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It’s time to bring the voice of some women of BillsMafia into our pre and postgame analyses of the Bills each week. We are already blessed with terrific pre and post game coverage by numerous blogs, journalists and podcasts, so I wanted to bring more fan interaction and some female voices to forefront of our blog. Along with a little humor sprinkled here and there of course!

So we decided to have a panel of women answer one pregame question each week, with follow up thoughts after each game. This was inspired by none other than @BruceExclusive on Twitter, so thanks to Bruce for thinking of us.

Our first pregame question to our panel:

Name three players you think will have the greatest impact in the Bills/Carolina preseason game on Friday, and why.

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From our effervescent Bills Godmother @KrystleNoel1128:

Isaiah McKenzie: After the first preseason game, he’s been making a strong push to make the final roster.  From everything I’ve been tracking, he’s continuing to do so in practice. I’m thinking we may see this continue as he fights Ray-Ray McCloud for the 6th receiver spot. 

Mike Love:  Love has had a solid camp and good showing in the preseason opener.  Now with the Harold trade to Philly,  I believe we will see Love try to step it up even further to prove his worth against Darryl Johnson and Eddie Yarbrough.

Final player is actually both punters, the Corys. While they are obviously two different players,  I felt the need to lump them together as their play will have the same impact.  Hang time and distance is obviously so important in this.  But also,  whomever wins this battle will need to be a good holder for Hauschka, which we know from last season really makes a difference. 

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Next up is a response from football-loving @AshleyPetty_

1. Robert Foster– He’s fighting for his spot on the 53 and was left off of the stats sheet in the game against the Colts and is fighting his way back up the depth chart. Most Bills fans went into this year thinking Foster would be the team’s #1 WR. Can he still be that deep threat Josh Allen needs and ball out like Bills fans know he can? Foster will make a big impact and have his breakthrough moment he’s been waiting for in the preseason against the Panthers.

2. Shaq Lawson– Shaq will be back in his home state and whenever players go back to where they’re from it seemingly lights a fire within them. Not only does he have a lot to prove with it being his contract year (after the Bills declined the extra year option), but while he’s got his family and friends watching, he’ll blow through the OL and light up the QB more than once.

3. Devin Singletary– Singletary will once again prove why the Bills took him in the 3rd round – though limited to 27 yards on 9 carries against Indy, he showed flashes of elusiveness, being able to plow though the line finding holes, and get yards after contact. He also had three catches for 21 yards, deeming him a double threat to opposing defenses. 

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Soon-to-be-wed @celestealbone had this to ‘say’:

I’m thinking we will see a lot from the bottom rung of wide receivers, defensive end and corner backs. The guys really fighting for a roster spot. They will have the most time in the game so they will also have more opportunity to make an impact.

WR: Ray Ray, Isaiah and Cam Phillips are really fighting for the last one or two spots. They all made plays the first game and I think they’ll be looking to make a lot of plays in this one. I’m going to go with Mckenzie making the most plays and having an impact.

Defensive End: Darryl Johnson and Mike Love. We have heard a lot about Love from camp this year and Darryl Johnson made some plays and stood out in the first preseason game. I see Darryl making an impact vs Carolina and really showing the coaches what they saw in him. 

Corner Back: Taron Johnson is coming back from injury and Cam Lewis (Go UB Bulls!) showed up vs Indy last week. With Tre and Levi having the starting jobs on lock and some great depth there is a lot of competition happening at this position. I really wanna say Cam Lewis is going to have an impact and make some plays vs Carolina. 

Up next is our firecracker @DanyelReneeBB:

Ed Oliver. Cam’s recent jawing back and forth with former Panther and newly signed Bill Captain Munnerlyn was enough to turn Ed Oliver into a stone-cold killer. Did you see his face in the video? He’ll be out for blood. 

Siran Neal. He’s already made some nice plays during the joint practices. I’m thinking he extends that to the preseason game as well. I’ll be keeping my eyes on him. 

John Brown. On “All or Nothing”, Cam Newton said John Brown “ain’t an asset”. If that isn’t adding fuel to his proverbial fire (they don’t call him “Smokey” for nothing), I don’t know what is. We’ve already seen him light up training camp. I have to believe he’ll get some retribution on Friday. 

Side note, Sean McDermott will be bringing his “clapping” A-game against his former team. 

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Here’s what the coolest @BILLieve88 BILLieves:

1. David Sills – Sills made a lot of noise on the Embedded series but has been quiet on the football field.  Having zero yards receiving in the first game is not ideal when the Bills have tough decisions to make at Wide Receiver. Time to ball out David! Seal the deal…at least make the practice squad bro!

2. T.J. Yeldon– After watching Devin Singletary get sick with it T.J. Yeldon came down with fumblitis… a very nasty condition that can get you cut from the final 53. With a rising rookie and an already Shady back field….T.J better ball out!

3. Eddie Yarbrough – This really hurts my heart because I really love Eddie (for selfish reasons ) but the competition at Defensive End is getting real. Although we could always use depth, ball out Eddie! Don’t let the newbies take your spot! Maybe Josh can talk to his Wyoming Homie.☹

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Here’s how rocking @TrayTray143 responded to our question:

First player I think is going to ball out is QB1, Josh Allen! It sounds like he’s had his best practice yet in Carolina this morning and I think the momentum carries into the game. He is dying to connect on a bomb to John Brown!

Second player primed for action is Tremaine Edwards. The freakazoid in the middle of our defense is going to set the tone on D! Having him in the middle makes such a huge difference on that side of the ball. He’ll have some nice collisions with McCaffery in the back field. 

Third player Im excited to watch is Cody Ford. I think he looks to put some people on the ground and build onto his first nfl game experience. He has such a mean streak about him and I look forward to seeing him get his hands on that Carolina DLine. He will get some great experience dealing with Gerald McCoy and Bruce Irvin. 

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Non-committal award this week goes to @grneyedbillsfan:

I can’t say who I think will have the biggest impact. I look at preseason a bit differently. I watch the games praying for no serious injuries and then no trades involving any of may fav players!! I can say however, that I am looking forward to seeing how O-Line comes together. I really want to be able to SEE Josh Allen’s progress, and I’d like to see if we have a solid back-up in Tyree Jackson. 

Buffalo Bills kicker Stephen Hauschka kicks a 55 yard field goal against the Atlanta Falcons during fourth quarter action at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on Sunday, Oct. 1, 2017. (Harry Scull Jr./ Buffalo News).

And dragging up the rear is our new Momma @BillsChick:

1.  Stephen Hauschka. He missed a field goal in the first preseason game, but I’m looking for a big bounce back from our kicker against the Panthers.  A return to Hau$chka that we know and love.

2.  Matt Barkley.  He is going to slay Carolina’s backup defense.  Barkley is coming into his own (finally) and is a valuable asset to the team.  I don’t want to use hyperbole, but **** it, he’s the next Kurt Warner.

3.  Shaq Lawson.  Shaq is in his money year and he will kick ass against the Panthers with some major pressure and maybe even a sack or two.

Editor’s babble: OK, that’s our inaugural post by the infamous ‘Godmothers of BillsMafia‘. The only thing I have to write about this week’s responses is that it’s clear there’s an obsession with wide receivers as we head into the second preseason game.

Also – we all know @BillsChick was a Josh Allen trash-talker so she’s invested heavily into Matt Barkley. She’ll find her way… or I’ll send a wyo-posse after her!

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Thanks to our ‘Godmothers of BillsMafia for taking the time to share their thoughts on the second preseason game against the Panthers on Friday evening. We appreciate all their contributions to our blog.

Stay tuned for postgame comments (hopefully sometime on Saturday), or as soon as these lovely women get their butts in gear and send me their postgame responses.

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