Young guns bring hope for ending Patriots dynasty

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As we enter the nauseating reality watching (or not) the New England Patriots play in another Super Bowl tomorrow, there are a few glimmers of hope for fans yearning to believe the end of their NFL dominance is coming sooner than later.

We may be close to defeating the aging process as a species, but it doesn’t look likely we’ll get there before Tom Brady morphs into Peyton Manning’s final meltdown before retiring in a blaze of glory with another Super Bowl victory. Go Rams, please make it stop.

Few watch for signs of Father Tom’s demise more than fans of AFCE teams, particularly BillsMafia. Having been singled out by Tom ‘Himself’, we feel a special level of vindictiveness toward the aging quarterback with the defiant attitude.

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Father Tom vs. Father Time.

I’m still picking Father Time until science forces the issue. In the meantime, the best way to take down a venerable foe is to bring in young and hungry competitors. There’s a mental as well as physical component to intimidation.

The psychological damage inflicted to Tom Brady’s ego every time he has to look at Josh Allen effortlessly launch a football into outer space is probably greater than Brady would likely admit. That reason alone might make watching his inevitable demise worth it when he returns next season.

Father Tom can yap about ‘pliability’ and natural electrolytes from some faraway land – which anyone with a moderate amount of knowledge of basic science knows that electrolytes aren’t “better” coming from one place or another, duh – but come on folks – there’s a reason Belichick morphed his offense into a run dominant style this late in the season.

Brady can’t throw the long-ball hard accurately enough at this point, especially when a Super Bowl victory is on the line. So whether he wants to admit it or not, Brady cannot deny his slip is starting to show. And Belichick’s emphasis on running the ball may reveal more than just a change in strategy.

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And if that isn’t bad enough, there’s the young ones trolling around Atlanta looking for a way to pass the time until it’s THEIR turn to be playing for the Lombardi Trophy. They may say all the right things, but you know guys like Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen are secretly rubbing their hands with glee – awaiting their turn to bask in the glory of ultimate victory. Move over, Tom.

So if most of BillsMafia didn’t already have a change of heart about Josh Allen after endearing himself to fans in any number of ways over the course of the season, he may have just launched himself over New Era Stadium with his latest challenge to Patrick Mahomes this week.

Check out Allen’s great interview with Barstool Sports and what Allen says about playing in Buffalo and challenging Patrick Mahomes.

OMG. Yes, please.

It’s precisely this type of challenge that will keep Bills fans from hurling ourselves over Niagara Falls (or maybe even folding tables) while we watch the second decade of the Patriots DIEnasty, hopefully exuding its last gasps.

Editor’s babble: So sue me if I refuse to acknowledge greatness and bow before the guy who destroyed my birthday. I can hardly wait until the next generation of quarterbacks take the stage away from Tom Brady and the Patriots. And with that, I’ll leave you with the funniest tweet of the week. And no, the woman featured in the above tweet is not me. However, you can find me on Twitter @RobynMundyWYO.

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