Grateful to share another season with BillsMafia

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There are days when I’m still amazed at the the phenomenon known as “BillsMafia”. How we all came together in this crazy adventure is nothing short of miraculous.

BillsMafia has become much more than a “way of life” for me, it’s my connection to ‘our people’ through social media all the way from Wyoming. Older out-of-area Bills fans can attest to the paucity of information about our beloved, lovable losing football team in the days prior to the Internet.

As we get ready to launch ourselves into orbit for yet another season of exhilarating highs and bone-crushing lows, I’d like to take a moment to thank each of you who reach out and support our blog.

This will be my third season at the helm and I’m proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish with our blog so far. It’s a work in progress, it always will be… but I think we’re carving out a nice little place for Bills fans to share the love of all things Buffalo.

We hope to continue to provide a place where “homer” fans feel loved and accepted without ridicule or judgement. The reasons we are brought together are less important than what we can generate by combining the forces of our collective compassion and “do good”.

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A tip of the wyo-hat to Del Reid, who no longer needs an introduction about who he is or what he does. Del gave me an opportunity and platform where I can communicate directly with our fan base in a way I never dreamed possible during the “Glory Years”.

I’m forever grateful and hopeful we can continue to grow this thing into an even better resource for promoting acts of kindness within our community.

Thank you for your great commentary and support for our blog. Please know we are very grateful for your participation and look forward to more input from BillsMafia fans around the world.

Now let’s roll and show the rest of the world who we really are and start this season off by sending our beloved Frank Reich back to Indianapolis 0-1 in games that “don’t count, but do matter” (London Fletcher quote from interview on One Bills Live broadcast).


Editor’s babble: If you can stand the drippiness, you can find me on Twitter @RobynMundyWYO.

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