SLAP vs Bankart tears – What is it and what is the recovery going to be like for Taron Johnson?

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Taron Johnson will need help opening his Christmas presents this year. It is a little hard to do one-handed. Johnson finally underwent surgery to repair the labrum injury he suffered in the 1st week of the season.

A SLAP injury is a superior labral tear which leads to shoulder instability. A Bankart tear is usually the result of a sudden shoulder dislocation. The average recovery time following surgery is 4-6 months for both types of injury.

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Initially, Johnson will be in a sling to keep the shoulder from moving to allow the incisions and the repair to begin the healing process. He will then begin ROM and strengthening exercises as part of the physical therapy protocol.

The major issue following surgery for both of these type of tears is regaining strength in the rotator cuff muscles while maximizing the range of motion in the joint itself and limiting pain in the repaired joint. Most repairs are done arthroscopically because recovery time is greatly reduced following arthroscopic repairs.

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With current surgical repairs, the success rate for a pre-injury return to form is over 85%.  The Labrum is a cuff of cartilage around the edge of the shallow shoulder socket which helps to provide additional depth to the shoulder joint.

It is especially important in athletes who need to raise and lower their arms as part of their on-field activity. Mark Sanchez and Braxton Miller are two athletes who underwent surgery and have returned to the playing field.

We will wish him a Merry Christmas and hopefully, his recovery will be uneventful and he will be ready for OTAs in the spring.

Editor’s babble: Amazing how long Taron Johnson played with the injury this season. He must be one tough cookie. Thanks as always to Dr. Beth Sullivan for her contributions to our blog. You can find Beth on Twitter @GAPeachPolymer.

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