Morbid curiosity and Thurman Thomas keeps Bills fans inspired

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With all the appropriate dignitaries in town to celebrate the long overdue retirement of Thurman Thomas’ jersey on Monday Night Football, you would think the Bills offense would find a way to honor Thomas with a good, or at least a decent performance. What we witnessed was a horror show on offense befitting of the Halloween season.

Such a waste of a good defense too. They deserve better from their counterparts on offense.

And while I’m at it – there’s a ‘special place’ in hell for this version of Bills’ special teams as well. They’re starting to remind me of the unit that got Ronnie Jones fired and sent Wade Phillips packing.

Come to think of it, that’s when this whole mess with the Bills started. Pfffft on the “Flutie curse”. It’s really Wade Phillips who holds the real voodoo over the Bills.

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So while Wade continues to collect rings on his ‘last gasp tour’ of the NFL, the Bills are still trying to figure out how to get more than one side of the ball functional at a time. While I expected this season to be a rocky road, the ineptitude on offense exceeded my worst fears.

The putrid performance by the entire wide receiver group this season is noteworthy because this is likely the worst group ever assembled in a Bills uniform at the position. The only consistency among them are their hands of stone. The sight of Kelvin Benjamin body-catching and dropping a ball is already scarred into our collective brain tissue.

How much longer can our morbid curiosity hold out to witness a Bills team worthy of our unwavering devotion?

There is a point at which all the losing and crappy teams takes a toll beyond repair. Many of us who are also Buffalo Sabres fans felt that nadir last season when the Sabres set one dismal record after another. The only hope we cling to regarding the Bills is that this season is the nadir.

Cue the Goo Goo Dolls and “Better Days“.

So where do we go from here?

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They say the bottom of a stock market cycle isn’t reached until there is “capitulation” –  when everyone gives up and sells everything. It’s probably no different for a football cycle – the bottoming and rebuilding of a football team. The Bills never really ‘capitulated’ as far as rebuilding, spending 15 years in a cycle of mediocrity using band-aids to cover deficiencies.

Already exhausted, we’re now expected to endure an entire ‘rebuild’, with this season eating the majority of the mistakes made from the last three coaching/GMs. We’re not exactly coming from a place of strength as a fan base as far as being able to stomach seemingly unending horrible performances.

Morbid curiosity will only take us so far. At some point the mind-numbing performances all start to blend together and chip away at our passion. I remember that feeling very well in the mid-1980s. It was precisely at the point of hopelessness that a little ray of sunshine came along and grew into what we eventually celebrated by retiring Thurman Thomas’ jersey on Monday night.

To be sure, this is a year of capitulation for many Bills fans. Let’s see what this franchise does in response to rise up from the ashes. And just when you think you can’t endure another stomach-churning season, the sun will shine again and we will all smile. Good things are worth waiting for, despite the unwillingness by some to do so.

Editor’s babble: Thankfully the Bills defense kept the game on Monday night from being a total humiliation and beat down. We’ve seen some horrible Bills’ offensive units over the years. This one might just be the absolute worst. I’m thankful for UB Football this season and the Sabres give hope that brighter days are coming for the Bills, sooner than later. In the meantime, you can find me on Twitter @RobynMundyWYO. 

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4 Replies to “Morbid curiosity and Thurman Thomas keeps Bills fans inspired”

  1. Robyn, honestly I can’t remember an O-line in Bills history that is as bad as this one… The Bills running a power sweep with 3-4 out in front of Shady and he losses yardage because the DE or LB slipped in between the blockers.I watched pass blockers totally whiff on their blocks and get Anderson blown up and RB’s getting buried in the backfield right after the hand off…

    I’ve never like the thought of a team tanking but I’m hoping they stay competitive but lose as they need to stay in the top 5 for the draft. They have to rebuild the O-line from scratch even if it means moving Dawkins to RT from his LT position and a center is a must!!