Identifying How the Buffalo Bills Present Themselves

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Who are the Buffalo Bills?  They’re “a professional American football team based in the Buffalo-Niagara Falls metropolitan area” according to an internet online website I just discovered named Wikipedia. Well, that settles it. 

Still, there may be more to the definition, like how the learn’d astronomer didn’t quite capture the beauty of the stars.  Fans can only look at play diagrams so often before wanting to see humans put them into action. 

As for this sport they play, I am uninterested in any non-American football that’s based around using feet.  Our nation’s version sounds intriguing, especially if it doesn’t use the dang metric system.

Wondering what sort of team the Bills have is a sign they haven’t quite defined themselves yet.  Team identity results from picking a direction and following it.

Figuring just how they plan to win is crucial for culture.  Those denying its importance should note the lack of success that’s accompanied indistinctness.  You can accept being uncultured, but trying to hear Nickelback over the roar of monster trucks is bad for your well-being.

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Teams with a lack of focus forget to stop losing.  The Sabres are trying to not waste Jack Eichel’s career as they adjust the lens.

Improving is not just a matter of adding anyone ostensibly talented, as these employees must function in tandem.  A Lakers team with Gary Payton and Karl Malone should’ve finished with a championship.  Those who follow the NBA while killing time before football wonder if this year’s Lakers edition is anything more than a jersey-selling apparatus or if owner and general manager LeBron James made compatible additions.

Players capable of contributing must be able to work together.  It turns out cooperation is kind of important in a sport where 10 of the guys you share a locker room with move simultaneously.

Teams should create a concrete image when their names come to mind.  For example, the Patriots have established themselves as soulless villains who feed off the dark energy they generate.  Like it or not, and you don’t, their commitment to personal style is noted.

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Even the Raiders feature a strong identity.  Sure, it’s mostly nostalgia for how naughtily they used to act, but we can still enjoy Simpsons episodes from last century.

Like Force users, franchises try moving things using powers with which they’re blessed.  Branding oneself doesn’t need to be for evil just because you instantly think of an eternity spent suffering due to judgment for contemptible living when the Dallas Cowboys are mentioned.  Hell already has its franchise, so the Bills can aim to present themselves less diabolically.

The punk fan experiences an epiphany upon realizing the only thing separating the individual from the lifestyle is the decision to partake.  There’s no special anointment.  You can be a rocker once you decide you are.  In the same manner, the Bills start to become who they want once they make the choice.  Tom Brady doesn’t pick for them.

Confidence in presenting oneself is all it takes to make it work.  A relentless defense would be the most pleasant sign of fortitude.  The Bills aren’t into aggressive blitzing.  Rather, they seek to suffocate opponents with a zone so subtle that the prey doesn’t even realize it’s being squeezed.  The Bills intend to save the risks for offense, as gambling on passing is the whole reason for adding someone who can throw all the way to Wyoming.

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Knowing just what kind of team Buffalo features goes beyond play style, which is a byproduct of mentality.  Have a coordinated plan in mind, as khakis don’t go well with a Clash t-shirt.

The Super Bowl-era teams featured resilience as a personality trait.  Their style manifested itself as a self-assured offense paired with a vicious defense.  Character is already present; football merely offers a chance to showcase it.

Bringing good neighbors to a city nicknamed for them is part of the process.  Brandon Beane has not just added Boy Scouts, although they should be able to start fires.

Buffalo must be prepared to defeat adversity, which is everyone’s real rival.  Triumph follows from overcoming circumstances instead of being defined by them.  The game’s worst cheaters are in the same division, but that’s just life sucking again.

The sport has been unsurprisingly dull for teams that by percentage miss the playoffs almost as a guarantee.  What kind of message did, say, Chan Gailey emphasize?  It’s hard to remember how forgettable those seasons were.

Remembering to have a philosophy seems like an obvious part of coaching.  But some of the most obvious tasks apparently need to be jotted down on a Post-it.

Attitude can’t fix everything, but it’s a good start.  This regime’s every move has been about obtaining players who treat working in professional football as an honor.  Not taking a job for granted leads to hungriness.  Trying to coast without passion is Ben Affleck as Batman.  If you wear the costume, you’d better think like a superhero.

Editor’s babble: It will be very interesting to see how this team puts an identity together this season. Thanks, as always, to Anthony Bialy for his entertaining contributions to our blog. You can find Anthony on Twitter @AnthonyBialy.

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