Reckless thoughts as Bills get ready to make their first pick of the 2019 NFL Draft

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Since there is so much garbage being spewed on the first day of any given NFL draft, I thought it might be appropriate to spew some of my own meaningless wyobabble about what might go down this evening. A little something to add to the frenzy of outrageous opinions and rumors floating around as they always seem to do during the last few hours leading up to the first pick.

With zero data to support any hypothesis about how this draft will go down for the Bills, here are a few completely baseless reflections with no supporting evidence:

  • The Bills may or may not move out of the 9th overall pick. However, my gut is telling me Beane will make a move up with their second pick at 40 to grab Player X who fell too far down their draft board. He set this trend in motion last season by moving up TWICE in the first round, getting QB Josh Allen and then grabbing MLB Tremaine Edmunds. Beane seems to get a big thrill out of bargain hunting. If my gut isn’t right about this, just blame the probiotics.
  • At some point early in the draft the Bills will draft the best tight-end since Ernie Warlick. After neglecting the position for decades, Brian Daboll will have his way and will now be able to feature TEs the way they were intended. No idea who or where this mythical creature will be drafted, but the Bills WILL finally make the kind of investment at the TE position that needs to be made.
  • Clear patterns will start to emerge after this draft about Brandon Beane’s draft philosophy/tendencies. We already have a decent template about how comfortable Beane is moving up and down the draft board. ‘Riverboat’ Ron Rivera’s got nothing on how Beane masterfully executes a successful draft. However, this statement is made with really only one year of data so it’s pretty much as useless as is the rest of my babble.

However, if last year’s draft was any indication, you won’t want to step away from the screen too long during the first round this evening. Most of ‘BillsMafia’ are still trying to wrap our heads around what competent leadership in the general manager position looks like. And it also painfully highlights by comparison how “out of his league” Russ Brandon was at being the steward of the Bills’ franchise. C’est la vie.

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No matter what goes down on the best reality show of the year for Bills fans tonight, expect the unexpected. With lots of cap space and 10 draft picks as resources, the Bills are in the best hands heading into a draft since the early ‘Polian years’.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!

Editor’s babble: I have no freaking clue what’s going to happen tonight. But if we end up with a stud at the tight end position, you’ll hear my wyo-woopie all the way from Wyoming. You can find me on Twitter @RobynMundyWYO, but I don’t recommend it.

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One Reply to “Reckless thoughts as Bills get ready to make their first pick of the 2019 NFL Draft”

  1. Robin, I’m hoping for Oliver to fall to the Bills but I would be happy with Jonah Williams and he is the type of player that Beanie and McD like as he can play all positions on the O-line.

    I see the Bills moving up in 2 or 3rd round using their surplus of picks to go with quality over quantity. If they do trade the 9th pick I also see Beanie getting picks in the 2020 draft as he will always build for the future.