborough, and maybe they will find a way to keep him, but it can’t be at DJ’s expense. The last WR spot may come down to the marketability of the contenders. Beane has already gotten a return for two guys they had no room for. I really hope Sills sticks on the practice squad.

    • Right there with you, Joe. Being UB alum, I have a special place in my heart for Tyree. I hope he makes the PS. He’s a valuable asset to have as a scout QB and let him get good coaching and grow slowly. Our Godmothers are ruthless! LOL…