Super Bowl Trends Should Keep Buffalo Bills Watching

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It’s amazing how quickly America became Rams fans.  Oh, they moved back to Los Angeles?  I’m cheering for plucky Southern California.  Sure, the popularity of a transient franchise has surged only because they’re facing stupid jerks. But take allies where you find them.

Every fan of decency hopes for a better result than Los Angeles wilting versus Boston in the World Series, not to mention the last time these teams clashed for a football championship.  I remember those innocent days when the upstart Tom Brady looked to have put together a single miracle run.  But like The Bachelor, the agonizing seasons won’t end.

Buffalo Bills fans once again have a rooting interest in the Super Bowl, and it remains as frustrating as usual.  Waiting for the Patriots ‘fad’ to end is like expecting people to stop texting while walking.  Human nature’s worst aspects aren’t about to change, but we can hope they’re curtailed.

A self-destructive league fears success.  There’s no other reason to sabotage such a fine product.  Bracing for an official to ruin the title game is a tradition like muting the halftime show.

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A fantastic pair of championship games aside from the result in Kansas City were tainted by blown calls that’ll leave fans raging long after the trophy presentation.  Maybe stop hiring WWE officials.  It’s finally been fun to watch football again in a sign of just how hard it is to ruin this sport.  Trust us – the NFL has tried.

Games are a blast when refs let players do their jobs.  This Super Bowl is the culmination of a season that’s defied fear of hazard.  We can look forward to daringness in the finale as we cheer against one potential horrid result.

Oddball formations and double reverses are still thrilling even as they become commonplace.  Misdirection has never seemed more joyously mischievous.  Schoolyard reverses are still being added to playbooks, as youngsters no longer grow up wondering why the pros refuse to try it.  Treating fourth down like another chance to move the chains will hopefully remain in fashion long after the fad for phantom roughing the passer calls fades.

Feel relief from the burden of fretting about a potential loss.  After all, the Bills won their finale, unlike the ultimate fate for half of Super Bowl participants.  Still, it may be better to finish runner-up than draft in the top 10.

We’ll again be watching the season’s last game while wondering how exclusion became a way of life.  Short of traveling to the past and warning ourselves of the upcoming pain, we can try to make what’s next pleasant.  If we’ve learned anything from Back to the Future, it’s that you’re supposed to affect your own circumstances.  The Bills need to stop letting goons steal their dates.

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The Super Bowl favorite is the over.  Defense is virtually illegal unless you’re Nickell Robey-Coleman. But preemptive tackling is usually frowned upon in a league that finally realized fans like watching the ball advance.  Contemporary rules also favor those who, say, draft a quarterback with a machine gun arm and attitude, and you’ll never guess which nascent club has just a guy like that.

The championship is a way to kill time until free agency and the draft.  The Bills have accumulated money piles they simply must spend lest all that cap space goes to waste like unrefrigerated Coors. The Pegulas are starring in Brewster’s Millions with ideally far more assets to show for spending millions.

Watch the finale, then add help.  The Bills only had the proper number of players throughout 2018 in theory.  This highly-anticipated offseason will ideally lead to them exploiting present exciting tendencies.  It’s not too late to get onboard.  You may think too much time has passed.  But true love is always still there.  The best time to go for your dreams was a decade ago.  The next-best is today.

Brandon Beane talks to fans during pregame at New Era Field in Orchard Park, NY on Sunday, Sept. 16, 2018. James P. McCoy/Buffalo News.

Demanding Brandon Beane acquires the proper personnel to complement the combo is easy and also necessary.  A quarterback capable of jazzy improvisation needs sidemen who can read his nods.  Getting, say, half-decent receivers and blockers would be a nice way to celebrate once the NFL year officially ends.

It’s tough spotting trends while filled with vitriol at the ceaseless blockiness of the picture in the supposedly advanced year of 2019.  CBS better be using the bye week to fix their feed issues so the Super Bowl doesn’t look like Atari Football as the AFC Championship regrettably resembled.  At least we can enjoy a look into the future with everyone’s favorite soothsayer. 

Going from Joe Buck and Troy Aikman to Jim Nantz and Tony Romo is like when The Wizard of Oz switches to color.  

As for a sharp result, my favorite player is anyone on the Rams who ruins New England’s dreams.  I’m ready to order his jersey.  May the Force be with any Los Angeles X-Wing pilot who has a Death Star run in him.

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There won’t be true enjoyment until the Patriots are ejected from contention about two decades too late.  It’s tough to enjoy any game while cheering against Pol Pot’s favorite team.  Fans who oppose the embodiment of evil can’t just cheer for a quality outing: those in favor of decency will be tense until they find out if life has meaning as represented by villains being sad.  I won’t miss loathing them, but I’ll take what’s available for now.  There’s not going to be football for awhile, so at least I can nurse a grudge.

Editor’s babble: For the record, I’ll DVR the game and watch it if Pol Pot’s favorite team loses :) Then I might watch it once a week until training camp starts. Thanks to Anthony Bialy for always being there to help us find humor in the experience of seemingly never-ending agony for Bills fans. You can find Anthony on Twitter @AnthonyBialy.

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