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I thought I’d give you a look at my final “Grab List” that I’ve submitted to DraftTek for its final computer mock draft. We feed in our Team Needs and it shops for the best value from our DraftTek Big Board.

We get a last look at the mock to make changes, then the mock is published here. On Thursday and Friday night, the computer will re-simulate the draft after every pick, so stop back often and see the downstream effects of the picks and trades that will happen.

The Bills will do anything they can to get Quinnen Williams or Josh Allen if they begin to fall down the board. No WR is worth taking at #9, but T.J. Hockenson is. The choice is between his multidimensional skills and one of the three top OTs, who are all still in play. If the Bills trade down, or if they trade back into RD1, I suspect it’s for one of the five playmakers listed.

The confluence of player, position, and need could happen in RD2, with Lindstrom (RG for 3 years; RG is our weakest link), McGary, and Tillery in the mix. They like Risner, too, but he (like Lindstrom) didn’t have a scout at any of his games this year. Maybe the Bills get two from this batch due to a trade. Don’t cout out Rock Ya-Sin; he’s a wrestler. The Bills held 30-visits with 7 of the top 8 EDGE prospects (Josh Allen, Rashan Gary, Montez Sweat, Brian Burns, Jaylon Ferguson, Maxx Crosby, and Shareef Miller) so EDGE is going Day 1-2. Will it be Jaylon Ferguson here, Crosby or Miller later? Trade for one?

I really hope Jace Sternberger is selected here if they opt for DL/OL in RD1-2. The other TE invited in for a visit, Dawson Knox out of Ole Miss, is faster in a straight line, but Sternberger catches the ball well. If the Bills haven’t selected a playmaking WR yet, one of Boykin-Campbell-McLaurin is the likely pick. Those are three different flavors, with Boykin getting the nod due to his box-out size. Campbell has more speed and a great catch rate. Khalen Saunders got a visit, and the Bills could wait this long to take their first defensive lineman.

Wren was on the Freak List; he can generate tremendous pocket pressure with those legs. The Bills talked to Jaquan Johnson prior to his Pro Day. His work ethic and locker room personality is just what McBeane looks for. He led Miami in just about every stat in 2017, including forced fumbles. We’re paper-thin at safety if Poyer-Hyde can’t suit up.

There’s Bryce Love; you didn’t think I’d leave him out, did you? He’s the best reason to have Frank Gore on the team because Love gets an extra year of rehab to become the guy that was supposed to challenge for the Heisman. Tytus Howard could go way earlier than this to a team who can afford to bring him along gradually. He has tremendous upside, though We’re not likely there yet, but this would be a proactive pick. Bunting was in for a 30-visit. All of the CBs they’re interested in have good size and skill at McDermott’s zone schemes.

Nice time to grab a third OLB and an EDGE, or maybe a Guard. May I suggest Cashman and Samia (think Richie Incognito without issues)? Would signing T.J. Yeldon prevent you from taking a RB who catches the football and forces a top-of-the-class missed tackles in James Williams? I really like Chase Hansen. He’s not all the way back from injury, but he’s like having another RD2-3 pick, and Process Thinking makes picks like this.

You know, if Shareef Miller can control his temper, he’s a great EDGE selection. Drue Tranquill can play the third OLB spot like modern linebackers do, and the Bills took a look at Malik Reed for the same job.

You get the hometown discount with Anthony Johnson, but I’ll speak up for Jamal Custis. Not counting D.K. Metcalf, Custis has the best yards-per-catch average against AP-ranked teams among WRs who are 6-3 or taller.
There is some great talent at each position that will be likely called after Saturday’s 7th round is over. Some will be drafted because different teams like different flavors. I put Custis here again, and I’d snag him. I love Alex Bars’ fit at Guard (again Notre Dame connection), and the Bills had Trevon Wesco in for a 30-visit. Tony Pollard is intriguing, as he’s the top receiving RB. With the Yeldon signing, a RB in UDFA makes sense.
I fully expect a CB and S to be invited to minicamp from this list, and the Bills know how to pick their LBs. Some good 5-techs are listed that could play inside or outside depending on down and distance.


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Editor’s babble: Incredibly detailed summary by the incomparable Dean Kindig. We’re blessed by his contributions to our blog. Put your seat belts on because we are only a few days away from the draft. Happy Easter everyone!