Buffalo Bills Won’t Hold Inexperience Against Rookies

Photo of DT Ed Oliver from expo.newyorkupstate.com.

Rookies are too guileless to know they’re not supposed to change the world.  Zero games played means fun projections if you’re optimistic.  The Buffalo Bills have hired young people they believe will set the world on fire.

Officials do not check during tackles who has been around for awhile, so start racking up stats immediately.  Aside from obvious candidate Ed Oliver, fans wonder who’s most likely to impress despite being barely old enough to buy bourbon.

I always feel sorry for that second pick, as he’s going to get exponentially less attention than first-round VIPs.  Cody Ford may feel like he’s manning the autograph table next to Mr. T.  But he’s got a steady job even if he’s not the most prominent member of his class.

Who’s up to be versatile?  Coaches could stick Ford anywhere on the line around the center.  Ability paired with meanness brought him to Buffalo.  Now, he’ll spend training camp refining his style.  The challenge of learning pro techniques is the toughest part about going to work.  Defensive linemen are cruel about exploiting inexperience.

Photo of OT Cody Ford from newyorkupstate.com.

Any skilled whippersnapper will get plenty of chances regardless of how many pro games he’s played.  Coaches are presently figuring out where to park Ford.  Existential wonder about one’s position in the universe is relatively easy to define for football players.  But the staff still must determine if he’s more suited for tackle or guard.

The line looks far less likely to bend thanks to free agents toiling alongside the team’s second-highest pick.  Ghosts would’ve been more effective last season, as scaring defensive ends beat any blocking strategy they tried.

Who’d like to do tasks in exchange for a check?  Ford could start right away.  Dion Dawkins is the sole returning certainty like how Comedy Central is only funny when South Park is on.  It’s also safe to presume Mitch Morse is going to play like he’s being paid a fortune to snap.  That leaves vacancies for 60 percent of the job type if the Oklahoma man can grow into it quickly.

Photo of TE Dawson Knox from WKBW.com.

If this star-crossed club is going to finally have a productive tight end, he’ll ideally contribute from the moment he’s eligible.  Dawson Knox hasn’t scored a touchdown since high school but could end that drought as soon as possible.

I wish advancing due to another’s injury was not a regular occurrence.  But a business where physical well-being defines capability creates unfortunate opportunities.  Knox is not just sitting there waiting for Tyler Kroft to heal.  He can only make so many cards wishing a teammate to get well soon.  Equipment guys try to keep up with the demand for construction paper.

As with those of us committed to social gatherings in between classes, Knox’s raw talent wasn’t quite harnessed in college.  Hmmm, does that sound like a quarterback anyone knows?  Josh Allen could pair with a fellow underutilized talent to simultaneously reach potential.

Photo from latimes.com.

The Bills are overdue for a change of pace.  The team hasn’t learned to use modern tight ends. They’re like a grandparent still watching Wheel of Fortune with an antenna.

Knox enters the fort after baffling misuse in college, as Ole Miss used him as an H-back in a throwback as strange as buying cassingles again.  Thanks to a goofy college scheme, Knox begins his pro career as mysteriously as the Joker.  He’s unpredictable if he wants to play a game.

Running back is the easiest position to learn, as I type while reclined and unwilling to exert the effort it’d take to reach my coffee mug.  Devin Singletary has zero years of pro experience and boundless energy based on his college film.

It’s sacrilegious to suggest LeSean McCoy and Frank Gore may not play forever.  But even the immortal elders could begin dashing marginally slower this century, which means chances for an undersized upstart.

Photo of RB Devin Singletary from WIVB.com.

Rushing for six yards per attempt is an impressive collegiate rate.  Singletary will try applying his speed at a higher level as he spends his final year of eligibility in the AFC East instead of Conference USA.

Somebody please surprise us.  A flipped roster is being counted upon to mature faster than expected.  Keep your Transformers if it calms you, as youthful habits are to be encouraged.  Players ideally show exuberance without realizing they’re supposed to wait their turns to create devastation.

There’s no reason to wait if presented with opportunity.  Rookies should be pleased their employer is so needy.  Every new hire is potentially on the fast track to making partner.  

The Bills are firing people like they’re winning a competition for it.  Ideally, that would be the playoffs.  There are bound to be opportunities when the general manager decides the last regime’s New Coke recipe is not tasty enough. Buffalo hopes enough rookies make an impact that fewer will have to next year.

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