Godmothers of BillsMafia: Postgame Roundup

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The Godmothers of BillsMafia were notably impressed after the Buffalo Bills took it to the neutered,,, er I mean NEWTON-LESS Carolina Panthers at their house on Friday. The 27-14 score didn’t really reflect how lopsided the game was during the first half.

Here’s a roundup of what the girls thought about the game:

The woman who brings the absolute best signage to New Era Field at each home game –@celestealbone – had this to say:

First off, Cam Lewis got taken off in a stretcher. Hopefully they’re just being cautious since he walked off the field at first. Prayers for him. 

Josh looked good. Beasley is going to be huge for him. Sweeney is really taking advantage of this opportunity. The line is holding up and I haven’t noticed much, so that’s good. I expect improvements once Morse goes in but Feliciano is better than Bodine. I also saw that Bodine is out and Ryan Bates, who was undrafted and the Bills just got in the trade with Philly… was in at center for the 2nd team and Barkley and Yeldon didn’t seem to have any issues. If Bodine makes the 53, I wanna know who he paid off :) 

Loving Singletary in the passing game. Excited for next week already. 

Defense!!! Ed Oliver got away with hands to the face but nice to see his presence known. And Shaq Lawson showing up back at his old home! Kevin Johnson with the great pick-six – and since we are also Hurricanes fans – we were so excited to see Jaquan Johnson with a great play on the ball. Wish he would of had the interception!

Special teams looking soooo much better than Danny Crossman’s units. Is it Sept yet??? Oh wait, there is still another half!


Ok. Two words. Christian Wade.

Also I love how when people got hurt, the starters came out etc. The closeness of this entire team is awesome. I love what McDermott is doing. Cut day is going to be hard for the fans but I can only imagine how hard it will be for them.Even with the embarrassing snafu… Ryan Bates is better than Bodine.  

Duke. Williams. Let’s get him in there more so he can show what he can do!! 

Photo of QB Josh Allen (L) and WR Cole Beasley (R) from NewYorkUpstate.com.

Here’s the woman who never ceases to amaze me – @DanyelReneeBB – with her thoughts about the game:

Josh Allen looked poised and ACCURATE. Cole Beasely raved about QB1 during joint practice, basically praising his quick release. Tonight, Beasley caught all 5 targets for 44 yards on quick passes from Allen. This is the start of something beautiful and it truly shows growth from the second-year signal caller. 

Tommy Sweeney made the most of his opportunity tonight with both Dawson Knox and Jason Croom hampered by hammies. If he keeps showing promise, it’d be hard for the Bills to overlook him. 

Matt Barkley is better than any starting QB that the Bills have had in a long time. Interestingly enough, Ryan Bates was the backup center and didn’t look too shabby from what I was able to see with my shoddy internet. I’ll probably rewatch the game to get a better look. 

I want Christian Wade to make the 53. I don’t care. 

The defense was solid as always. Trent Murphy and Matt Milano were moving around nicely after being injured last season. Kind of bummed we couldn’t witness Eddie Krueger take Cam Newton’s head off, but it is what it is. 

Finally, when did Hausch-Money turn into Hauschcaca? Coach says he isn’t concerned, but I AM! 

Drafting Darryl Johnson in the 7th round looks like it could be absolute robbery by Brandon Beane. He’s having a tremendous preseason. 

Photo of @BillsChick’s favorite QB Matt Barkley from foxsports.com. BillsChick is single-handedly trying to create a QB controversy. May the great spirit of Wyoming lay a turd bigger than her baby son on her bedside table tonight.

Our diaper-changing Queen @BillsChick had this to note about the game:

I know his odds of making the team aren’t great, but who doesn’t love the Christian Wade story and how he continues to produce big plays?!  Love that dude.  The Matt Barkley Hype Train (TM) continues to chug along. Yeah he had the best QB rating of the night (145.8).  And yeah he looks like the second coming of Kurt Warner.  It’s just preseason but it sure is fun watching the Bills dominate another team, even if Cam Newton and Luke Kuechly sat tonight. Go Bills!

Editor’s babble: You’re closing in on dead meat to me, @BillsChick…

Photo of WR Isaiah McKenzie from kiss985.radio.com.

Next up, we have commentary from our most adorable Godmother @KrystleNoel1128:

I know it’s only preseason, but I will say it: Josh Allen looks light years ahead of where he was last year.  He looked comfortable in the pocket, and the connection that he and Cole Beasley have is undeniable.  

Isaiah McKenzie is really making his presence known with another nice catch and run in this game.  That WR battle is really heating up, with Duke Williams showing exactly what sets him apart from the rest.  

Honestly there were so many positives to see in this game,  from Ed Oliver to Harrison Phillips to Christian Wade,  I really could go on.  So instead, I will mention this:  I’m starting to slightly worry about Steven Hauschka.  I’m not calling for his head and his preseason struggle may just be growing pains of the punter battle. But after the Carpenter years,  I don’t want to return to having to close my eyes every time we kick a field goal or extra point.  

Final thought?  I have to keep reminding myself that preseason doesn’t necessarily mean anything.  But I can’t be the only one feeling the difference in this team. We have improved the roster by a mile,  with players who are fighting tooth and nail to be here.  I am so excited for regular season and to see where this team takes us. 

Photo of WR Zay Jones from NewYorkUpstate.com.

Our most elegant and melodious @BILLieve88 opined the following:

I survived the Carolina Heat and tonight I am keeping it short and sweet like me. Three things I can’t BILLieve from the game:

1. Looks like I am going to have to file a missing person report because I can’t find Zay Jones or Robert Foster anywhere… y’all playing or nah?

2.  Do we have a running back controversy? If so, they might as well see if they can make a trade because a certain running back whose name rhymes with Grady probably will have a problem not being the #1 guy. We don’t need a shady locker room.

3. You get a penalty! You get a penalty! Everybody gets a penalty! Might want to knock that off fellas!

Bonus: One thing I know for sure is if you fumble that ball there will be a nice spot on the bench for you because you will be done for the day!

From one of our favorite Godmothers – @TrayTray143 – who calls it like she sees it –

Photo of WR Cole Beasley from buffalonews.com and Getty Images.

I know it was preseason, I know it may have been against a mix of first and second stringers, but wow!  Our offense was so fun to watch!  Here’s a few thoughts:

Josh Allen was definitely on point last night!  He seemed comfortable with his reads and his ball placement was outstanding! His continued hard work is going to pay major dividends for this team.  His rapport with Cole Beasley is coming along nicely!  We have been hearing a lot about how those two have been connected at the hip and that was on display for all to see last night.  Beasley is his new favorite target and security blanket. I love it!

Tommy freakin Sweeney!  This dude has taken his opportunity and ran with it.  He seems to have a nice handle on the offense and his routes.  He just knows how to get open, plus he has great size and athleticism.  He made some really nice catches.  This kid might be TE1 on Sept 8th!  I’m here for it!

Devin Singletary is going to be hard to keep off the field. He is proving he can not only run the ball, but he can catch it as well.  The kid has some nice moves, and is fun to watch. I love Shady, but I love winning more and I really hope they find a way to get the rookie involved.  

Matt Barkley has looked fantastic.  He is a great backup to have on this team, and we already know he can win a game for us if need be.  I still cannot believe Peterman was ever on this roster.  His strengths as a passer are the complete opposite of what Josh has to offer and I love that!  He is a major asset in the QB room and on the sidelines.

Quick Hitters:   

1. Our Defense is going to be top 5 again.  Man, we have nice depth, finally.

2. WR battles are serious right now.  Duke Williams looked nice. Not sure how they make the cuts.  

3. Ryan Bates is a rookie??  I had no idea and there he is playing center with the second team.  Happy to have him.  Get Bodines *** outta here.

4.  WTF is going on with Steven Hauschka??  Coach says he’s not worried, but he hasnt been money this preseason.  

5.  Is it gameday yet??? I’m so pumped for this season.  Go Bills!
Photo of DT Ed Oliver from USATODAY.com.

And finally, last but not least… from our Pacific Time Zone BABE – @grneyedbillsfan

Alright, alright, alright… soooo I have to tell the truth, I was not completely sold on Josh Allen, I was not a fan of the draft pick and I really have been skeptical of his ability to bring my team (yeah mine) to the Super Bowl.

Last night however, I was watching his very much improved footwork, I mean a few times I thought he might be dancing….🤷🏿‍♀️ he was downright graceful. His ability to get the ball out fast with accuracy was more controlled and exactly what I wanted to see!! Oh and his love affair with Cole Beasley, has me thinking maybe I shouldn’t be so bitter and jaded when it comes to marriage and relationships!!

Ok, enough about me. I really liked what I saw from Ed Oliver too he is going to be a straight BEAST!! Wait how could I forget,  can we please sign Christian Wade??? I don’t know but those runs and that touchdown last week… smh I just want the best for my team and that guy seems like the truth…. but I mean,  I could be jumping the Gun.

Also I am thrilled with what I saw from our defense!! I mean we basically controlled this game, yes I know “it’s preseason”, yes I know we didn’t have a perfect game, yes we let the score a TD and an extra point at the end, and yes I know we still have room for improvement.

However, this girl is choosing look past our “still needs improvement” and finally seeing “Holy ******* **** look at our progress”.

Am I a Homer? More than a little bit! Don’t judge me ok, I am just a Buffalo Bills fan finally letting go of the fear and embracing my excitement for the season!! #GoBills 

Editor’s babble: You can blame @TrayTray143 for the all-caps in her post :) That’s a wrap for our post-game roundup by our Godmothers of BillsMafia. Stay tuned for their scintillating pregame analysis sometime before next Friday’s important third preseason game at Detroit. You can find me on Twitter @RobynMundyWYO, if you really want to.

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