Godmothers of BillsMafia: Pregame Report

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If the highlight of your week is the NFL’s fourth preseason game, you might want to take a cue from these ladies in the feature picture and get yourself properly hydrated first. While many disparage the quality of play, I find this game one of the more interesting to watch because sometimes unexpected things happen by players who are on the bubble.

Better enjoy the meaninglessness of the game while it lasts. The rubber is about to meet the road and there won’t be anymore excuses for a ridiculous numbers of penalties or any Whoopie-from-Wyoming-ball courtesy of Josh Allen.

So let’s jump right in and see what the ladies think about the Bills’ chances to go undefeated in the preseason…

Let’s start off with our Godmother of Fitness @AshleyPetty_ who inspires us daily to get off our butts:

Photo of WR Robert Foster from buffalonews.com.

To be totally honest, the four game preseason deal really seems way too long. Seemingly the only bright spot is coaches getting a longer look at everyone. Just wish they’d ditch two weeks of the preseason (have you SEEN all these injuries?!?), add a second bye week (again, player safety in mind here) and one more regular season game to put the season total at 18. 

Going into the final preseason game of the year, the Bills look pretty set. Other than a few roster spots here and there (WR being one of the biggest question marks left), we generally have a good idea of who will make the final 53. None of the starters will be playing, so we can expect the coaching staff to take a good look at the depth on this team and who will benefit them the most.

The WR depth chart could shake out a few different ways but it seems like John Brown, Cole Beasley, and Zay Jones are locks, then Andre Roberts, Isaiah McKenzie and potentially Robert Foster. Practice squad candidates include everyone who was left, with Ray-Ray McCloud and Cam Phillips ahead of the pack.

It’s too bad the Bills can’t stick everyone into those soccer bubbles to avoid injury. The offensive line is another place we should see a lot of rotation on throughout the duration of the season. Thinking the starting five will shake out with Mitch Morse, Cody Ford, Dion Dawkins, Quinton Spain, and Jon Feliciano.

As for a surprise cut? I think it could be Robert Foster. His production has been questionable this preseason, but last year he made some crucial catches and had flashes of excellence. So really he’s on the fence. 

Here’s to hoping for a clean game with no injuries on either side.  

Here’s @celestealbone capturing the heart wrenching reality of cut-down day. Is there a theme forming about who might be a surprise cut on Saturday?:

Photo of DE Eddie Yarbrough from wyosports.net.

I am not sure what could happen tomorrow night that would make me feel better going into the regular season, as all the players will be guys fighting to make the roster and not really anyone we would see a regular basis. 

I’m really wondering if they’re going to keep 7 receivers. I’m all for whatever they need to do but I want Duke Williams to make the team. (we need to refill our Williams quota) Let’s say 7: Cole Beasley, John Brown, Zay Jones, Andre Roberts, Isaiah Mckenzie, Duke Williams and Robert Foster

I’m not sure there is much we can determine about the offensive line as all the starters most likely aren’t playing. But I do hope to see promising play for depth purposes. 

I don’t think Eddie Yarbrough is going to make the team. While that’s not surprising it is sad. Cut day is the worst. We have so many great guys on the team and we will 100% be cutting talented guys. As much as I would love Cory Boroquez to officiate our wedding in June, I don’t think he survives the season. 

Just so I have a surprise cut… I’m going to go with… If they keep six receivers then Zay Jones or Robert Foster. Man… This was hard. I could never be in that position!!!! I feel for the coaches Saturday. 

Are we sure these lovely ladies haven’t talked to one another about who they see as being a surprise roster cut? Here’s America’s sweetheart @KrystleNoel1128 thoughts:

Photo of WR Duke Williams from buffalonews.com.

How will the WRs shake out for the final roster? 

Right now, like most of us,  I see Isaiah McKenzie and Duke Williams fighting for the final spot.  I am curious to see who will actually play this final game. This will really give us an idea of who we can expect to survive cutdown day. 

Will there be anything we can determine about the starting lineup for the offensive line going into the regular season?  

We’ve seen the offensive line rotated around because injuries have taken place this summer.  I’m really looking forward to seeing what position
Cody Ford will end up starting in.  Also,  I’m really excited to see how Josh Allen looks with Mitch Morse back in regular season. 

Who will be the most surprising roster cut?  This may not be a popular thought, but I wouldn’t be surprised personally if Robert Foster gets cut. 

I find myself this preseason more torn about losing players than I have in the past.  One player I feel is on the outside looking in is Eddie Yarbrough. This saddens me as he was such a fun addition the past few years, especially with his Allen/Wyoming connection. But I trust Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane, and I know they will base their decisions on a much more objective point of view than I possibly could. 

The ever-melodious @BILLieve88 is singing this tune about the last preseason game for the Bills:

Buffalo Bills kicker Stephen Hauschka kicks a 55 yard field goal against the Atlanta Falcons during fourth quarter action at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on Sunday, Oct. 1, 2017. (Harry Scull Jr./ Buffalo News).

Let’s be honest! It will be a surprise to see many of the guys playing on Thursday make the final 53 roster.  My game focus will be on coaching, game management, and Special Teams.

The struggle as been real for Hausch-money since he took that unnecessary hit last season. Seeing him hit a few 50+ yard field goals would make me feel better about him this season. 

I would also like to see the team coached up to be more disciplined regardless of who may or may not make the team.  We should not see another 12 penalty game. I want to see guys trying to hold on to a roster spot, not other guys jerseys. 
My final picks at WR are: John Brown, Cole Beasley, Zay Jones, Robert Foster, Andre Roberts, Duke Williams and Isaiah McKenzie (I just can’t let Kenze go)
Because of the constant game of offensive lineman musical chairs, it is hard to determine much of anything other than this group should still be better than what was on the field last season and Russell Bodine will not be a part of it.
Although I know it is probably not a surprising cut, I am preparing myself for a cut that is going to hurt my heart.  I am preparing myself to say goodbye to Eddie Yarbrough.  He has played hard and seemed like a really great guy.

That being said…I BILLIeve some unexpected Bull Shizzle is about to go down at One Bills Drive because well… they are still McBeane!

Our sleepless-in-WNY Godmother @BillsChick didn’t mince words about the last preseason game and what it means, or doesn’t mean:

Nov 4, 2018; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Chad Beebe (12) runs after the catch in the first quarter against Detroit Lions at U.S. Bank Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brad Rempel-USA TODAY Sports.

The last preseason game is the worst entertainment value of the year for the fans.  Barely any starters play.  I expect there are some special teams battles that may be ongoing so maybe that is a place where we might see some starters. 

Special teams was pretty bad last game.  Hopefully they can finish strong, or at least improve over last week.  This would make me feel better going into the regular season.

Everyone in Buffalo will be watching the WR battle for the last roster spot. I’m a Duke Williams woman myself, but it’s going to be a close call.  

Another WR to watch actually plays for the other team — Chad Beebe, the Buffalo-born son of Don Beebe.  He was an UDFA in 2018 and has been having a good preseason so far with the Vikings. Something else to look forward to in an otherwise boring, meaningless game.

Finally, I will be watching the tight ends play.  It’s probably going to be pretty hard to evaluate personnel if Tyree is the only QB that plays, but I’m still interested in seeing more from the backup tight ends. 

Will Tommy Sweeney make the roster?  Will Jason Croom?  It will be interesting to see how many TEs and how many WRs the Bills end up with on the final roster.

Here’s Godmother of telling-it-like-it-is @DanyelReneeBB‘s view of the last preseason game:

Photo of OC Brian Daboll (L) and QB Tyree Jackson (R) from buffalonews.com.

This game, for me, is all about determining whether third string and rookie QB Tyree Jackson gets placed on the practice squad or not. The first game against the Colts, I was lucky enough to see in person.

Tyree is the size of an oak tree. He made an exciting play here and there but it wasn’t enough for me to decide if he belonged on the team in any capacity. 

His second preseason game was pretty bad. He looked rough. After that game, I didn’t even think he belonged on the practice squad. 

Then the Lions game happened and he looked a bit more comfortable, although he only threw four passes. One of those passes went for 23 yards. 

This week, it will be “Tyree Time”. Sean McDermott made it seem as though he will play the entire game against the Vikings so it’s time for him to ball out. If he does well and shows improvement, I think the Bills will stash him on the practice squad…and no my beautiful Buffalo homers, there’s a 0% chance the Bills keep him as the 3rd QB.

Historically, they like to keep only two as that spot will most likely be saved for positions that the injury bug seems to hit the Bills every year, like the secondary or offensive line. If he plays poorly, however, I don’t think he gets a shot on the squad. So, good luck Tyree! Make this last game count!

And it appears the Godmother whose own mother I’d most like to meet @TrayTray143 is more than ready for the regular season to begin:

Photo of RB Christian Wade from businessinsider.com.

Final preseason game of the 2019 season, thank god!  I’m ready for game one vs the Jets!  

For this last game I am hoping for no injuries!  With that being said, here’s some random thoughts….

1. Which WR’s are playing, who gets pulled first, who plays the entire game?  That might be indicative of how the coaches view them. Time to ball out.  
2. Might be hard to ball out with Tyree Jackson at QB.  He is destined for the practice squad, and once again, thank goodness for Matt Barkley!
3. Free Christian Wade!!!!  Let’s see what this guy can do with a full game.  
4. Figure out who stays and who goes on the Oline. I think this will be important in finding our reliable depth guys.  

Other than that, let’s stay healthy and lets get to the regular season!  I’m ready!

Editor’s babble: As always, thanks to our gang of Godmothers for their contributions to our blog.

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