Buffalo Bills Strive to Do Certain Things Again

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There is lots of consistency in cemeteries.  Steadiness can be overrated.  Fear of the unknown may lead to sticking with what barely works.  The Buffalo Bills historically have expertise on the subject.

But the long-steady franchise is finally willing to start over.  If you won’t go to a new restaurant because it might not be as good, know a novel taste could bring joy.

The only thing worse than constant change is retaining what’s lousy.  A team trying to leave 6-10 behind can’t be concerned with how many players are new to the playbook.  Talent overcomes lack of familiarity.

Take an offensive line wearing name tags so they can know who’s in the same row.  With questions remaining about who’ll prevail, the only certainty is 80 percent of the category will feature new starters.

But turmoil is far better than retaining the regrettable previous group.  The 2019 edition features reserves who will be more impressive than some of last year’s starters.  New Buffalonians needing to memorize the quickest way to a stationary Lloyd is an acceptable tradeoff.

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Buffalo’s gap year resulted in personal growth unlike so many slackers who don’t bother going back to college.  Turnover couldn’t have been more welcome.  Last year’s offensive line deserved to be shaken like a Magic 8-Ball. Did non-Dion Dawkins starters deserve to return?  My sources say no.

Buffalo features the right sort of overlap from way back in 2018.  A promising defense returns every starter who didn’t retire.  The statistically impressive outfit could still improve its performance despite technical proficiency, as situational stops are tougher to measure except in the rather important statistic of points.

Perhaps a year of working together will further the goal of unmeasurable artistic proficiency.  It was nice having a camp not spent learning where the other linebackers tend to head.

Enjoy the rare lack of defensive roster churn.  The Bills are blessed to feature tacklers they wanted to return, not stopgap dudes they have to keep because there are few options for replacement.  Moe’s stays in business thanks to customers who don’t know there are other places to eat.

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It’s tough in the broadest sense to bring back a high percentage of players. Any decline in quality could halt the quantity of a player’s season.  As a true meritocracy, football is as brutal as Amateur Night at the Apollo.  Be good or be gone, indeed.

A job based on physical well-being naturally creates constant vacancies.  Thinking of how many careers concentrically overlap is fascinating if you’re into that sort of hippie junk.  Spın̈al Tap replaces drummers only when necessary, but it still seems to happen unnervingly frequently.

A spouse knows the other half left car keys in the vegetable crisper.  Awareness regarding the quirks of someone who’s a little too familiar is part of cultivating a longterm relationship.  Reflexive awareness of what the other party will do is the upside of feeling continually annoyed by personal foibles.

We’re hoping this is the group that we’ll want to stick around for upcoming seasons, too.  It’s certainly easy to cheer for this edition.  Josh Allen is as enthusiastic as you’d hope, which counts as points to me even if the NFL disagrees.

It takes nerve to tackle Frank Gore as he begins the second half of his career.  In the same way, management exhibited guts by asking the dealer for like 18 new cards.

Enduring a season featuring stopgap players was necessary to hire an entire new cast.  Like replacing Eric Stoltz as Marty McFly no matter how much footage had already been shot, restarting beats maintaining the wrong vibe.

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My aunt stored leftover shrimp in the breadbox, and I’m not breaking a family tradition.  She had to know what was wise, right?  Doing things in a particular way because that’s how they’ve always been done doesn’t necessarily mean perpetuating wisdom.

If franchises valued consistency more than anything else, Rex Ryan would still be coach.  Replacing the bench boss every two or three years is the second-worst possibility if you keep hiring putzes.

Football is hard.  Both moving and stopping the ball are challenging.  You’d think one would pull ahead of the other.  Exploiting the slightest weakness creates monumental differences.

The prepared warrior knows the tendencies of both foe and pal.  The offense has spent the summer getting to know each other for your entertainment, and all they ask in return is for you to wear their names across your shoulder blades.

The Bills can start continuity now.  Allen hopes as much as we do that his teammates deserve to be kept together.  Meanwhile, the defensive goal is to thrive enough to justify bring back everyone in 2020.

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The process of determining who should remain is colder than the Joe Webb Colts game.  Don’t stay in a relationship because the breakup will be messy: get the release done if you’re stuck with a serial scumbag and look for a decent person with whom to share happiness.

Management has cleaned up a mess left by those night crew jerks.   They’re thankfully out of justified excuses.  There’s finally enough firepower that we can rightfully demand to see it tomorrow.

The roster now features the sort of players we’ll hope remain for a half-decade or so.  Excitement while looking into the future feels strange with this club.  Then again, so does the present.

Editor’s babble: It’s a strange feeling to go into a season with expectations that exceed mediocrity or worse. Thanks to Anthony Bialy for always keeping us in a state of giggles. You can find Anthony on Twitter @AnthonyBialy.

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