No last minute drama this week as Bills get run over by Colts.

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After the last two games featured cliff hangers right until the end, this week’s match-up against the Indianapolis Colts featured zero drama. It was all but over by half time. The defense picked up where it left off the last two weeks by forcing back to back three and outs on the Colts first two drives.

The Bills offense started out with some early ball movement on their first drive, gaining two first downs before eventually punting. Andrew Luck would soon find his rhythm and lead the Colts on a long drive, covering 75 yards for the games first touchdown.

The ensuing drive for the Bills was their best of the game, moving the ball to the Colts 13 yard line before Charles Clay lost a crucial fumble that may have been the turning point in the game. The Colts would go on to add another quick score to go up 14-0 and at that point you pretty much knew the game was over.

The Bills offense is in no shape to come back from a two touchdown deficit. The defense finally caved in after a phenomenal several-game stand, most likely from exhaustion.

It was an ugly game on both sides of the ball, but I can’t be too hard on a defense that faced an elite quarterback in Andrew Luck with a running game finally at his disposal. Running back Marlon Mack looked great coming back from recent injury, giving Luck a running game he’s never consistently had.

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It should be noted that Luck only threw for 156 yards, but he made the most of those yards with four touchdown passes. The Bills were worn out on defense, giving up a season high 220 rushing yards.

The Bills five turnovers didn’t help matters either, as ten-day old Bills quarterback Derek Anderson accounted for four of those turnovers with three interceptions and a fumble. Anderson did show flashes of ability to move the ball despite being thrust into the lineup, but those turnovers negated any chance for positive results.

In an offense motivated league, it’s tough to ask your defense to completely shut teams down every week especially when facing elite quarterbacks. The defense shouldn’t get a pass for Sunday’s performance but the real problems lie on offense.

Unfortunately at this point in the season there aren’t many changes that can be made. The injury bug also popped up once again when Lesean McCoy went down in the first quarter with a head injury, unable to return.

Between injuries, execution, and talent level, this could turn into a true developmental season for the Bills. With the New England Patriots coming to town on Monday Night Football next week, 2-6 is a harsh reality.

The second half of the schedule doesn’t offer much relief either with upcoming opponents like the Chicago Bears, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Detroit Lions, to go along with divisional games that are always tough battles.

Things look like they could get worse before getting better. This season had transition written all over it, but was it supposed to be this bad? Is it bad enough to see some casualties in management? Or will they stay the course, develop young players, and plan on a major re-tool for 2019 and beyond. Either way it will be an interesting ride.

Editor’s babble: Well, that was an ugly game. Thanks to Erik Smeal for having the stomach to write a postgame report for the blog. We can only pray that Monday Night Football against the Patriots doesn’t turn into another massacre. You can find Erik on Twitter @Buffwagon819. 

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  1. One point was made. Benjamin does not want to play with Allen at
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