Godmothers of BillsMafia: Postgame Report

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The Godmothers were pretty much ready to take a ride w/Thelma & Louise after the Buffalo Bills defeated the Detroit Lions 24-20 Friday evening, in what was hopefully the ugliest outing we have to endure watching this season.

Josh Allen resurrected his best imitation of ‘Woopie from Wyoming’, before settling down and throwing a few pretty passes and calling it a night. Penalty flags flew everywhere, and once again the offensive line was thrown into yet another medical crisis, this time when LG Quinton Spain left the game with a leg injury.

Instead of solidifying how the offensive line might look during the regular season, we are now faced with the reality of running a patchwork quilt offensive line this season. Brandon Beane must have been clairvoyant or they’ve given in to the notion that most offensive lines are run by a committee of players who fill in for concussed or otherwise injured line-mates interchangeably throughout the season.

It’s a tuff gayme for tuff payple.

The Godmothers clucked with each other throughout the game about how difficult it would be to come up with a summary statement about this preseason poop-fest. Suck it up, buttercups. We roll with our blog win or lose.

And just like the pretty little football princesses they are, they didn’t disappoint. Here’s what the girls had to ‘say’ about a game the Bills won, albeit in the most ugliest way imaginable.

Beautiful babe @BILLieve88 didn’t mince words and gave us the straight scoop:

Photo of WR Isaiah McKenzie from NewYorkUpstate.com.

The Buffalo Bills barely survived Detroit! There were bumps, bruises, and many stalls along the way, but the Buffalo Bills got the jump they needed and found a way to cruise through The Motor City with a win!

My Shooting Stars of the game were: Isaiah McKenzie, Duke Williams, Devin Singletary, Matt Barkley, Tremaine Edmunds, Darryl Johnson and Shaq Lawson.

My Falling Stars of the night were: Bills Special Teams, Cole Beasley, Josh Allen (because of that INT…it was bad!), and Denzel Rice.

Oh Really Moments: Josh Allen’s INT, Detroit’s Dirty Dudes and their attack of Frank Gore and Shady, and 12 penalties for 106 yards……really guys?

Man Down: It seemed like our guys were dropping like flies! My biggest worry is the LG Quinton Spain Injury. Will our O Line still be ok if he isn’t able to play Week 1?

What I truly BILLieve: All Kenze does is make plays. It would be unfortunate if he doesn’t make the final 53. I wouldn’t be mad if they could find a spot for Duke Williams too!

I see you McD! Christian Wade didn’t play because you don’t want to showcase his awesomeness to other teams. You want him to clear waivers so you can stash him as an exemption on our Practice Squad, huh? We will all pretend we didn’t see those two explosive plays he made too  LOL!

Never get on the bad side of tough dudette @DanyelReneeBB … here’s her take on the ills of the Bills on their Friday Night Fright Show:

I NEED to see more of Ryan Bates. The UDFA is versatile and seems to play well! Great job by the Bills in finding him. 

Josh Allen has to stop playing hero ball. When it’s not there, throw it away. Please. He also made some nice throws to Beasley (though he fumbled it away) and John Brown. He ended his time on the field with a touchdown drive and looked really good on that series, albeit primarily against Detroit’s backups. 

Matt.Freaking.Barkley. I’d rather have him on my team backing up Allen than anyone else right now. He throws with anticipation and looks extremely comfortable on the field. A true seasoned vet. 

The running backs actually looked good today. I’m a bit relieved. 

Tremaine Edmunds looks miles ahead of where he was last year. He’s everywhere on the field and his angles are better. 

Finally, I LOVED seeing Josh Allen up in the defender’s face that pummeled Frank Gore along the sidelines. This is exactly why the team rallies around him. He may have a baby-face but he’s all business on the field. Don’t mess with his team. 

Here’s what ‘President of the Matt Barkley For QB1 Club’ (@BillsChick) thought about the game:

My in-laws from Boston were at our house meeting our newborn during this game. And OF COURSE Josh Allen starts slow when we have Patriots* fans on the premises. Just my luck.

At least Allen had that drive before the half where he lead the team to a score. I was about to kill him prior to that drive.  Especially early on when he missed that pass to Cole Beasley with a super inaccurate throw.

Glad to see Steven Hauschka hit his FG, although it was a dome, so half credit only.  Special teams did alright in general, but allowing that 47-yard kick return was pretty terrible. I hate seeing stuff like that because it feels like an unforced error. Here’s hoping they tighten up the ship before week 1.

Shaq Lawson had a sack, I was also glad to see that.  I’m hoping for a big contract year performance from him. 

I am writing this in the third quarter of the game and Matt Barkley currently has a QB rating of 106. Oh yes, now the Bills scored a TD so his QB rating is now 132. 

So unless me writing this is jinxing him, I mean, Matt Barkley is ‘The Next Kurt Warner ‘(TM).  I am hardcore #TeamBarkley

I know they have to start Allen because he’s the “future” or whatever, but you have to admit Barkley is looking better than ever.  But it’s preseason, so…

Our blushing bride-to-be @celestealbone might have had red cheeks, but it wasn’t because she was flowing with love about the manner in which the Bills achieved their victory over the Lions. She’s also apparently not quite on @BillsChick’s ‘Matt Barkley train’ just yet:

Photo of QB Matt Barkley from foxsports.com.

Did Danny Crossman come to coach special teams again? Is there a full moon? What the hell was going on tonight!? Were the refs getting paid for every flag they threw?? Dang! 

The entire team was off. I don’t even know what to really say to be honest. Matt Barkley looked good and I am so happy he’s our back up. But it’s still against second team players and preseason, so let’s just keep him as our back up.

The throw to Cole Beasley was great, if only he didn’t fumble. I really hope they keep seven receivers because I love both Isaiah Mckenzie and Duke Williams. Duke is what Kelvin Benjamin was supposed to be and I’m confident he can continue to make those kind of plays into the season.

I was ready to forfeit before the half with the injuries but luckily Frank Gore and Levi Wallace are fine. Quinton Spain wanted to come back in but Johnson said no, so hopefully he’s alright. I’m glad they’re being cautious with Mitch Morse. Especially with all the offensive line injuries the Bills have had. 

I’m glad Tre’Davious White was smiling and high-fiving teammates after his injury. Now he has two weeks to rest and heal up. As I type this it’s time to give Jaquan Johnson the turnover chain as he just stripped the ball and recovered the fumble! Mike and I are rooting for him big time as he came from Miami!!

Those are my scattered thoughts. Also… I just have to say Matt Patricia standing on his little Gatorade throne cause of his injury and his stupid pencil behind his ear and all the pick plays he brought from New England….lol! 🤣

@TrayTray143 claims she was semi-coherent when she wrote this but I think her brain is always on full-tilt mode:

Photo of OC Brian Daboll from buffalonews.com.

Man, that was ugly! Between the penalties, injuries and turnovers, we better pray that’s not how our team will look. After feeling so hopeful and excited from the Carolina game, it’s safe to say we got a big dose of reality last night! 

Josh Allen gets one throw like that per year. That’s all he’s allowed and he did it last night. Throwing back across your body into the middle of the field rarely ends well, I don’t care how strong your arm is. He cannot do that! Love you Josh, but please stop it! Other than that, I am not super worried.

I think we will see a creative mix of calls when the games actually start. Looked like to me Brian Daboll wanted to work our run game after coming out and throwing it the past few games. We will be ok. I’m still optimistic! 

It was nice to see John Brown get in on the action. Also, Shady and Frank Gore are going to try their hardest to keep Devin Singletary off the field. We will see! 

Defense will be fine. I don’t even need to write about them. Thank goodness Tre’Davious White is ok!!! 

Special Teams ….well, nothing really special about them. Who the heck is going to be our punter? Didn’t I see Carli Lloyd drill a 55 yarder at Ravens camp? Call her up, she’s probably better than these 2 ‘Coreys’ we got. Brandon Beane and Sean McDermott better get that figured out!

Random thoughts:
1. T.J. Yeldon should make the team over Senorise Perry
2. Stop getting holding penalties!
3. Tremaine Edmunds is so so good and he’s only going to get better!
4. Matt Barkley is the best backup we could have right now! Josh better watch out …haha jk!

Editor’s babble: What an ugly win. The Bills/Lions game certainly gave the Matt Barkley enthusiasts a lot to crow about. Josh Allen is a work in progress and it will take time for Brian Daboll to beat the “Whoopie Wyoming” out of him. Patience is a dirty word in the Land of #BillsMafia. You can find me on Twitter @RobynMundyWYO.

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  1. “Brandon Beane must have been clairvoyant”? Um, not so much. If he was he wouldn’t have spent some pretty substantial guy coming off a broken foot (Kroft) who first thing as a Buffalo Bill re-broke his foot. Or he wouldn’t have spent record breaking $ on a Center with THREE known previous concussions who hasn’t done anything as a Buffalo Bill because he’s in “concussion protocol” again. Clairvoyant, nah.