BillsMafia gives Mrs. Waddle a big ‘Welcome to Buffalo’

Photo of fans greeting Shelby Waddle at Buffalo Airport. Photo from @MrsWaddle68 twitter account.

Little did BillsMafia know what a treat was in store when the Bills recently signed offensive tackle LaAdrian Waddle to a one-year deal in mid-March. While LaAdrian is getting ready to make a splash at New Era Field this fall, his wife Shelby has already been busy establishing herself as royalty within the BillsMafia family.

After the Tennessee Titans fans rigged a recent FoxSports NFL poll on the best fan base in the NFL, Mrs. Waddle (@MrsWaddle68) stepped right up like she lived in Buffalo all her life and took charge.

BillsMafia is notorious for taking lemons and making lemonade. Just ask Andy Dalton how BillsMafia sent a big thank you to his foundation when the Bengals knocked the Ravens out of the playoffs making way for the Bills to end their 17-year playoff drought.

Or how about the time BillsMafia donated to Bear Necessities in Chicago after the fan base was called the “laughingstock of the NFL”? Shelby Waddle had not even arrived in Buffalo and knew what to do when Titan fans rigged a vote for the best fan base in the NFL.

So when Mrs. Waddle announced she would be arriving in Buffalo late at night on Thursday to do some house hunting, BillsMafia flew into action. It was time to make sure she received a proper greeting at the Buffalo Airport.

Fans prepare to meet Shelby Waddle at the airport in Buffalo. Photo from @BuffaloPod on Twitter.

True to form, Mrs. Waddle did not disappoint. She arrived with a bang and stepped right into her role like she was a Buffalo native.

Shelby Waddle when she arrived at the Buffalo Airport with Celeste Albone. Photo courtesy of Celeste Albone.

Big thanks to everyone who showed up at the airport to welcome Mrs. Waddle!

Welcome to Buffalo and the greatest fans in the NFL. We can’t wait to see what’s next!

Editor’s babble: What a glorious time to be a Bills fan. You can find me on Twitter @RobynMundyWYO, if you dare.

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