What Can Josh Allen Learn from Derek Anderson, Anyway?

Photo of QB Josh Allen from spectrumlocalnews.com.

What can Josh Allen learn from Derek Anderson, anyway?

Watch Josh Allen’s throw to Shady in Erik Turner’s “Four Takeaways” article:

Check out video here.

Try to pause the video right before Josh lets it fly. This is difficult, because the ball zings off his hand a la Philip Rivers. Got it? Good. Now look at Allen’s feet. Left foot is square to the target, and back foot is almost perpendicular. Allen establishes a balanced passing stance.

The goal, in USA Football’s excellent article on passing mechanics, is that when Allen hits the final drop-back plant step,

“he should be in an upright position with a slight knee bend….The upper torso should be leaning forward and out toward the sideline (for a passing target straight down the middle of the field) with a slight bend at the waist. The quarterback should feel the weight of his upper body over the balls of the feet with the shoulders turned perpendicular to the passing target.”

So far, so good.

Allen’s knees are bent. He could lean forward from the waist just a bit more to ensure that his weight is on the balls of his feet. In this snapshot, Allen’s positioned square to Shady’s catch point. His elbow, arm, and rear of the laces are in alignment. You can tell Jordan Palmer has worked wonders up to this point.

Allen’s throw to Shady ultimately isn’t the end result of a stride transferring one’s weight from back to front. You can’t even walk, let alone throw, with Allen’s motion. The whole idea is to get the ball moving along the axis that was preordained by the original position of the feet.

Josh’s left foot is still in its original place, but the trailing foot never does what it’s supposed to do. Using his prodigious arm strength (never a question at all), Allen actually makes the perfect throw to the outside shoulder of Shady, but it’s in spite of his weight transfer, in spite of his left foot.

I’m not saying Josh Allen should join Logan Thomas as a tight end. I’m not saying Allen should take a seat during the year and just watch football. Josh should, however, listen to everything Derek Anderson has to say in the coming weeks. Josh was the smartest kid in the draft, and I’m not Rosen-ing you. Learning by doing, Allen will never make the same mistake twice.

Said Sean McDermott about the addition of Anderson:

 He’s got a good outlook on the game from an offensive standpoint. He understands defenses. So there’s just a lot of value to it in terms of where we are right now in that quarterback room…I think highly of Derek having been around him in Carolina…”

If Josh Allen listens and learns, and is given the chance to learn under live fire, his ceiling is way up there.

Editor’s babble: Great article pointing out where we can see improvement and where improvement needs to continue for Josh Allen. Thanks to Dean Kindig for sharing his expertise with his tremendous contributions to our blog. You can find Dean on Twitter @TCBILLS_Astro.

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