Buffalo Bills Find Free Agents Worth the Price

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If you’re hungry, go to a supermarket, maybe?  Or, restaurants exist.  I’m not telling you how to live unless you’re the Buffalo Bills general manager.  In that case, don’t blow your food budget on stickers and temporary tattoos.  Fulfilling basic needs is more enjoyable over time.  This franchise has starved frequently enough that it should know to avoid frivolity.

Free agency is expensive.  But at least you can get a few wins for the price.  All it takes is sticking to your list.  The front office saw needs and addressed them, which is more exceptional than it should be.  We can only hope the new dudes they added are as competent as the approach.  

So, it is true that you’re allowed to have a couple good wideouts.  There’s not a depth chart for those in the huddle, either. The slot receiver is often slighted as the third-best because just because there are at least two other members of his positional category out there.  New Bill Cole Beasley is out to prove he can be the first target.  He’s just the guy to test if Josh Allen can be accurate while throwing in the same ZIP code.

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Meanwhile, John Brown is looking for someone who can throw the ball as far as he can run.  Well, look who just picked a good company.

Everyone will be happier doing jobs thanks to an offensive line that finally has options.  The Bills technically had enough players last year, although results suggest otherwise.  But Star Trek V is in the past with VI offering thrills to negate the last outing’s rough plot.

Buffalo’s new blocking quartet creates as many potential starting combinations as Coke Freestyle. It’s tough to judge how a line will hold before game action.  But even a mild upgrade over last year’s busted dam will create instant improvement for a young quarterback who could really use three seconds to step into throws.

Solid blockers can also provide space for mature rushers.  We’ve all gotten our memes about two senior citizen running backs out of the way, although every Grumpy Old Men GIF is going to get a workout this season.

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LeSean McCoy is the youngster learning from veteran Frank Gore, and you can try telling either of them they’re too old to carry.  Instead of provoking ire by suggesting football superheroes are declining, have a more fun debate about which will follow the other into the Hall of Fame.  If joyous play paired with exceptional ability hasn’t tapered off yet, why not hope learned elders can thrive alongside a fresh crop of whippersnappers?

Competent teams are not trying to win March.  The temptation to keep track of who’s ahead is a natural instinct during the barren wasteland that is the offseason.  But invented competition leads to burnout by the time they actually keep score.

There is no trophy for the splashiest headlines just in case Oakland fans are not already disappointed enough.  By contrast, the Bills are quietly setting themselves up for fun during actual games.  Good luck with your chemistry experiment.

Buffalo earned a little more calmness at the draft.  Their talent acquisition specialists don’t have to reach for a wideout or offensive tackle because they only have one or two of each.

Photo of RB CJ Spiller from si.com.

The quality seems upgraded along with the quantity.  Brandon Beane still shouldn’t draft the equivalent of C.J. Spiller.  But the franchise could add the figurative best available without worrying about needing a starter this minute.

Sure, management might still decide to hire a receiver or blocker at their first chance.  I wouldn’t be opposed to a blocking receiver, either, which we call a “tight end” if we’re into football lingo.  Tyler Kroft could use a rest. But now they can be patient with development instead of hoping any eligible receiver could average five catches beginning with his very first pro game.

That sinking feeling has dissipated.  While seaworthiness can’t be tested until September, this squad may actually avoid capsizing.  Free agent acquisitions filled enough gaping holes that the Bills could conceivably draft a defensive end with their first selection without provoking fan mutiny.  The notion of not adding someone to huddle with Allen with the ninth pick was once as inconceivable as Kyle Williams getting to play in the postseason.

Photo of DT Kyle Williams from buffalobills.com.

The NFL does not credit teams for how many jaws drop from players transferring for work.  The exclamation from major signings often turns to questions about chemistry, declining play, and salary commitment once we get to games.  Oh, right – nobody’s proven anything yet.  The lack of evidence might surprise those who are certain playoff spots have been claimed.  Like waiting for Ryan Tannehill’s passes, it’s not fun to get ahead of oneself.

The Bills revamped their roster without also staging a magic show.  There were no Antonio Brown-style attention-grabbing moves.  Instead, they sidled into improvement.  Casual fans could see Buffalo’s transactions on a sports channel’s crawl and say “Huh.”  There may not have been raised eyebrows, although that expression is ideally forthcoming.

Learning from tough seasons means the pain isn’t permanent.  Thankfully, at least one astute office worker noted blocking and catching are helpful.  Someone earned five minutes alone in the Bills Store.  Grab a new player jersey first.

Editor’s babble: As always, thanks to Anthony Bialy for all the chuckles. You can find Anthony on Twitter @AnthonyBialy.

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