Godmothers of BillsMafia: Pregame Report

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The all-important third preseason game. What sort of performance should we expect when the Buffalo Bills travel to Detroit to take on the Lions on Friday evening? Offense? Defense? Special Teams delight? Our Godmothers have their favorite needles ready to go.

Who rocks more than @BILLieve88 when it comes to making music out of noise? Here’s what she thinks is going down in the Motor City on Friday:

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Papa and his Smurfs are heading to the Motor City, but it is time to show the Bills Defense some love! Zo’Town is coming to your city Detroit – and he is bringing his crew the Four Stops!
Stop # 1 Where you going Son? This question will be asked several times when Kerryon an C.J. run into the Great Wall of Lotulelei.
Stop #2 The Spinners also known as Ed Oliver and Trent Murphy are going to leave the QB’s head spinning as he runs for his life. There will be nowhere to run to Matty, nowhere to Hyde! Oliver goes on a sack attack!
Stop #3 Tre and Levi will reign Supreme in the backfield! There will be many Temptations throughout the night to test their shut-down ability, but I wouldn’t do it Matt! They will be prepared because they stay up all night reading QB’s. One of these guys will have read the book of The Quarterback INT and it will be either QB1 or QB2 failing the test.
Stop #4 Zo’Town and his Linebacker crew are going to leave Matt Patricia scratching his head wondering What’s Going On with his offense! Tremaine Edmunds will force someone to have a case of the dropsies and Matt Milano will be near the ball as always to run it in for the score.

I BILLieve the Bills win! 3-0 baby! 

Our beautiful new Mamacita @BillsChick is turning her attention to Special Teams:

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Special Teams Coordinator Danny Crossman is the Dolphin’s problem now (insert devil-grin emoji here).  The Bills have moved on to Heath Farwell who came to Buffalo via Carolina (I know, shocking).  I look for a big game from the Special Teams Unit as the Bills finalize their ST roster.

I picked Steven Hauschka as an impact player against the Panthers and lo, he missed another kick.  Hopefully the bugs are out.  The return game for Buffalo has been pretty strong, hopefully that continues against the Lions.

Here’s our Godmother of Wedding Plans @celestealbone‘s view of the upcoming and all-important third preseason game:

Photo of DT Ed Oliver from buffalonews.com.

I think I am going to go with the defense. With the Ed Oliver reports/interviews this week about how he has become close with his teammates and opened up to everything and the flashes he had against Carolina… I think he shows another step and has even more flashes against the Lions.

With all the talent that we have on defense I just see the most memorable plays being from them. Especially since we don’t know if Matthew Stafford is playing yet. We may have only beat them by a point last season but we held them to three quarters without a score and only one touchdown.

Stafford starting or not, we have just about the same defense and with vanilla plays, I see our defense having a great day. Can we hold a third team to no points in the first quarter? Can we hold the lions to 16 points or under to make it three games in a row? 

The depth we now have on the defense is refreshing and exciting! I hope our punters get a chance to get a little bit of work so the coaches can make a decision. 

Don’t be fooled into thinking @TrayTray143 isn’t paying attention to what’s going on. Here’s her take on what to expect on Friday evening:

Photo of QB Josh Allen from WKBW.com.

This is a tough question I think because the defense is typically further ahead than offense at this point.  With that being said, I still think Josh Allen is going to lead this offense onto the field and score. I think we see some YAC from Cole Beasley and a couple 20 plus yard throws to his new favorite target in Tommy Sweeney.  I think he still runs with the first team offense.  I also think our defense is going to get in on the action with a turnover and a sack! Cant wait to see our guys in action! 

Just because @KrystleNoel1128 is small, she doesn’t think small when it comes to the Buffalo Bills. Here’s our Princess Godmother of BillsMafia’s word to the wise about the Bills chances on Friday evening:

Photo of WR John Brown from buffalonews.com.

While I’m not sure which unit will break off the most plays, I am hoping it’s the offense. I know we’ve been seeing Josh Allen throwing mostly short passes to Cole Beasley, which has been awesome, but I really want to see John Brown and Robert Foster stretch the field again. There’s something exciting watching Allen just bomb passes down the field and connect with his receivers.  His connection with Tommy Sweeney has been pretty exciting and I wonder if that’s magic in the making there as will.

I also wouldn’t mind seeing the run game break off some big runs as like everyone else,  I want to see if Shady still has gas in the tank (I think he does).  I think we are all also hoping Christian Wade take some snaps with the starters to see how he handles himself. 

In all,  I’m just really excited to see our rookies make more impact,  and see who we can expect to make the final roster.  Our third preseason game will be very telling,  and I have to wonder if we see any big trades take place after the fact. 

Myth-buster @DanyelReneeBB had this to ‘say’ about the Bills/Lions matchup:

Photo of RB Christian Wade from express.co.uk.

Detroit had the tenth-best run defense last year but that won’t stop me from ‘Billieving’ that the running backs are going to do some damage on Friday. It seems Christian Wade is good for at least one big run every preseason game and Frank Gore and LeSean McCoy are both ready to eat. I expect this unit to do some showing off against the Lions behind an improved offensive line. 

While Matt Patricia won’t give away secrets on who the starting QB will be on Friday, I don’t think it matters. The Lions’ offense has been uninspiring all preseason and their backup quarterback situation is a mess. I think the secondary will have a monster day and will come away with a pick six. 

On special teams, someone has to start taking control in the punter competition. Apparently, it’s “still open”. With Cory Carter being out on Friday, I expect Corey Bojorquez to take full advantage of his opportunity and showcase his ability to the fullest extent. I think we see a few booming punts from him and hopefully, he can pin the Lions inside their own 10-yard line once or twice. 

And last but not least, here’s what our Godmother of Workouts @AshleyPetty_ thinks about the Bills/Lions matchup:

Photo of DE Darryl Johnson from buffalonews.com.

The defense will have a big showing against Matthew Stafford and the Lions. The Lions have been preserving Stafford this preseason due to the minor back injury he suffered last year as well as their backup QB situation being quite dire (Savage is working through a concussion, behind him is David Fales [remember him?!] and then Josh Johnson). We can expect to see the starters play most if not all of the first half because this is the “dress rehearsal” game.

Five sacks have been recorded by the defense in the first two preseason games and we should expect to see 2-3 more this game (cc: Darryl Johnson), Micah Hyde and Jordan Poyer are due for an INT as well, and there should definitely be quite a few tackles for loss with the depth this unit has. With all the depth, this unit remains extremely competitive for roster spots and will continue to fight for those big time plays.

Editor’s babble: That’s the Bills/Lions Pregame Report from our Godmothers of BillsMafia… we’ll see what they have to say in their Postgame Roundup, hopefully up on the blog over the weekend. Thanks to all of our Godmothers who contributed to this report!

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