Can’t Beat the Patriots Yet

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Until the Bills can beat the Patriots, they aren’t going to win the AFC East.  It’s been the reality for years, and nothing’s changed after the Patriots’ 24-12 over the Bills on Sunday.  Not that the Bills were going to win anything this season. 

It was a game we’ve all seen before.  Pats coming at the Bills with a different look, and another different look, and another.   It’s the Belichick way.  It leads to confusion, which caused a timeout by Allen early in the first half.  It leads to big plays against the Bills, like the jet-sweep runs.  It leads to three and outs. 

This game looked like a lot of Bills-Pats games lately.  The Pats always seem to be in control, but they don’t pull away.  The game stays close, and in the third quarter it often looks like somehow the Bills could win.  But the Pats ARE in control, and the Bills DON’T win. 

Characteristic of many Bills losses to New England is the turnover at an important part of the game.  Who wasn’t screaming at Croom to go down and to hold on to the ball after his 24-yard reception took the ball down to the Patriots’ six-yard line?  It was SO obvious.  Take the gain, go down and avoid the gang tackle.  A touchdown makes it a one-score game, and notwithstanding the Patriots impressive running game, the Bills would have been in a football game. 

Instead, the Pats put together a long drive, flip field position, get a three and out and get a field goal to put the Bills into a hole they couldn’t dig out of.

It’s not just the Patriots that bring out Bills’ mistakes.  It’s been happening all season.  Penalties particularly.  Part of Sean McDermott’s process has to be to develop a team that plays mistake-free football, to the greatest extent possible. 

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Two years into the process, mistake-free isn’t how anyone would describe the Bills.  It’s not a question of talent – it’s training, practice.  ANY tight end in the league is trained to hold onto the ball; it isn’t about talent.  Whatever McDermott is doing to teach that lesson isn’t working.  He needs to work on his process. 

The game was pretty much over after the fumble. 

I had several reactions to the game:

It was interesting to listen to Trent Green and Bruce Ariens critique Josh Allen.  It was like two pros sitting in the family room, making observations to one another that most of us don’t see.  Floating the ball on his first interception, and then again on the second interception to the other side.  Not taking the easy checkdown to McCoy.  Throwing to Foster in tight coverage by McCourty. 

Actually, I think they were wrong about that.  They said it was a bad matchup.  Well, you’ve got Gilmore on the other side, and that’s by definition a bad matchup.  So you’re down to your third best receiver, and on the Bills, the third best receiver is also by definition a bad matchup.  Allen made an excellent throw, and it’s one of those throws where you ask your receiver to make a play.  Foster just didn’t make it. 

On the other hand, the announcers didn’t know anything about the Bills, or they didn’t bother to say anything about them.  Nothing about Edmunds, a couple sentences about Lorenzo, nothing about the offensive line, nothing about the Bills’ safeties.   There’s a lot to say about this team, and they didn’t bother to say it. 

What didn’t they say?  Well, they actually said very little about Josh Allen.  This season has been all about the Bills quarterback, and even with the problems Allen had against the Patriots, he looked like a star in the making.  His arm is amazing.  His pocket presence is great; he made a mistake, was nearly sacked in the end zone, and then made a miraculous play to avoid the safety. Very few QBs escape to make that play. 

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen (17) passes under pressure from New England Patriots linebacker Elandon Roberts, left, and defensive back Devin McCourty, right, during the second half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Dec. 23, 2018, in Foxborough, Mass. (AP Photo/Steven Senne).

Everything that I see from Allen that is good is very good.   He’s calm, he understands a lot of what’s going on out there, he throws the ball beautifully.  The things that I see that aren’t so good are the things that he should learn with experience: his desire to go downfield on every play, his failure to put air under some balls and to put too much under others.  He’s seeing and learning every week.  Now he’s seen Belichick and that defense.  

Some of what Allen needs is time throwing to his receivers.   Too many plays where either Allen or the receiver misreads the defense.  Of course, he also could use a better receiver or two.

What’s up with McKenzie?  Carted off the field for the second week in a row, and for the second week in a row he returned to play some more. 

Gotta give Belichick credit for figuring out how to run on the Bills.  The Bills have to have better answers.  The Pats don’t have a dominant offensive line, and the Bills’ defensive line, although not what you’d call stout, hasn’t given up yardage like that all season.  

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Something needs to be fixed, and the something probably is some of the players on the front seven.  Losing Milano certainly is part of the problem – he made a difference on the field every week until his injury.

It was a pleasure to watch a game without a lot of penalty calls.  Of course, pass interference in the end zone might have made the game different.  Foster or McKenzie (who was it?) clearly was making a play on the ball and got pushed away. 

Two rules I’d like to see changed that won’t be:  One is that a fumble into the end zone and then out of bounds is a turnover.  That’s just wrong.  If I fumble out of bounds at the one, I keep the ball.  If I fumble it one yard deep into the end zone and then out of bounds, I lose the ball?  Why? 

The other is the rule that the ball carrier has to touch the ground to be down.  Edelman was tackled, clearly tackled.  He was off his feet and on top of two defenders who were off their feet and on the ground.  Gravity had done its job, and he was as down as he could be.  If the ball carrier is off his feet by contact and is lying on players who also are off their feet and on the ground, the ball carrier should be ruled down.   

Photo of TE Charles Clay from and Getty Images.

The Bills certainly are looking toward 2019.  Charles Clay was inactive for the Pats game.  He may be less mobile than Croom, but he’s certainly a better player than Logan Thomas.  Just maybe not better for this coach and this team.  It’s a good bet that Clay won’t be in Buffalo next season.

Not that I’m in favor of tanking at all, but one more loss could give the Bills a spot near the top of the 2019 draft.  The Bills will be a lot better in 2019 than 2018, because they are going to load up on talent.  Every little bit helps, and drafting fifth in the first three rounds would be better than tenth. 

Still, there’s nothing better than a Bills win, and we owe the Dolphins a loss.


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Editor’s babble: Merry Christmas Eve! Although this game was just like any other game against the Patriots* at Gillette Stadium, we were blessed to see Tom Brady looking old and rickety. Gronk looked like he couldn’t twist or jump at all and I can probably run faster than he can now. Thanks to Mark Korber for his contributions to our blog. You can’t find Mark on social media, but he frequently posts at

One Reply to “Can’t Beat the Patriots Yet”

  1. How old is the person who wrote this? The Bills beat a Brady-less pats team in Foxboro last season.

    ‘Derms has claimed that protecting the football and winning one on one battles are his most important themes for his team – even though they ran out of town the least turnover prone QB in the teams history and consistently hurt themselves with foolish penalties and back-breaking turnovers. Maybe next year he will practice what he preaches.

    Mack on the Colts and Fournette on the Jags ran all over the Bills D – not sure what this writer meant by “had not given up rushing yards like that all season”.

    I know Allen is a rookie who was put in a crummy situation but to say he’s looking better each week is comical. He’s erratic. He looks to run too much. And a big arm doesn’t mean you’re going to be a great player. JP Losman could throw a football over a mountain and he ended his football career in the USFL or whatever that garbage league was. I do not care that Allen doesn’t have “weapons” – a legit QB at the NFL level gets the ball to receivers. I guess the Browns signed all-star wide receivers this season and I didn’t notice because Baker-Mayfield doesn’t seem to have any trouble finding the end zone: 24 tds to 11 interceptions, over 3300 yds and a 99 rating. On the Browns. The BROWNS.

    And rule changes? Why is God’s name would they change those rules? Maybe you don’t understand the rules as they’re currently written?

    And finally… complaining about the former (crappy) player and coach calling the game is laughable. Why would anyone coming to do commentary on Bills game care about random players on Defense? It’s 2019 – this league is all about OFFENSE AND THROWING THE BALL AND THE BILLS ARE LIVING IN 1994. The coach still thinks that stout defense will win in this league even though there is evidence everywhere to the contrary. Overall this season, NFL games have been more exciting. Scoring is way up. Young QBs like Mahomes, Goff and Mayfield are throwing up insane numbers and making for an exciting game to watch. ‘Derms has the Bills trapped in the 90’s with this belief that he can win in this league kicking field goals and not letting opponents score. It’s dated and wrong. He is a terrible coach who has no idea how to judge offensive talent. The writer claims the Bills will be better next season because they’re going to go out and get more talent. If they’re anything like Peterman or Benjamin, we’re all in for a real treat!