Buffalo Bills Try Making New Workers Feel Welcome

Photo of WR Cole Beasley from buffalobills.com.

Listing the deepest needs for the Buffalo Bills is like ranking the worst drought seasons: it’s tough to even know where to start.  I’m fond of receivers and 2001, respectively.  But an up-and-coming club has lots of potential if you’re a realtor interested in positive selling. It’s not like draftees have a choice, but it’d still be nice if they felt like they could help.

The vacancies may not be as desperate as feared way back a month ago, so we’ll call that a win.  The Bills have already added a gaggle of options through free agency, which is like a draft for players who’ve proven they deserve contracts.  They can probably skip, say, nabbing a center when they’re already paying Mitch Morse a fortune to move near Orchard Park.  Adding depth with experience is a relief for anyone they add straight from university.

Photo of C Mitch Morse from buffalobills.com.

If the draft contained guarantees, the Bills would have redeemed them enough times to make the manager ask if there’s a problem.  Restocking a roster is not like ordering from Amazon.  For one, there’s limited inventory.  And retailers can predict the quality of Tide, unlike a collegian in the ACC who doesn’t play Clemson annually.

Win games if you want a championship.  Also, draft the best player available.  Plans are so easy. Now, it’s time to totally easily build consensus about who that next future Hall of Famer is.  Nobody has ever disputed a mock draft, right?  Deciding what to do is surely not just a figurative argument.  Boba Fett could so capture Spock!

Even seemingly obvious choices are subjective.  The top option among who’s left is often determined by someone who isn’t the best general manager available. Tom Donohoe has a hot tip on the best tackle since Mike Williams.

Photo of Tom Donahoe from NBCsports.com and the Associated Press.

By coincidence, the most talented remaining player should definitely be someone on offense.  Anyone who saw the Bills try to compete last year with de facto strike replacement players would prefer they help Josh Allen.  I bet he could really be good with protection and targets.  Cheering for one side of the ball is not a slight of Tremaine Edmunds; in fact, it’s an endorsement of his abilities.

Perhaps management could obtain someone to block out sadness.  Monolithic Florida offensive lineman Jawaan Taylor shows up in enough suggested picks that you may be dreaming about him.  He projects to address need paired with value if everything works swell.  That’s presuming he’s able to avoid letting Buffalo food push the scale number a little into the red.  There’s always a first time.

At the other side of the huddle, Buffalo could still could add a wide receiver to join the position’s crafty veterans.  They’re all new to Buffalo.  For one, fitness model D.K. Metcalf might also excel as a professional football catcher.  Brandon Beane has to determine if the prospect will be as good on a busier field as he is running drills. 

Photo of WR DK Metcalf from buffalonews.com and Getty Images.

The combine superstar is eager to prove he can excel against competition stiffer than a stopwatch.  Everyone impressed by his workouts ponders whether or not track success translates to football.  Bet your job on it.

It only feels lucky to get to make the call.  Choosing which football players to hire sounds fun.  That’s until you realize that you’re trying to guess how new hires will do their jobs.  Scout on your own all you’d like.  But there’s no way to tell if the Titanic is seaworthy until it encounters icebergs.

There’s much to be said for life as an amateur.  Watching your alma mater or a college close to home is a lot more fun than trying to figure out which competitors will make a living without using their majors.

Photo of Russ Brandon from buffalonews.com.

Despite what previous general managers like, let me double check here, Russ Brandon may claim, it’s possible to influence your destiny.  The draft is not random chance like roulette.  In fact, the quest to transition from school football is actually more challenging.  At least the wheel is predictable in indifference.  By contrast, relying on college kids becoming productive adults at an extracurricular is as tough of a bet for profiting as a slot machine.

The draft should be today so we can stop guessing.  Football diehards spend every moment from the Super Bowl’s end until the first pick investing time learning about students, most of whom will work in different cities than our favorite.  Several of our preferred candidates may be off to inferior cities before another is blessed to work in Buffalo.  

Whoever joins won’t have to wait long to make an impact.  Hoping at least one of the new guys will be starting in his first pro game is an annual tradition for historically underwhelming franchises.

The Bills have vacancies for those willing to fill them.  The youngest guys don’t have a choice.  But they hopefully appreciate the opportunity.  A 10-loss team could use the help of workers who want immediate responsibility.  You don’t need an internship first.

Editor’s babble: Just when I had forgotten about Tom Donahoe and (likely) VERY BIG Mike Williams. Sigh. Thankfully Brandon Beane has proven to be as good at poker as he is allegedly at playing golf. Thanks, as always, to Anthony Bialy for keeping us chuckling while we wait for the draft. You can find Anthony on Twitter @AnthonyBialy.

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