Here’s why it’s no contest for BillsMafia

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We don’t need no stinking contest to validate our sense of worth as a fan base. But vote anyway (if you haven’t) :)

As if Saints fans should even be in the discussion at this point (insert rolling-eyes emoji).

While I was happy for Saints fans when their ‘championshiplessness’ ended in 2010, they did get dropped off my list of ‘brothas and sisters in waiting’ when they hoisted that Lombardi down in the French Quarter. Good for them, but they still shouldn’t be in the discussion as the best fan base in the league.

If ‘long suffering’ is a criteria for enshrinement, only Browns and Bills’ fan bases should be in this dubious ‘Super Bowl’ bracket. Let the rumble roll across Lake Erie to decide who are the real winners of loyalty in the face of despair.

Because it isn’t bad enough that we endured decades of despair before being treated to four Super Bowl gut punches, followed by a couple more decades of despair. We’ve faced much more over the years as a community of lovable losers.

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Most of us who love the Buffalo Bills also love other Buffalo sports teams. Many of us are also fans of the Sabres and some of us cheer for our local University at Buffalo and other local college sports teams as well. Then there’s the Bisons, Beauts and Bandits to feed our insatiable appetite for sports.

Per capita, Buffalo has to be one of the most passionate communities in the sports world. And for all of this love and dedication, exactly how many championships does the city of good neighbors have to show for it?

Thankfully the Beauts and Bandits keep us from looking at an empty cabinet, but for a city and region that literally defines itself by the latest foibles of the Bills and Sabres, we have precious little to celebrate in that regard.

However, despite the dearth in rings and things we remain steadfast in believing the Bills and Sabres will someday reward our loyalty with a championship. In the meantime, we will celebrate our MAC tournament victories with gusto.

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We’ve also learned to withstand abandonment by momentary heroes like Nate Oats the minute a sweeter situation comes calling. We’ve grown to accept our role as a stepping stone to bigger and better things for many whose time in Buffalo was merely a stop along the way to a different destination.

However, there is one area where our friends across the Lake DO have one up on us. Hats off to Cleveland fans for sustaining their love for a football team who abandoned them in the middle of the night.

But – their recent basketball championship puts them right where the Saints are. A great fan base, but one that has tasted a championship and got that old monkey off their backs. Much respect, but still no contest from this totally biased perspective.

Bottom line, all the arbitrary contests in the world cannot dissuade us from the truth that is the passion in our hearts. We know who we are, with or without any recognition from the outside world. Win, lose, leave us, do whatever.

The next time any question about our fan base comes up, just put on your best 1980s duds and go Gloria Gaynor on ’em…

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I Will Survive ………………..

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