Allen perfect fit to avenge Patriots die-nasty

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Die-nasty is a good way to describe what is about to happen to the New England Patriots. Those of us who endured the misery of loving a team in the same division as Tom Brady especially relish any discussion of his impending demise on the field.

After losing two straight games, the Patriots are ripe for someone to come along and change their nauseating “we can’t lose” narrative. Some day, some way Father Time will catch up to Tom Brady despite his best efforts and personal shamans who claim otherwise.

Many have tried – and to date all have failed – to supplant Brady and the dynasty he built with Bill Belichick since he promptly benched an aging and seriously injured Drew Bledsoe seemingly forever ago.

But just as the sands of time pass through the hourglass (lol to anyone old enough to get the reference)… the world turns. Eventually even the mighty will fall. How it happens is the difference between the end of a dynasty, or die-nasty as it likely will be for Brady and the Patriots.

So who is the most suitable candidate to drive the biggest dagger through Brady’s heart?

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If life plays out as it would in any decent soap opera, Josh Allen would be the right person to send Brady and the Patriots into long-awaited obscurity… with a wink and a nod.

Why Allen?

Quarterbacks tend to get more credit than they deserve as well as more of the blame when things turn south. But what about Sam Darnold? Isn’t he just as likely to put the final blow to the most hated dynasty in NFL history?

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Darnold might just turn out to be the protagonist of that story. But it wouldn’t be the BEST story book ending for the Patriots. That would come from Josh Allen, hands down.

What better way to end the Patriots dynasty than the emergence of a young quarterback from Wyoming that virtually no one in the analytics world believed would make it in the NFL? Or how about that guy who even a majority of Bills fans did not want as their quarterback prior to the draft?

If anyone on the planet who grew up outside Western New York can understand the plight of the underdog Bills, it’s Josh Allen. Being forced to play in Laramie after being dissed by virtually ever D-1 program in the country (props to Eastern Michigan for at least taking a look at his film) is the perfect place to grow a gigantic chip on your shoulder.

Boise, ID – December 22: The Famous Idaho Potato Bowl MVP #17 Wyoming QB Josh Allen after a game between the Wyoming Cowboys and the Central Michigan Chippewas in Boise, ID. Final Score Wyoming 37 Central Michigan 14 (Photo by Ben Ludeman / fi360 news).

Without top-tier coaching and despite a cacophony of experts proclaiming him unlikely to succeed, all Josh Allen has done this season is disprove the “experts”. Make no mistake he’s as raw as they come.

However, each week another diehard Allen-hater comes around to the realization they might have got this kid wrong. That provides fuel for guys like Thurman Thomas who made a successful living at for many years in the NFL.

If Josh Allen can turn constant rejection into half of what Thomas did in the NFL, we’re finally going to get the pendulum in the NFL to swing our way as Bills fans. It may not happen this Sunday, but at some point Josh Allen is in the perfect situation to finally blow the Patriots die-nasty into the sun – precisely where the rest of the fan base in the AFCE believe they belong.

Editor’s babble: Beating the Patriots on Sunday would be great, but we all know how they magically rise from the dead at Gillette Stadium (insert rolling eyes emoji here). Just seeing some progress from Josh Allen and maybe more evidence of Brady getting rickety is all this fan needs for Christmas. I’m not greedy :)

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2 Replies to “Allen perfect fit to avenge Patriots die-nasty”

  1. Thanks Robyn!

    Although I wasn’t high on Allen before the draft, I never hated him like so many (Joma, hehe!) others.

    That being said, however, I am pleased to say that I was certainly ignorant in my initial opinion of this kid as I, like so many others, listened to the “experts” rather than watching his tape and formulating my own opinion.

    Nice article Robyn as it would be a nice Christmas present with a victory Sunday!

    Happy Holidays Everyone!!